Franco Ambrosetti & Uri Caine Trio: The Wind
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Franco Ambrosetti & Uri Caine Trio: The Wind
Jazz | MP3 320k | 146 Mb | Flac separated tracks | 345 Mb | Eac Cue+log
Released 2007 | Label Enja Records | Scan inc. | Time 48:19

Franco Ambrosetti is hailed among Europe's most prolific jazz trumpeters and the winner of numerous awards. 'The Wind' presents the trumpeter in a new surrounding, accompanied by the current trio of pianist Uri Caine. For the first time in 10 years Ambrosetti is the only horn player on one of his albums. Concentrating on the trumpet and fuelled by the cooking energy of the trio, Ambrosetti's playing radiates a power and youthfulness that betray his age, on tunes penned by himself, Caine, Sonny Rollins & Russ Freeman.
Kenny Barron Trio: Minor Blues
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Kenny Barron Trio: Minor Blues
Jazz | MP3 320k | 196 Mb | Flac separated tracks | 468 Mb | Eac Cue+log
Released 2009 | Label Venus Records VHCD-1032 | Scan inc. | Time 72:56

Barron is a hugely talented pianist - one of the best jazz pianists alive today -, and his bop-based style with flowing lyricism and unique melodic sense in in full display here. And unlike his other recent albums, this CD mostly features his beautiful interpretations of standards and ballads. Barron, George Mraz and Ben Riley sound perfectly relaxed and inspired at the same time. One can tell from this CD that they enjoyed playing together very much. This is clearly one of Kenny Barron's best albums to date!. Highly recommended!
Ahmad Jamal: A Quiet Time
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Ahmad Jamal: A Quiet Time
Jazz | Flac separated tracks | 449 Mb | Eac Cue+log
Released 2009 | Label Dreyfus | Full artwork inc. | Time 66:28

Magician with sounds ! Here is the term which perfectly suits Ahmad Jamal. Miles Davis was already dreaming thanks to him but as he could not hire him, he asked his pianist to draw his insipration from Ahmad Jamal. With a consolidated rhythmic base, the pianist-composer has more freedom at his disposal to discover new sounds. Pushing his limits away, this is the permanent Credo of this eternal young man. An attitude which shows the fullness of this creative and generous artist. With « A Quiet Time», Ahmad Jamal, devotee of Maurice Ravel s music, writes one of the most beautiful chapters of what he calls, with pride, « the american classical music ».
Ahmad Jamal: Poinciana Revisite
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Ahmad Jamal: Poinciana Revisited
Jazz | MP3 320k | 103 Mb | Flac separated tracks | 269 Mb | Eac Cue+log
Released 1969 | Label Impulse! MVCJ-19067 | Scan inc. | Time 42:05

Jamal, Ahmad, 1930-, American jazz pianist, b. Pittsburgh, Pa. He started playing the piano at the age of three and became interested in jazz during the bop era. He began playing professionally at 18 and shortly thereafter came to the attention of Miles Davis, who cited Jamal as an important influence. In 1951 he formed his first trio; he has continued to create a uniquely orchestral sound, defining the jazz trio for some 50 years. In 1958 he and his group recorded Ahmad Jamal at the Pershing, featuring the song "Poinciana," which became his signature tune.
Jamal has been acclaimed for his cool post-bop style, melodic and rhythmic improvisations, dramatic pacing, dynamic effects, innovative small-ensemble arrangements, and use of musical space.
Kazumi Watanabe: Village in Bubbles
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Kazumi Watanabe: Village in Bubbles
Jazz | MP3 320k | 112 Mb | Flac image | 295 mb | Eac Log+cue
Released 1978 | Label J-room COCB 53295 | Covers inc. | Time 43:50

Kazumi Watanabe was born on October 14, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. He is a jazz fusion and instrumental rock guitarist and composer. He has been chosen Best Jazzman 24 times in a row by Swing Journal's annual poll. In 1979, he joined a group of innovative musicians such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Akiko Yano, Yukihiro Takahashi, Yasuaki Shimizu, Toshiyuki Honda and Shuichi 'Ponta' Murakami to form the legendary all-star band KYLYN, making an impact on the Japanese music scene. In autumn of the same year, he participated in the world tour of Yellow Magic Orchestra. Its huge success brought the name KAZUMI an international recognition.
Throughout the 1980s, he worked with a stellar cast of established musicians, including Tony Levin, Bill Bruford, Sly and Robbie, Wayne Shorter, Patrick Moraz, Marcus Miller, Richard Bona and Peter Erskine.
Watanabe has remained prolific and active throughout the 1990s and 2000s and remains one of Japan's best-selling jazz artists. His output is considered some of the better instrumental jazz fusion to emerge from Japan, informed with a particular bite and variety in approaches.
He is known for heavy endorsement and use of guitars by Steinberger and Paul Reed Smith.
Gary Burton: Whiz Kids
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Gary Burton: Whiz Kids
Jazz | MP3 320k | Size 107 Mb | No log | Flac separated tracks | 288 Mb
Released 1987 | Label ECM 1329 | Scan inc. | Time 47:31 | Easycd rip

In addition to his longtime bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Martin Richards, vibraphonist Gary Burton features a couple of young players on this date who he would classify as "whiz kids": pianist Makoto Ozone and the Coltrane-inspired tenorman Tommy Smith. The repertoire (all obscurities) and post-bop solos have more fire than one would normally expect on a Gary Burton record, and there are plenty of colorful moments on this subtle but adventurous set, Burton's final date for ECM after 14 years. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Christian Wallumrod Ensemble: Fabula Suite Lugano
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Christian Wallumrod Ensemble: Fabula Suite Lugano
Jazz | MP3 320k | 159 Mb | Flac separated tracks | 236 Mb | No log
Released 2009 | Label ECM 2118 | Scan inc. | Time 64:57 | Easycd Rip

Follow-up to the critically-lauded “The Zoo Is Far”, of which the Irish Times wrote, “Explicitly moving away from jazz with this sextet despite the presence of musicians with jazz backgrounds, including himself, Wallumrød has reduced these elements to the peripheral, seeking, above all, a through-composed ensemble music that reflects his contacts with contemporary classical, baroque, Norwegian folk and church music. It’s exquisitely performed; the permutating blend of trumpet-violin/Hardanger fiddle/viola-cello-baroque harp and piano or harmonium, with rhythm, is uniquely beautiful.”
Tomasz Stanko Quartet: Lontano
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Tomasz Stanko Quartet: Lontano
Jazz | MP3 320k | 184 Mb | Flac separated tracks | 382 mb | Eac Log+cue
Released 2006 | Label ECM 1980 | Covers inc. | Time 76:52

ECM's star trumpeter continues to set the benchmark for contemporary European jazz.
Since recording the acclaimed 2001 classic Soul of Things, this great elder statesman of European jazz appears to have had the musical equivalent of 'nip and tuck' surgery. This fresh lease of life is due in no small part to the incredible chemistry between him and his young Polish piano trio. Currently recording for ECM in their own right, they include the enigmatic pianist Marcin Wasilewski.
Charlie Haden: Magico
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Charlie Haden: Magico
Jazz | MP3 320k | 85 Mb | Released 1980
Label ECM 1151 | scan | Time 43:45

This is a collective trio, fully utilizing the strengths of all three players, each of whom calls a different continent home. They have in common a deeply resonant sense of tradition and place, giving all of this music a decidedly folk-like bearing, unsurprising given that bassist Haden even made his work with Ornette Coleman sound like folk music in the late '50s and early '60s. His rich and warm tones envelop and invite. Egberto Gismonti's guitar and piano playing (he plays numerous other instruments on his own solo albums and in other settings) contrasts beautifully with Jan Garbarek's cool Scandinavian saxophone voicings. The latter's composition "Spor" is so finely attuned to the players that it could well have been written by any one or all of the musicians.
Peter Guidi Qartet & Trio: Forbidden Flute
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Peter Guidi Qartet & Trio: Forbidden Flute
Jazz | MP3 320k | 203 Mb | Flac separated tracks | 393 Mb | Eac cue+log
Released 1999 | Label Munich Records | BMCD 309 | Full scan | Time 67:51

The concept behind Forbidden Flute is to present the flutes in a variety of musical settings: solo, duo, trio, trio plus percussion and quartet. Many modern flute techniques are used to create melodic and harmonic effects. All the sounds that are heard on these performances are produced naturally - no electronic effects have been added. I was very fortunate to be accompanied on this cd by outstanding musicians who are among the very best on the European jazz scene.
Kenny Drew: Duo 2
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Kenny Drew: Duo 2
Jazz | Time 51:33 | MP3 320k | 123 Mb | APE separated tracks | 128 Mb | No cue-log
EasyCd Rip | Released 1990 | Label SteepleChase | SCCD-31010 | Full scan Inc.

After a long period off of records (at least as a leader), pianist Kenny Drew emerged in 1973 for a duo session with bassist Niels Pederson. For their rematch in 1974, Drew and Pederson performed one original apiece, five standards (including "A Child Is Born" and "My Shining Hour") and jazz interpretations of a couple of Scandinavian folk songs. The pianist's style was largely unchanged from the 1950s except that he had grown a bit as a player and was open to some more modern chord voicings. The music on this encounter with the virtuosic bassist Niels Pederson should easily appeal to Kenny Drew's fans. Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Kenny Drew: Duo
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Kenny Drew: Duo
Jazz | Time 43:23 | MP3 320k | 107 Mb | APE separated tracks | 185 Mb | No cue-log
EasyCd Rip | Released 1988 | Label SteepleChase | SCCD-31002 | Full scan Inc.

A talented bop-based pianist (whose son has been one of the brightest pianists of the 1990s), Kenny Drew was somewhat underrated due to his decision to permanently move to Copenhagen in 1964. He made his recording debut in 1949 with Howard McGhee and in the 1950s was featured on sessions with a who's who of jazz, including Charlie Parker, Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Milt Jackson, Buddy DeFranco's quartet, Dinah Washington, and Buddy Rich (1958). Drew led sessions for Blue Note, Norgran, Pacific Jazz, Riverside, and the obscure Judson label during 1953-1960; most of the sessions are available on CD. He moved to Paris in 1961 and relocated to Copenhagen in 1964 where he was co-owner of the Matrix label. He formed a duo with Niels-Henning Orsted Pederson and worked regularly at the Montmartre. Drew recorded many dates for SteepleChase in the 1970s and remained active up until his death.--By Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
Adam Rogers: Apparitions
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Adam Rogers: Apparitions
Jazz | MP3 320k | Size 133 Mb | Flac separated tracks | 353 Mb | No cue-log
Released 2005 | Label Criss Cross | cat. 1263 | Full scan | Time 59:47

It's rare to find artists returning with the same personnel time after time. For reasons sometimes artistic—a diversity of stylistic concerns, the desire to work with a variety of players—and sometimes business-driven—concern that using the same people, album after album, will engender complacency, the challenge of retaining a consistent lineup—many artists' body of work is characterized by a constant flux in direction and personnel. While such variation may over time ultimately reveal a deeper musical philosophy in the hands of artists with vision—certainly Pat Metheny, Dave Douglas, and Louis Sclavis fit that description—those less focused run the risk of appearing eclectic with no apparent purpose.
Abe Rabade Trio: Playing on light
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Abe Rabade Trio: Playing on light
Jazz | Time 62:30 | MP3 320k | 180 Mb | Flac separated tracks | 406 Mb | No cue-log
Released 2006 | Label Karonte | Full scan Inc.

Jelly Roll Morton was once quoted as saying that truly authentic jazz had a certain "Spanish tinge" to it. Playing On Light: 7 Sounding Photos, and indeed many of the growing number of new and interesting releases coming from Spain, make that a difficult statement to disprove.

Playing On Light is the fourth release by Abe Rabade, a talented pianist from Galicia, Spain, and his third release heading up a trio. Each of the seven compositions is based on a series of photographs (reproduced in the accompanying booklet) by artists such as Arno Rafael Minkkinen and Paul Caponigro, making this a concept album of sorts.
Stefano Bollani Trio: I'm In The Mood For Love
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Stefano Bollani Trio: I'm In The Mood For Love
Jazz | MP3 320k | 157 Mb | Flac | 385 Mb | Cue+log inc.
Released 2007 | Label Venus | Time 62:03 | Scan inc.

Eclectic, explosive, polyhedric, ingenious … it is not certainly easy to describe in a few words the creative talent of Stefano Bollani. His virtuosity, his inspiration and his dowries of interpreter and composer have yielded formations of fans to him in the whole world and the admiration from the Italian and international criticism. His eclecticism and his faceted talent have let of sweeping at the author song to the Brazilian music, at the classic music to the cabaret, at the experimental jazz to that more traditional. Particularly the Milanese pianist has demonstrated of controlling the least shadings of the tradition jazzistica managing to renew the language it so to say on the inside, through original and creative interpretations also more classic standards.
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