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TurboTax Deluxe 2010 [UB] | MacOS | 79.26 MB

Everything you need to do your taxes with ease. Why TurboTax Deluxe is the easiest choice for you, TurboTax Deluxe was designed to make it easy for you to get the biggest tax refund possible.
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Motu Digital Performer 7.21 update only [UB/K] | MacOS | 164.48 MB

Digital Performer is an integrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing production system. Digital Performer provides a comprehensive environment for editing, arranging, mixing, processing and mastering multitrack audio projects for a wide variety of applications.
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proDad Mercalli 2.0.73 [UB/K] | MacOS | 12.03 MB

Mercalli lets you remove the effects of camera shake, jolts and trembling from recorded video sequences, to enhance the quality of important footage. Mercalli also improves your material by smoothing irregular pan or zoom shots. Mercalli V2 employs revolutionary new 3D video stabilization, which independently stabilizes the X, Y, and Z camera axis, delivering better post-capture video stabilization results than any other product on the market – hands down. Mercalli also employs some unique Dynamic Camera Options that lets you precisely control the level of stabilization so the character of the video is retained.
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Speed Download 5.2.21 [UB/Serial] | MacOS | 8.86 MB

Speed Download is the leading 'Universal' download manager for Mac OS X. Developed exclusively for Mac OS X. Speed Download 5 marks the next generation of powerful and reliable, time-saving download managers. Faster and more secure, more features, easier to use and sporting a new look, this latest Speed Download release sets a new standard for download manager innovation, and is designed to be your central, unified hub for almost all the downloading and file transfer activities you do online.
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ScreenSteps Pro [UB/KG] | MacOS | 13.14 MB

ScreenSteps is not just another screen capture application. ScreenSteps helps you answer questions by automatically creating image-based documents as you capture screenshots. Using the integrated authoring tools you can quickly annotate images and add text. When you are finished you can export to HTML, PDF, Word (DOCX)*, WordPress, TypePad, Bloger, Movable Type, MindTouch*, Confluence*, Googles Sites*, Joomla or ScreenSteps Live.
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Red Giant Software: Trapcode Suite 10 (CS5/64-Bit) | MacOS | 74.21 MB

Trapcode Suite 10. All the Trapcode plug-ins at one affordable price. With Trapcode Suite 10, the right effects plug-in will always be at your fingertips, because they're all included! Bundle pricing offers enormous savings over purchasing plug-ins individually. Includes Shine, Starglow, 3D Stroke, Lux, Form, Echospace, Sound Keys, and the new Trapcode Particular v2 plug-in. NOW ADOBE CS5/64-BIT COMPATIBLE.
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Red Giant Software: Knoll Light Factory 2.7 (CS5 Ready) | MacOS | 34.38 MB

Created by John Knoll, Photoshop co-creator and Star Wars effects guru, Knoll Light Factory is one of the industry's most popular motion graphics tools. It is most famous for its high-fidelity simulations of light effects called flares, which simulate reflections from a very bright light source as seen through a camera's lens. Knoll Light Factory is Hollywood's go-to tool for adding interest to text or logos or extra pop to FX explosions. Now includes CS5/64 bit compatibility, new custom flares, Knoll 3D Flare and a new Lens Designer for Adobe CS5 users.
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3DEqualizer 1b9 [Intel/K] | MacOS | 10.36 MB

Science.D.Visions 3DEqualizer4 Release 1b9. For more than a decade, Science.D.Visions has been developing enterprise matchmove software. Right from the start, it has been our goal to concentrate on the problems and needs of professional users, only. Our efforts resulted in the market leading brand "3D-Equalizer". Fact is, if you go to the box office today to watch the latest visual effects driven blockbuster movie, you will most likely be entertained by the help of our work!
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CoPilot Live | iPhone | 1.12 GB

CoPilot Live is the award-winning GPS Sat Nav system that runs on your iPhone, with complete street maps of UK and Ireland and full 7 digit UK postcodes. It's your personal travelling assistant that's always at your side, ready to guide you with turn-by-turn directions and keep you better informed with useful live information about your route.
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WinZip Mac Edition 1.0.0313.0 [UB/KG] | MacOS | 9.19 MB

As the world leader in file compression technology with over 20 years of expertise in the field, WinZip has developed a powerful, new tool designed specifically for the Mac. WinZip Mac Edition combines cutting-edge compression and strong AES encryption into a simple, Mac-friendly design. Now you can zip and encrypt files for swifter, safer sharing and significantly smaller storage—all with an easy-to-use Mac tool made just for you!
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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 1.0.1 | iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad | 372.31 MB

Hot Pursuit goes back to the Need for Speed series' roots and takes on the gameplay style of earlier "Hot Pursuit"-titles in the Need for Speed franchise with exotic cars and high-speed police chases. It is primarily inspired by the original Need for Speed on 3DO. Hot Pursuit lets players be either a cop or a racer and features a full career mode for both roles. The relationship between the cops and racers is described as "a dog chasing down a rabbit", with the cops being more powerful compared to the racers. Each side has several power-ups including calling for roadblocks and radar jamming.
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After Effects CS5 Plugins collection for MAC | 939.19 MB

Here's my entire After Effects CS5 Plugins collection for MAC. All have been tested on CS5, but not previous versions.
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moveAddict 2.23 [Intel/K] | MacOS | 14.04 MB

moveAddict is a Snow Leopard-only application that provides a functionality the Finder was missing, the ability to move files using the keyboard. It’s meant to replace dragging and dropping for anyone that would rather use the keyboard instead of the mouse.
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Daylite 3.9.7 [Intel/Serial] | MacOS | 55.71 MB

This is a CRM application for MAC. Running a small business by yourself can be quite daunting. Daylite helps you work smarter instead of harder, allowing you to stay on top of the most important things, even if you're working alone. And when it's time, Daylite can grow alongside your business if you decide to expand your one-man operation into a multi-user organization.
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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 3.3.5 [UB/Serial] | MacOS | 14.92 MB

WinX DVD Ripper for Mac is an all-in-one DVD ripper designed to make perfect 1:1 DVD copy to hard drive and rip your DVD movies on Mac OS to iTunes, MOV, MP4, FLV, etc that playable on iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple-TV, PSP and much more. It also supports extracting music from the DVD files and saving as MP3 format. With this Mac DVD ripper, Mac users could backup DVD collections to Mac or portable devices without any quality loss. Moreover, WinX DVD Ripper for Mac can rip DVDs of new generation DVD copy protections, such as Alice in Wonderland, The Princess and the Frog, 2012, Twilight New Moon, etc.