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Ferdinand Ries - Symphonies n. 4 & 6
Classical | EAC Rip | FLAC, CUE, LOG | 1 CD | Complete Artwork | 340 Mb | rs.com | 2003
Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Howard Griffiths

"Howard Griffiths and his excellent ensemble set forth this music with great sympathy and spirit; I cannot imagine either work played better, and the warm, yet crisp and detailed sound perfectly suites the occassion. If CPO has plans to complete the series with the two umpublished symphonies of Ries, I hope they won't be long in coming." - Haller, ARG
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Ferdinand Ries - Simphonies nos 1 & 2
Classical | EAC Rip | FLAC, CUE, LOG | 1 CD | Complete Artwork | 230 Mb | rs.com | 2001
Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Howard Griffiths

The music of Ferdinand Ries, a Beethoven pupil, is so impressively and imposingly unique that thorough documentation of his oeuvre represents true enrichment for all. Ries's contemporaries, Beethoven included, were well aware of his extraordinary talent, and what one critic wrote in 1819 on the premiere of the Symphony No. 2 still holds today: "It is a work full of spirit and life...with its original invention, thorough elaboration, and outstanding instrumentation..."
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Giuseppe Tartini - The Violin Concertos, Vol. 8
Classical | EAC | Flac, CUE, LOG | 1 CD | Complete artwork | 440 Mb | rs.com | 2001
L'Arte Dell'Arco, Carlo Lazari, Frederico Guglielmo, Giovanni Guglielmo

Among the great instrumental composers who were active in Italy in the 18th century, Giuseppe Tartini (Pirano d’Istria, 1692 - Padova, 1770) is the one who most explicitly focussed his production on his own chosen instrument, the violin, neglecting genres that in his day were very popular. 135 violin concertos and about 200 sonatas for violin and basso continuo form, in fact, the main bulk of his output. The Arte dell’Arco ensemble, who have met with great success with this series, measure themselves once again with Tartini’s beautiful and difficult concertos, all works recorded here for the first time.
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Georges Onslow - Guise, comic opera in 3 acts, arranged for string quartet, Op. 60
Classical | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOG | 1 CD | Complete Covers | 400 Mb | rs.com | 2008
Le Salon Romantique

George Onslow is a very special figure in the history of music: largely and unanimously acknowledged when he was alive, he is now nearly forgotten and his works, mainly devoted to string chamber music, are almost missing from the repertoire, partly due to the fact that they haven’t been available in a modern edition for more than a century...
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Georges Onslow - String Quintets, Opp. 34 & 35
Classical | ECD-DA Extractor | FLAC, CUE, NO LOG | 1 CD | Complete Covers | 330 Mb | rs.com | 2004
Quintett Momento Musicale

Composer George Onslow's long life extended from the beginning of the classical period to the middle of the high romantic era. His style was consistent with the formal principals of the Viennese Classicism of Haydn and Mozart which made him the favorite of the musical conservatives of the 19th Century.
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Franz Joseph Haydn - Complete Piano Trios, Vol 1 - 8
Classical | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOGS | 9 CD | Complete scans | 3 Gb | rs.com | 1999 - 2009
Trio 1790

"You won't find better or more sympathetic playing, so the issue is whether the music is worth it. In a word, yes. In short, an hour and a quarter of some of the greatest masters, excellently performed. The recorded sound is superb." - Chakwim, American Record Guide
This month CPO concludes their complete recording of Joseph Haydn's trios on historical instruments. The works are once again interpreted by the Trio 1790 "with subtle esprit and a solid tone coloration. Nimble and yet noble - not everyone pulls off this feat in Haydn."
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Matthew Locke (1622 - 1677) - Consort of Fower Parts
Classical | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOG | 1 CD | Covers | 309 Mb | rs.com | 2006
Flanders Recorder Quartet

-"Sophisticated music lovers of all persuasions will appreciate the depth and quality of these world-class musicians who seem to instinctively bring out the best in each other. The degree of individual espressivity within the context of the recorder consort is one of the reasons FRQ continues to beguile listeners..."(R.Begley in "American Recorder Magazine", 1-2005)
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Franz Joseph Haydn - Klavierkonzerte 11, 9, 2, Quintett Es-Dur
Classical | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOG | 1 CD | Complete scans | 278 Mb | rs.com | 2009
Ensemble Kaleidoskop Ensemble Soloists, Caspar Frantz (Piano)

Since his debut at the Rheingau Music Festival, Caspar Frantz has become one of the most successful young pianists in Germany. With the cellist Julian Arp he forms a duo which has been awarded multiple prizes, and his chamber music partners also include Chloe Hanslip, Rainer Kussmaul and Bryn Terfel. The Soloists' Ensemble Kaleidoskop, founded in 2006, is a young Berlin-based chamber orchestra on a mission to transform the traditional concert experience. As well as their excellent musical qualifications, it is above all the musicians' openness, personal engagement and willingness to take risks that gives the ensemble its character.
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Franz Joseph Haydn - If Haydn had written for Oboe, Vol I & II
Classical | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOGS | 2 CD | Complete scans | 592 Mb | rs.com | 2009
Hermitage Chamber Orchestra - Alexei Utkin, Oboe

Caro Mitis continues it series of transcriptions of works by Haydn for oboe and chamber orchestra. The only work on this recording originally written for oboe is the Concerto in C Major, and although attributed to Haydn, was probably not written by him.
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Tommazo Albinoni - 12 Concerti a cinque, Opera V (Venezia, 1707)
Classical | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOGS | 2 CD | Covers | 609 Mb | rs.com | 1999
Le Cameriste

His compositions are extremely individual, and he possessed great gifts as a melodist. His compositions were much admired by Johann Sebastian Bach, who used themes of Albinoni's in several of his keyboard fugues. Two of these themes come from Albinoni's work Opera Prima. Bach also used to practice realizing the continuo harmonies using bass lines of Albinoni, and pieces of Albinoni's were used by Bach for teaching.
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Gaetano Donizetti - String Quartets nos. 7 - 18, 4 CD
Classical | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOGS | 4 CD | Complete Covers | 1,19 Gb | rs.com | 1997
Revolutionary Drawing Room

"...Commentators emphasize the Italian Quality of these quartets; but the more I hear them the more I am struck by how astoundingly Austrian they sound...In these quartets, Donizetti's Italianita, so prominent in even his earliest operas, seems completely absorbed by the overpowering attractions of the First Viennese School. [The Revolutionary Drawing Room] uses period instruments that sound like modern instruments - which, in my book, is a compliment..." -Johnson, Fanfare
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Franz Anton Hoffmeister - Clarinet Quartets
Classical | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOG | 1 CD | Covers | 311 Mb | rs.com | 2002
Dieter Klöcker, Vlach Quartet Prague

"CPO's sound is great - smooth as butter and nicely proportioned. The Vlach players are wonderful, sporting rich, satiny string ton. What else can I say about Klocher? If he is not the greatest clarinet player in the world, then he's very, very close. Here is another knockout for this enrelenting pursuer of untold musical tales." - Ritter, ARG
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Michael Haydn - Violin Concertos, Sinfonia, Divertimento
Classical | EAC Rip | Flac, CUE, LOG | 1 CD | Covers | 399 Mb | rs.com | 1993
Parnassus Ensemble, Peter Sheppard

Johann Michael Haydn (1737 - 1806) Born on September 14. in Rohrau, Lower Austria. Younger brother of Franz Joseph Haydn. For most of his life based in Salzburg. Friend of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He wrote a large amount of works. He is perhaps best known for his church music, but he wrote music in almost all known genres. More than 40 symphonies, a dozen concertos for various instruments, chamber music, songs, dances and divertimentos. For the stage he wrote an opera and a handfull of 'Singspiels'.
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Max Bruch - String Quartets
Classical | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOG | 1 CD | Covers | 307 Mb | rs.com | 1998
Mannheim String Quartet

"Max Bruch's two string quartets are early works...And though it is too bad Bruch never returned to the medium after his mature style was established, these two pieces can be treasured for what they are, the skillfully wrought creations of an immensely talented young composer working within the tradition of Mendelssohn, Schubert and Beethoven...listeners who know Bruch mostly from the First Violin Concerto...will be happy to make the acquaintance of these pieces.." -Quint, Fanfare
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Maddalena Lombardini Sirmen (1735-1799 ca) - 6 String Quartets
Classical | Easy CD-DA | FLAC, CUE, NO LOG | 1 CD | Covers | 298 Mb | rs.com | 1999
Accademia della Magnifica Comunita’

Born in Venice, around the year 1735, she became a student at the Conservatorio dei Mendicati in her home town. Possibly she was an orphan, as the four Venetian conservatories were orphanages needing prospective pupils to document poverty, ill health and Venetian birth. Her teachers at the orphanage were Antonio Vivaldi, Baldassare Galuppi and Nicola Porpora, all great masters. Maddalena studied later with Giuseppe Tartini in Padua. Tartini also wrote letters to her with suggestions about fingering and bowing, and one of these letters is often cited in treatises on violin playing. She was his favorite student...