Romano Crivici: Flat Earth (2001)
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Romano Crivici: Flat Earth (2001)
Contemporary Classical, Jazz, Indigenous, Ambient | ABC Classics | 2001 | 69:02 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Cover | 343 MB
Electra String Quartet, Inner Voices, Mark Atkins (didjeridu), Philip South (percussion)

Australian composer Romano Crivici (b. 1953) has achieved something very rare here; the slash and burn of inspired improvisation coupled with the disciplined nuanceing of cold-blooded, calculated composition. The themes (melody and harmony) are rich, mining major and minor veins simultaneously and sometimes capturing segments, in a sampler operated by a footswitch, in dense layers amid the nimble, charged interaction with percussion, didje and bass. There are gorgeous spatial troughs - meandering piano and hand percussion, or solo violin and evocative atmospheric sections, strings bowed through effects. There is fragile beauty, tenderness, even romanticism in the tunes, and so they’re a universe apart from dry intellectual minimalism. Five stars, this is a masterpiece of form and performance.
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Stephen Hartke - Clarinet Concerto (2003)
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Stephen Hartke - Clarinet Concerto (2003)
Contemporary Classical | NAXOS | 2003 | 59:44 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Covers | 230 MB
IRIS Chamber Orchestra, Michael Stern, Conductor, Richard Stoltzman, Clarinet

Stephen Hartke's 'Clarinet Concerto' exuberantly reflects West Africa, his New York roots, and the tradition of the Delta blues. Recorded here for the first time, these compositions span the austere beauty of the American Southwest, the imaginary landscape of 'Gradus' in jazz, and a bustling portrait of Los Angeles.

This is a follow-up post to Hartke's piano and chamber music offered here earlier by aliomodo.

Chanticleer 4 CD: How Sweet the Sound (2004), Our American Journey (2002), Mysteria (1995), Colors of Love (1999)
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Chanticleer 4 CD: How Sweet the Sound (2004), Our American Journey (2002), Mysteria: Gregorian Chants (1995), Colors of Love (1999)
Contemporary Classical, Choral, Gospel, Spirituals | 1995-2004 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Front covers

Chanticleer - based in San Francisco - is known around the world as “an orchestra of voices” for the seamless blend of its twelve male voices ranging from countertenor to bass and its original interpretations of vocal literature, from Renaissance to jazz, and from gospel to venturesome new music.
Mary Ellen Childs - Dream House (2007)
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Mary Ellen Childs - Dream House (2007)
Contemporary Classical | Innova | Enhanced CD | 2007 | 65:13 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Front Cover | 336 MB
Ethel, string quartet, Neverwas, sound collage

Mary Ellen Childs (b. 1957) has been acclaimed for creating both rhythmic, exuberant instrumental works and bold, kinetic compositions that integrate music, dance and theater in fresh and unexpected ways. Dream House lives in the same land that the New York string quartet Ethel has been exploring in recent years, a frontier where modern classical and alternative rock meet and mingle. One could note Childs’ apparent influence on the players in Ethel in some of their own compositions on the recent album Light, particularly first violinist Cornelius Dufallo’s “Lighthouse.” Like that album, Dream House strikes a balance between accessibility and challenge, sounding utterly of its time without having an expiration date stamped on its side. This is music that has potential appeal for both the open-minded classical listener and the rock music fan who enjoys the daring edge.

-- www.musicweb-international.com
ETHEL - Light (2006)
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ETHEL - Light (2006)
Contemporary Classical | Cantaloupe Music | 2006 | 54:45 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Booklet | 279 MB

ETHEL is four world-class musicians who have come together to create a hot new sound. Bluesy, hard swinging, playful, and fueled by fiery passion, ETHEL defies categorization. This musically omnivorous string band from New York City has been described as "the fiercest string quartet this side of hell," and "the most bad-ass quartet around." John Walters of the Guardian (UK) says, "I wish there were more rock bands who played like ETHEL." ETHEL's irreverence and panache inspires raves from every corner and one thing is certain: ETHEL will keep you riveted to the edge of your seat. In its seven seasons together, ETHEL has created its own rich playing style - a fusion of blues, rock, classical, jazz and experimental genres -- that has developed from each member's unique experience in the music world.
New York-based quartet ETHEL has been participating in the yearly Bang on a Can indie music festival in New York City along with such new music groups represented at AvaxHome as eighth blackbird and NOW Ensemble.
Robert Kyr - Violin Concerto Trilogy (2005)
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Robert Kyr - Violin Concerto Trilogy (2005)
Contemporary Classical | New Albion | 2005 | 68:34 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Front cover | 326 MB
Third Angle New Music Ensemble, Ron Blessinger, violin, Denise Huizenga, violin, Pacific Rim Gamelan

Luminous and sometimes ecstatic in effect, music of Robert Kyr (b. 1952) is basically tonal, and often harmonically and rhythmically complex, its sophistication deriving from its synthesis of both modern and ancient modes, and both Western and Asian musical tradition.

Ingram Marshall - Three Penitential Visions
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Ingram Marshall - Three Penitential Visions
Contemporary Classical | Nonesuch | 1990 | 45:46 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Front cover | 191 MB

This is one more (out of print and hard to find) disc by Ingram Marshall to go along with two other discs shared here earlier this year by peachfuzz.

It is nearly impossible to describe the music of Ingram Marshall, except to say that he employs a wide range of recorded sounds--nature sounds, bells, gongs--and he uses various tape looping techniques to come up with the eeriest sounds ever recorded. By molding these techniques into rising and falling tone clusters, these sounds actually begin to make sense. Three Penitential Voices (1986) was originally a performance piece and Hidden Voices (1989) employs some of the same effects, but he also uses female voices.
ICE - Abandoned Time (2008)
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ICE - Abandoned Time (2008)
Contemporary Classical | New Focus Recordings | 2008 | 59:22 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Front Cover | 259 MB
International Contemporary Ensemble, Daniel Lippel, guitar

Abandoned Time is a no holds barred collection of music by some of the most exciting composers writing on today's international scene, performed by the electrifying New York/Chicago based ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble) featuring their intrepid guitarist Daniel Lippel.
Jennifer Koh - Portraits (2006) + Violin Fantasies (2004)
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Jennifer Koh - Portraits (2006) + Violin Fantasies (2004)
Classical | Cedille | 2006 | 65:15 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | PDF Booklet | 253 MB
Classical | Cedille | 2004 | 55:36 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | PDF Booklet | 212 MB
Jennifer Koh, violin, Grant Park Orchestra, Carlos Kalmar, conductor, Reiko Uchida, piano

Violinist Jennifer Koh is recognized in the U.S. and abroad for her ability to fuse intensity of temperament with classical poise and elegance. The New York Times calls her a "fearless soloist," who has a formidable capacity for "living through" the music she performs on stage. Equally at home in classic and contemporary repertoire, Ms. Koh revels in the unexpected.
Robert Erickson - Auroras (2008)
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Robert Erickson - Auroras (2008)
Contemporary Classical | New World Records | 2008 | 1:09:56 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | PDF Booklet | 279 MB
Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor, Rafael Popper-Keizer, cello

Robert Erickson (1917–1997) was a profound and original musical thinker who embraced the expressive possibilities of all music, from the Western classics and moderns of his own early education to Indian and Balinese traditions and all manner of contemporary experimentation, as long as it served a musical purpose. The Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) is widely recognized as the premiere orchestra in the United States dedicated exclusively to commissioning, performing, and recording music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
Bright Sheng - Never Far Away (2009)
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Bright Sheng - Never Far Away (2009)
Contemporary Classical | Telarc | 2009 | 67:29 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Front cover | 269 MB

San Diego Symphony Orchestra, Jahja Ling, conductor, Yolanda Kondonassis, harp

‘Never Far Away’ features four orchestral pieces by Chinese-born composer Bright Sheng, Shanghai Overture, the short ballet The Nightingale and the Rose, and Tibetan Love Song and Swing. The title piece, Never Far Away is a wonderful harp concerto that stretches the instrument’s capabilities to the limit. It was commissioned and is performed by the pre-eminent soloist Yolanda Kondonassis.

World Premiere Recordings
Eric Ewazen Collection (3 CD)
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Eric Ewazen Collection (3 CD)
Contemporary Classical | Albany Records | 2002 | 75:25 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Front cover | 326 MB
Contemporary Classical | Well-Tempered Productions | 1995 | 71:51 | EAC (separate FLACs, no cue, no log) | Front cover | 251 MB
Contemporary Classical | MSR Records | 2007 | 49:44 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Front cover | 172 MB

Another contemporary American composer that may not be well known abroad. With its luscious harmonies and melodious tunes, his music is tonal, lyrical and elegiac. Avant-guard connoisseurs may turn up their noses at such music, but simpler minds among us might like it. :)
Julian Anderson - Alhambra Fantasy (2006)
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Julian Anderson (b. 1967) - Alhambra Fantasy (2006)
Contemporary Classical | 2006 | 76:49 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Front cover | 326 MB
BBC Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen, conductor
World Premiere Recordings

“The big orchestral canvases show Anderson’s priceless gift for making complex formal shapes totally lucid. Oliver Knussen’s beautifully integrated performances with both the BBC Symphony and the Sinfonietta help inestimably too.”

***** performance/**** sound BBC Music Magazine, August 2006
Gramophone Awards 2007: Best of Category - Contemporary
Gramophone Magazine: Editor's Choice - September 2006
BBC Music Magazine: Orchestral Choice - August 2006
Piano Music of Salonen, Stucky & Lutoslawski / Gloria Cheng (2008)
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Piano Music of Salonen, Stucky & Lutoslawski / Gloria Cheng (2008)
Contemporary Classical | Telarc | 2008 | 71:25 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Cover | 176 MB

Gloria Cheng, piano

Pianist Gloria Cheng is widely recognized as a colorful and communicative interpreter of contemporary music, garnering universal acclaim for her unassuming virtuosity and eloquence. She is named the winner of the 2009 GRAMMY® for Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (Without Orchestra) for “Piano Music of Salonen, Stucky and Lutoslawski”

World Premiere Recordings
Paul Moravec - 2 CD: The Time Gallery (2006) + Tempest Fantasy (2007)
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Paul Moravec - 2 CD: The Time Gallery (2006) + Tempest Fantasy (2007)
Contemporary Classical | NAXOS | 2006, 2007 | 56:03 + 60:40 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Covers | 218 MB + 261 MB

eighth blackbird, Sheppard Skaerved, Peter, violin, Shorr, Aaron, piano, Krakauer, David, clarinet, Trio Solisti

The music of composer Paul Moravec (b. 1957), recipient of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in Music for Tempest Fantasy, has been described as “openly and ebulliently attractive, flowing with an effortless lyric pulse” (Fanfare), “assured, virtuosic” (Wall Street Journal), and “resourceful but idiomatic...richly melodic” (Commentary Magazine). The composer has managed the neat trick of writing music that is conservative in style without affiliating itself with any specific style of the past. Although lyrical, it is too carefully controlled to be called Romantic in spirit.


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