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Jet Storm: Modern Dogfights
PC game | Genre: Jet Sim | 397 MB

South America, present day: surviving terrorist leaders and their followers have entered into a strong alliance with the local drug cartels. Armed with groundbreaking technology and a limitless supply of money, this deadly alliance soon takes control of key strategic regions. As a member of an elite Air Force combat unit armed with a state of the art combat aircraft, uncover the secrets behind this new military threat. Fight your way through deadly dogfights, rescue operations, strike missions and annihilate the enemy.
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Mad Tracks
PC game | Genre: Racing | 236 MB

'Mad Tracks' is an arcade car game based on pull back friction propulsion. It features numerous modes and challenges. A game made for players by players. Playing with pull back friction vehicles, 'Mad Tracks' players will battle in numerous challenges like races (Weakest link, red light, Roller Coaster...) or mini games (Snooker, table soccer, long jump, crocket, bowling, Darts...). Once you master the art of pull back friction, more than 45 challenges in 10 original environments await. Each victory unlocks new cars, new tracks or spare parts to improve performances of 16 cool vehicles. Add a bunch of spicy pick ups (oil, funny rockets, shrinker, etc.) and you're in for hours of fun and top replayability.
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V-Rally 3
PC game | Genre: Offroad Racing | 316 MB

Everything about V-Rally 3, from the highly detailed cars to the meticulously handcrafted tracks, creates acing realism. All of the most coveted rally cars on today?s circuit are included, and you can completely customize each one. Scurrying spectators and deforming car parts help make your track environments come alive as never before. And a new collision engine and physics model let you feel what it?s like to be a bona fide pro rally driver, racing on the edge.
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Euro Rally Champion
PC game | Genre: Offroad Racing | 145 Mb

With a high-performance engine under the bonnet and a whole boot-full of features, Euro Rally Champion is set to scream away from the starting line.Dirty drivers must test their skill against the elements, as well as against the clock, in the Championship mode raced across densely wooded forest trails, treacherous Alpine passes and the extremes of the African desert.
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Red Jets
PC game | Genre: Flight Action | 485 MB

Red Jets pulls you back in time to a day and place where the Cold War defined right and wrong... You find yourself in the cockpit of the notorious Soviet MiG fighter and watch history take a spin as it opens the door to an alternative line of events, and the Cold War heats up! Red Jets is a 3D combat jet plane game inspired by the Cold War conflict and a USSR Air Force in its prime. The line of events may be pure fiction but the environment and the atmosphere is as authentic as can be, and as you dive into a world of military discipline, honor, and love of Mother Russia, the lines of right and wrong begin to blur... Red Jets is built on InterActive Vision's powerful jet fighter engine and features advanced weather simulation, detailed landscapes based on real-life satellite imagery, super realistic aircraft and weapons, and intense dogfight scenarios.
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Mobile Forces
PC game | Genre: Car Combat | 317 MB

Mobile Forces is a first person shooter built on top of Epic's Unreal technology and offers 8 game modes and 11 sprawling and realistic environments. Unleash warfare all the way from the Arctic to the Wild West in a diverse range of vehicles with groundbreaking physics and choose to either drive or ride in the vehicle passenger seat and blow away your opponents.
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Humvee Shootout
PC game | Genre: Shooting | 72 MB

You are a Humvee driver ambushed in enemy territory. Help is on the way, but you have to survive before they come to your rescue. Non-stop action!
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Heroes of the Pacific
PC game | Genre: WWII Flight Sim | 204 MB

Beginning with the attack on Pearl Harbor, this flight combat game puts players in the middle of some of the most intense naval conflict in WWII's Pacific Theater. This epic story unfolds through 30 missions taken from real events of the U.S. Navy's campaign in the Pacific, in hotspots like Midway Island, the Coral Sea, Wake Island, Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal. Throughout the game, players will pilot a variety of aircraft that were integral to the war effort in the Pacific, including the Grumman F4F Hellcat and F6F Wildcat, the Douglas SBD Dauntless, the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk and the Chance-Vought F4U Corsair.
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Attack on Pearl Harbor
PC game | Genre: WWII Flight Sim | 174 MB

In Attack on Pearl Harbor, players can sign up for either side as they are offered the role of daring US gunner turned pilot Douglas Knox or Japanese ace Zenji Yamada. History's yours to shape: Either nation can win the war depending on your actions as players battle for supremacy behind the cockpits of some of the most prolific fighters, bombers and torpedo-bearing aircraft of the WWII Pacific Theater. Playable planes include Japan's Mitsubishi A6M Zero, the D3A1 Aichi Val and the B5N Nakajima Kate as well as America's Chance Vought F4U Corsair, the Douglas SBD Dauntless and the Grumman TBM Avenger.
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PC game | Genre: Flight Simulation | 291 MB

The FlightGear flight simulator project is an open-source, multi-platform, cooperative flight simulator development project. The goal of the FlightGear project is to create a sophisticated flight simulator framework for use in research or academic environments, for the development and pursuit of other interesting flight simulation ideas, and as an end-user application. We are developing a sophisticated, open simulation framework that can be expanded and improved upon by anyone interested in contributing.
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The Last Bounty Hunter
PC game | Genre: Light Gun Shooter | 546 MB

Original arcade look and feel in every move: Based on the Arcade Smash Hit by American Laser games. The Territory has been overrun, and you’re the last hope to rid the town of the four vicious outlaws – Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco and the Cactus Kid. You better be quick, ’cause they’re looking to get you too!
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Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars
PC game | Genre: Shooting | 430 MB

Fight the War on Drugs yourself in Crime Patrol II: Drug Wars! Targeting the entire illegal drug distribution chain is a truly international war. Drug Wars will take you through it all from small town traffickers to big city organized cartels. You will be involved with the boarder patrol tracking international drug runners. If your shooting skills are good enough, you'll be assigned to South America to destroy the source and capture the drug king.
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Fishing Simulator for Relax
PC game | Genre: Fishing Simulator | 204 MB

FishingSimulatorRelax - it's the simulator of fishing, which will permit you to relax from daily vanity. Beautiful landscapes, relaxing music, pipe of untiring birds will give you lot's of impressions and will cheer you up even during a short term. All the music, presented at the game, is approved of principal psychiatrists and is recommended for listening in an effort to relax.
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Mob Enforcer
PC game | Genre: Historic First-Person Shooter | 220 MB

Chicago in the Roaring '20s. A Time of Bootleggin', Bribery and the Valentine's Day Massacre.Mob rule has taken over and Al Capone's fighting for control of the streets. You are Jimmy "Machine Gun" DeMora, Scarface's main enforcer. Pay off cops and knock off informants to rise through the ranks. Wash your hands in the blood of many to seize control of Chicago's underworld. It's nothing personal,it's just business.
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Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam
PC game | Genre: Historic First-Person Shooter | 286 MB

VIETNAM 1967: You are a Heavy Gunner, a Marine trained to handle the biggest, meanest guns the US Army can build. After a crash landing in ‘hot’ enemy territory, you and your platoon must track down a ruthless enemy leader and rescue your fallen comrades from a remote POW camp. Your mission will take you deep into the Vietnam jungle, across rivers, into tunnels and up heavily defended hills against overwhelming odds. Mount up soldier, your buddies are counting on you. Utilizing the power of the Unreal engine including Karma physics, Marine: Heavy Gunner is the next big action game in the top-selling Marine series from Groove Games, which also includes Marine: Sharpshooter and Marine: Sharpshooter II.