Design Password II - PSDLayer DVD - Full 12 DVD
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Design Password II - PSD Layer DVD 1-12 | 16.5 GB

Content: "Design your password," second-generation PSD layered material series of books, opened a graphic design is the key to the mystery, the biggest highlight of the second generation increased packaging design series of layered source file, type of holiday celebration of the original design documents, which include: Olympic theme , Advertising materials, packaging materials, the festive theme, the theme holidays, the number of original documents for the corporate image of creativity, sample pictures, poster design, packaging design, web, poster design, creative advertising real estate, large-scale Inkjet, Shopping ads, the opening ceremony, Chinese New Year holidays, happy, calendar, the background of the stage, involving alcohol, clothing, food, electronics, music, home .......... and so on a number of areas, is the advertising, design Teachers, artists, art school and studying the best use of the PSD series material. 1, a single high-resolution picture 300DPI, with an average of 25cmX35cm large-size full compliance with the requirements of the actual printing. 2, CD-ROM set out in full PSD source files, text, pictures, background completely stratified
LANGMaster Education 19 CD English Course
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LANGMaster Education 19 CD English Course | 5.9GB

LANGMaster English Reading Courses + Dictionary (13 x CD-ROM) : English language "cookbook" for beginners.
LANGMaster English in Action - Videocourses (4 x CD-ROM):English with WORLD famous personalities!
LANGMaster English TOEFL® (2 x CD-ROM) : The answer for success at the TOEFL® exam.
Face2Face Full set ( general English course )
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Face2Face Full set ( general English course) | 2.53 GB

face2face is a general English course for students who want to learn how to communicate quickly and effectively in an English-speaking environment. It combines the best in current EFL methodology with innovative new features designed to make learning and teaching easier. There is a strong emphasis on speaking and listening throughout the course, and the practice activities in each lesson provide frequent opportunities for realistic, natural interaction. The course seeks to fully engage the students at every stage of the lesson, and its approach to new language draws on what students have already learned and encourages them to work out rules of grammar and usage themselves. We believe that face2face provides the right balance of topics, language and activities that students and teachers want from a course in today’s world.
4999 words audio mp3+ Memory Course
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4999 words audio mp3+ Memory Course | 170MB

Professionally-read, audio CD edition of the 4999 words.
More ways to learn = best results. Use both auditory memory of the spoken words and visual memory of the printed words.
Learn 5000 definitions and correct pronunciations.
No book can give the audio benefits of hearing each word.
No time? Listen while exercising, driving, doing chores..
Large-vocabulary communication skills help in all fields.
Increase Grants and Scholarships
Follow Me BBC Learning (PDF +5 Audio CDs + 60 Video ) (Repost)
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Follow Me BBC Learning (PDF +5 Audio CDs + 60 Video ) | 2.18 GB

Follow Me BBC Learning (PDF + 5 Audio CDs + 60 Videos). List of contents on next page. BBC DVD ENGLISH is the new updated version of “Follow Me”, the world’s most famous English course, sold in more than 80 countries.
Presentation:Entertaining everyday situations played by English actors using progressive language based on the specifications of the Council of Europe’s experts. The students may choose between watching them without subtitles or with subtitles in English or in their native language.
Tell Me More English v10 2009: All 10 Levels
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Tell Me More English v10 2009: All 10 Levels | 2.79GB

Learn English in an interactive and engaging way with up to 10 levels and more than 40 different activities.
TELL ME MORE English is the only English software that truly covers all of the skills used in learning English: not only reading, writing, listening, and speaking, but also grammar, vocabulary and culture.95% of learners have improved at least one level.
Best Internet Links
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Baby Einstein DVDs 26 Titles For 1-5 Year Old Child
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Baby Einstein DVDs 26 Titles For 1-5 Year Old Child | 14.8 GB

Baby Einstein is a line of multimedia products and toys that specializes in interactive activities for children aged 3 months to 3 years old. Subjects such as classical music, art, and poetry are prominently explored. These products are currently made by a division of the Walt Disney Company, marketed under the slogan, “Where Discovery Begins”.
In August 2007, researchers at the University of Washington published a study which found that the use of Baby Einstein DVDs/videos correlates to smaller vocabularies in children 6 to 18 months old. The Baby Einstein Company and its parent, the Walt Disney Company, have taken issue with the findings of the study.
TCP/IP and Networking Fundamentals Training Videos
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TCP/IP and Networking Fundamentals Training Videos | ISO | 900MB

The bonus course is full of the basic concepts you need to truly understand TCP/ IP – an integral part of networking. We will help you gain a general comfort level for what TCP/ IP is and how to configure it on a basic network computer.
Autodesk® Maya® Techniques | Digital Hair
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Autodesk® Maya® Techniques | Digital Hair | 640MB

Instructor notes and Support files Author Biography Sergey Tsyptsyn is a Maya instructor from Moscow, Russia. He has been working with Maya since the initial release and has spent most of his time as Maya Instructor, teaching students various Maya techniques. He also freelances as a consultant and technical director for various projects and studios in Russia. Sergey also contributes his expertise to scientific research at the Moscow University, specifically complex 3d-data visualization and OpenGL programming. He is currently working on an apocrypha book about Autodesk Maya software. You Will Learn
Successful Hair Creation
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 ME with Lynda.com Training Collection
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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 10.0 ME with Lynda.com Training Collection | 5.16GB

Some veteran users to the Adobe Creative Suite may find that Version 4 offers few extraordinary updates to justify the high cost. However, designers and editors who lean on Dreamweaver for complex dynamic Web sites will find plenty of tweaks for editing code more easily within its WSIWYG interface. Those who code by hand may scoff at using Dreamweaver to build sites from the bottom up. This updated application is highly appealing for providing shortcuts to difficult, dynamic coding elements. And in our tests so far, it feels faster and seems to crash less frequently than its predecessors. Rather than aiming to wow users with "gee whiz" features, Adobe's Dreamweaver improvements appear to have focused on making the less glamorous parts of the application less painful to use.
Flashden Collection All 2009 PRO
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Flashden Collection All 2009 PRO
About 500 Source Flashden - Flash Effect - Loader v.v.v | 3.41 Gb
English For You - EFU - Lessons English (80 VCD) (Repost)
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English For You - EFU - Lessons English (80 VCD) (Repost)
English | 80 VCD | AVI | XviD 352x272 25.00fps 430Kbps | MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps | ~50min/lesson | 17.53GB Total

Video course English teaching with the teacher having school-level knowledge, I practically everything was clear(in the most extreme cases, use a dictionary). In each lesson there is both the theoretical and practical parts. Education is pretty easy, stress-free. Raises many everyday situations and common conversational topics. At the end of each lesson - free practice.For beginners (in my opinion) is better not to find! Recommended!
Lynda.com Hands-On Workshop 6 Collections
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Lynda.com Hands-On Workshop Series (6 Collections) | 6.23 GB Total

Lynda.com is an award-winning education provider of Hands-On Training instructional books, video training on CD & DVD, self-paced online learning, and events for creative designers, developers, instructors, students, hobbyist, and anyone who wants to learn.
Adobe Illustrator CS4 ME 14.0.0 with Lynda.com Training Collection
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Adobe Illustrator CS4 ME 14.0.0 with Lynda.com Training Collection | 10.54 GB Total

The latest version of Adobe's industry-standard vector graphics application is here.I wouldn't want to have the job of coming up with new features for Adobe Illustrator, because it certainly wouldn't be easy to dream up something new for version 14 of the industry-standard vector drawing program. As one of those programs that has been honed and honed to near perfection, it's hard to think of something that it really lacks. Still, there is one missing feature that would come to the minds of the many Illustrator users who have been clamoring for it over the years: the ability to add multiple artboards.Well, it's your lucky year, vector pushers—multiple artboards are finally here. Illustrator CS4 breaks the single document mold pretty well too, letting you add up to 100 artboards of varying sizes.
Lynda.com Facebook Essential Training
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Lynda.com Facebook Essential Training | 235 MB

Facebook has become an essential communication, collaboration, and marketing tool. In Facebook Essential Training, instructor Susan Cline shows how to navigate the world of social networking and put one’s best face forward online. She covers the basics, starting with creating a profile and finding and adding friends. Susan then explains how to communicate with friends via status updates, wall posts, chatting, and sharing photos, videos, and web links. She also touches on the delicate subject of removing friends and respecting other people’s privacy online. The advanced features, including permissions that control what other members can view or comment on, add-in applications, and dedicated Facebook groups, are what make Facebook so popular, and Susan covers them in detail.

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