Tim Buckley - Goodbye And Hello (1967)
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Tim Buckley - Goodbye And Hello
Label: Elektra | HQ MP3 | CBR-320kbps | 97MB
Genre: Psychedelic-Rock, Folk-Rock

Before Tim Buckley got carried away with jazz rhythms in the '70s, he made profoundly moving folk-rock albums that showcased his stunning vocal range, thoughtful lyrics, and penchant for occasionally imbuing tracks with surprisingly soulful, non-blue-eyed grooves and infectious jangle-pop melodies. "Goodbye and Hello", his second album (recorded in 1967 when he was only 20), runs the gamut. Here Buckley hints at the sensual howl that would blossom in the '70s ("I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain," "Pleasant Street," "Hallucinations"). While he goes into hippie-poet-deep-thinker mode on a few songs, the excellent folk-soul tracks win out. Enjoy!

Tim Buckley - Tim Buckley (1966)
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Tim Buckley - Tim Buckley
Label: Ekektra | HQ MP3 | CBR-320kbps | 78MB
Genre: Psychedelic-Rock, Folk-Rock

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Tim Buckley incorporated jazz and psychedelia into his folk-styled songs, showing a far more experimental tendency than many of his contemporaries. However, this willingness to try new things alienated him from mainstream music listeners, and it wasn't until after his death that his musical legacy was fully appreciated. This is his debut LP, a '60s gem, and how it all started back in 1966. have fun!

Various Artists: Jazz Underground - Live At Smalls (1998)
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Various Artists: Jazz Underground - Live At Smalls
Label: Impulse / GRP | HQ MP3 | CBR-320kbps | 147MB
Genre: Jazz

A CD, hard to find anymore, it was kind of a limited release back then, so grab it while you can. This is a fabulous set of live tracks featuring 9 excellent compositions performed by 6 young groups. The playing is filled with the fire and spirit. The sound is that of musicians really coming into their talent full force, infusing the music with freshness and joy. great stuff. Enjoy!
Gerry Mulligan - Re-birth Of The Cool (1992)
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Gerry Mulligan - Re-birth Of The Cool
Label: GRP Records | HQ MP3 | CBR-320kbps | 105MB
Genre: Jazz

The most famous and probably greatest jazz baritonist of all time, Gerry Mulligan was a giant. A flexible soloist who was always ready to jam with anyone from Dixielanders to the most advanced boppers, Mulligan brought a somewhat revolutionary light sound to his potentially awkward and brutal horn and played with the speed and dexterity of an altoist. This fascinating disc is most highly recommended to veteran jazz collectors who know the original Birth of the Cool records. Have Fun!
Bud Powell - Swingin' With Bud (1958)
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Bud Powell - Swingin' With Bud
Label: RCA | HQ MP3 | CBR-320kbps | 80MB
Genre: Jazz

One of the giants of the jazz piano, Bud Powell changed the way that virtually all post-swing pianists play their instruments. In the making of this album he was given complete freedom of choice (songs, time and place, sound, takes...). The album therefore could come out only as Bud Powell felt it was best. He wanted to call the album SWINGIN' WITH BUD! That's how it is! Have fun!
John Patitucci - John Patitucci (1988)
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John Patitucci - John Patitucci
Label: GRP Records | HQ MP3 | CBR-320kbps | 132MB
Genre: Jazz

Stepping out from the shadows of Chick Corea's Elektric and Akoustic bands, Patitucci made a pleasing solo debut here largely on the strength of his brilliant up-front soloing on electric and acoustic basses. Adept at the popular funk slapping manner on electric bass, darting fluidly and jaggedly up high on the Smith/Jackson five-string bass, Patitucci always executes with the moves and body English of a bass player even when his instrument is up in the guitar range. Without a doubt, this first opus enhanced Patitucci's developing reputation at the time. Enjoy!

West, Bruce & Laing - Why Dontcha (1972)
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West, Bruce & Laing - Why Dontcha
Label: CBS | HQ MP3 | CBR-320kbps | 91MB
Genre: Rock

West, Bruce and Laing were an American blues-rock power trio consisting of Leslie West (guitar and vocals), Jack Bruce (bass and vocals) and Corky Laing (drums and vocals). West, Bruce & Laing's "Why Dontcha" has aged gracefully as an authentic signature of what these artists were doing back then. Rock at it's best, have fun!
Kenny Loggins - Keep The Fire (1979) - Bonus Tacks Edition (2008)
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Kenny Loggins - Keep The Fire
Label: Wounded Bird Records | EAC img | FLAC+CUE+LOG | 320MB | HQ MP3 CBR | 320kbps-114MB | covers included
Genre: Pop-Rock, Soft-Rock

Kenny Loggins is widely known as one half of the duo Loggins & Messina. When he went solo in 1977, he issued a host of top selling albums. "Keep The Fire" was originally released in 1979 & reached #16 on the Billboard charts. Keep The Fire features two live bonus tracks. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson - This Is It (2 CD Souvenir Edition) 2009
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Michael Jackson - This Is It (2 CD Souvenir Edition)
Label: Epic/Sony | EAC Img | FLAC+CUE+LOG | 637MB
Genre: Pop, R&B

Well, THIS IS IT... A 2 CD set including the brand new song (This Is It), plus unreleased rare tracks and original album masters. Have fun!
Lighthouse - Live! (1972) Remastered & Expanded - (1998)
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Lighthouse - Live! (1972)
Label: True North | EAC Img | FLAC+CUE+LOG | 433MB | HQ MP3 CBR | 320 kbps-152MB | covers included
Genre: Rock, Pop-Rock, Jazz-Rock

Digitally remixed, remastered and expanded with all solos included for the first time, this recording captures a remarkable evening at Carnegie Hall in 1972. Originally it was released as a two disk set and become band's first platinum album. Have fun!
Michael Buble - Crazy Love (2009) European Edition feat. Bonus Track
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Michael Buble - Crazy Love (European Edition feat. Bonus Track)
Label: Reprise | EAC Img | FLAC+CUE+LOG | 333MB | HQ MP3 CBR | 320kbps-112MB | covers included
Genre: Jazz

Today's most popular crooner Michael Buble steps outside the box for this fourth studio album, his follow-up to 2007's 'Call Me Irresponsible'. Moving away from the Rat Pack stylings of yore, here he adopts a decidedly 70s sounding singer songwriter feel with which he sounds equally at home.
Produced by pop staples David Foster and Humberto Gatica with the surprise addition of Bob Rock (Metallica), the album includes two Buble originals and features a guest spot from Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. Have fun!
Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale (1974) Remastered (2000)
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Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale
Label: Motown | EAC Img | FLAC+CUE+LOG | 275MB | HQ MP3 CBR | 320kbps-95MB | covers included
Genre: Soul, Funk, Motown Sound

One of Stevie's finest moments. Stevie Wonder was in the middle of a multi-album roll when he put out this funk and soul collection, clunky title and all, in 1974. "Fulfillingness' First Finale" is a collection of excellent songs. Enjoy!
Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good (1977)
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Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good
Label: A&M | EAC Img | FLAC+CUE+LOG | 270MB | HQ MP3 CBR | 320kbps-102MB | covers included
Genre: Jazz, Jazz-Pop, Crossover Jazz

Actually this goes for a friend of mine who's vinyl got screwed up. I hope you will enjoy it too. The last of the finest albums Mangione did, Feels So Good, became also a major success especially due to the title cut. Highly recommended. Have fun!
Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina - Sittin' In (1972)
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Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina - Sittin' In
Label: Columbia | EAC Rip | FLACs+CUE+LOG | 272 MB | HQ MP3 CBR | 320kbps-100MB | covers included
Genre: Pop-Rock, Folk-Rock

This is the album that started all for the duo. This debut album was credited to Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina because the project had begun as a solo record by Loggins being produced by Messina. Finally they ended up as a duo and gave us this excellent album, their finest moment! Enjoy!

Loggins & Messina - Mother Lode (1974 Remastered (2008)
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Loggins & Messina - Mother Lode
Label: Columbia | EAC rip | FLACs+CUE+LOG | 238MB | HQ MP3 CBR | 320kbps-98MB | covers included
Genre: Pop-Rock, Folk-Rock

This is Loggins & Messina's fourth studio album released back in 1974. This is not the sort of breezy pop music this duo is known for. Rather, "Mother Lode" features some complex, intricate instrumental passages that primarily showcase country instruments (fiddle, mandolin), but with an effect that is closer to world music, sometimes with a vaguely middle-eastern feel. Enjoy!
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