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Schaum's Outline sof Data Structures with Java
Publisher: McGraw-Hill | ISBN: 0071476989 | edition 2007 | PDF | 351 pages | 12,2 mb

You can catch up on the latest developments in the number one, fastest-growing programming language in the world with this fully updated Schaum's guide. Schaum's Outline of Data Structures with Java has been revised to reflect all recent advances and changes in the language.
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Basketball: A Biographical Dictionary
Publisher: Greenwood Press | ISBN: 0313309523 | edition 2005 | PDF | 614 pages | 14 mb

From its beginnings at the turn of the 20th century to its pervasive presence in 21st-century America, basketball has grown into an undeniably important sport. The 575 entries in this biographical dictionary present concise narratives on the lives and careers on the most important names in basketball history. Entries include both classic players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bob Cousy as well as more recently established and up-and-coming stars such as Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, and LeBron James. Entries for coaches such as the Boston Celtics' Red Auerbach and Mike Krzyzewski from Duke University present the figures who have shaped the game from courtside, while the inclusion of female players and coaches such as Lisa Leslie, Diana Taurasi, and Pat Summitt show that basketball is not just a sport for men. This volume is an ideal reference for students seeking easily accessed information on the greats of the game.
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Geophysical Electromagnetic Theory and Methods
Publisher: Elsevier Science | ISBN: 0444529632 | edition 2009 | PDF | 831 pages | 10,5 mb

In this book the author presents the state-of-the-art electromagnetic (EM)
theories and methods employed in EM geophysical exploration. The book brings together the fundamental theory of EM fields and the practical aspects of EM exploration for mineral and energy resources. This text is unique in its breadth and completeness in providing an overview of EM geophysical exploration technology.
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Ring Theory
Publisher: Academic Press | ISBN: 0120852500 | edition 1971 | PDF | 331 pages | 12 mb

Ring Theory: Volume 44 in Pure and Applied Mathematics
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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 in 24 Hours
Publisher: Sams | ISBN: 0672325527 | edition 2003 | PDF | 419 pages | 14,4 mb

For readers who are new to FrontPage and want to get up and running quickly, Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage 2003 in 24 Hours will do the trick. This book includes shortcuts and ways to accomplish the most common tasks in FrontPage. Readers are able to work at their own pace through the easily digestible, one-hour lessons. After completing the lessons, the reader will have a solid foundation of the basics and know the most efficient way to utilize the new version of FrontPage.
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iPod & iTunes For Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies | ISBN: 0471747394 | edition 2005 | PDF | 411 pages | 10,4 mb

Imagine running your daily errands while listening to songs from five different albums, or creating a party mix that lasts all night long, or catching the news briefings while walking to class. Whether we’re commuting to work or heading off on a vacation, the iPod has revolutionized how we listen to music. Never before has a device with such capacity been so easy to carry that even the largest model weighs less than two CD jewel cases. IPod & iTunes for Dummies offers a comprehensive but friendly guide to this new technology that is sweeping the world.
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Carbon Nanotubes
Publisher: Pergamon | ISBN: 0080426824 | edition 1997 | PDF | 202 pages | 8,3 mb

Carbon nanotubes have been studied extensively in relation to fullerenes, and together with fullerenes have opened a new science and technology field on nano scale materials. A whole range of issues from the preparation, structure, properties and observation of quantum effects in carbon nanotubes in comparison with 0-D fullerenes are discussed. In addition, complementary reviews on carbon nanoparticles such as carbon nano-capsules, onion-like graphite particles and metal-coated fullerenes are covered. This book aims to cover recent research and development in this area, and so provide a convenient reference tool for all researchers in this field. It is also hoped that this book can serve to stimulate future work on carbon nanotubes.
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Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II From Biology to Nanotechnology Vol 1 - 9
Publisher: Elsevier Science | ISBN: 0080437486 | edition 2003 | PDF | 8400 pages | 139 mb

Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II (CCC II) is the sequel to what has become a classic in the field, Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry, published in 1987. CCC II builds on the first and surveys new developments authoritatively in over 200 newly comissioned chapters, with an emphasis on current trends in biology, materials science and other areas of contemporary scientific interest.
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The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine (5 Volume Set)
Publisher: Thomson Gale | ISBN: 1414403682 | edition 2006 | PDF | 4505 pages | 56,6 mb

The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine is an excellent source for accurate, up-to-date medical information aimed at the layperson and is highly recommended for public, special, and academic libraries. The functionally similar Magill's Medical Guide (2004) has fewer articles and is proportionately less expensive. A useful supplement to this and other print medical sources is the free, frequently updated online MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
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Topics in ring theory
Publisher: W. A. Benjamin | ISBN: 0805305505 | edition 1969 | PDF | 150 pages | 11,6 mb

Topics in ring theory Mathematics lecture note series by W. A. Benjamin
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The Hatfield SCT Lunar Atlas: Photographic Atlas for Meade, Celestron and other SCT Telescopes
Publisher: Springer | ISBN: 1852337494 | edition 2005 | PDF | 129 pages | 11,9 mb

SCT and Maksutov telescopes - which of course includes the best-selling models from Meade, Celestron, and other important manufacturers - reverse the visual image left for right. It is extremely difficult to identify lunar features at the eyepiece of one of these instruments using a conventional atlas. The human brain just doesn’t cope well with trying to compare the real thing with a map that is a mirror-image of it. This new SCT version of Hatfield’s famous lunar atlas solves the problem. Photographs and key maps in The Hatfield SCT Lunar Atlas are mirror-images, to show the Moon exactly as it appears through the eyepiece of an SCT or Maksutov telescope. Identification of lunar features is made quick and easy.
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Encyclopedia of American Disability History (3 Volume set) ISBN: 081607030X
Colonial America to 1763 (Almanacs of American Life) ISBN: 0816025274
Encyclopedia Of North American Immigration (Facts on File Library of American History) ISBN: 0816046581
Encyclopedia Of European People (2 volume set) ISBN: 0816049645
Disasters, Accidents, and Crises in American History ISBN: 0816066035
Encyclopedia of American Government and Civics ISBN: 0816066167
Chronology of American Indian History ISBN: 0816067708
Encyclopedia of Plague and Pestilence ISBN: 0816069352
Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Asia and Oceania (2 Vol. Set) ISBN: 0816071098

Publisher: Facts on File | PDF 154 mb
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Morning Noon & Night
Publisher: William Morro | ISBN: 0688084923 | edition 1995 | PDF | 269 pages | 12,2 mb

Its epigraph may be from Rimbaud, but the rest of this mega-soap opera is pure Sheldon (Nothing Lasts Forever): a twisty, turbo-paced yarn of international intrigue set in the "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" world of the super-rich. ...
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Mechanics of Solids and Shells: Theories and Approximations
Publisher: CRC Press | ISBN: 0849396549 | edition 2002 | PDF | 521 pages | 4,7 mb

As the theories and methods have evolved over the years, the mechanics of solid bodies has become unduly fragmented. Most books focus on specific aspects, such as the theories of elasticity or plasticity, the theories of shells, or the mechanics of materials. While a narrow focus serves immediate purposes, much is achieved by establishing the common foundations and providing a unified perspective of the discipline as a whole.Mechanics of Solids and Shells accomplishes these objectives. By emphasizing the underlying assumptions and the approximations that lead to the mathematical formulations, it offers a practical, unified presentation of the foundations of the mechanics of solids, the behavior of deformable bodies and thin shells, and the properties of finite elements.
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Web Services: A Manager's Guide
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional | ISBN: 0321185773 | edition 2003 | CHM | 353 pages | 1,4 mb

"This book performs a valuable service for managers seeking to harness the business potential of Web services technology. Bringing a real practitioner's experience to the task, Anne carefully walks managers through the fundamentals of Web services technology. She does a superb job of helping managers understand this technology so that they can move with sure footing and avoid potentially harmful stumbles along the way."