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AvaxHome VIP - premium accounts
Posted By : torai | Date : 15 Feb 2022 12:10:00 | Comments : 75

Do you like the online ads on our site as much as we do? Don’t bother answering – we already guessed the answer! Unfortunately we live in the world where web site without ads is an exception. We feel your affection towards our site not only through the number of visits (100 000 unique visitors per day), but also through your donations performed on a regular basis. In the long winter nights spent by us (the AvaxHome administration) on thinking what we can do for users making donations, we arrived to a very clear (though not easy) conclusion: we have to find means to express our appreciation to these users. Effective today AvaxHome introduces VIP accounts.

What does it mean?

For each $5 donation you will be granted with ad-free access to our site during the following month. As simple as that: 30 days of surfing our site without seeing a single ad banner! Since majority of donations that we receive are for $10, the VIP account duration will be set accordingly: $5 – 1 month, $10 – 2 months, $15 – 3 months and so on.

How will it work?

Below you can see our account details in various payment systems.

After submitting a donation, send an email to [email protected] of the following format:

Title: AvaxHome – torai

[your username in AvaxHome] / [your email address that has been used for payment]

That’s it! Your premium account will be activated within 24 hours upon receipt of such an email so you can enjoy fast access to our absolutely ad-free content literally for pennies!
Posted By: Tino Gara Date: 15 Feb 2022 13:22:38
How's this for all the people who generously have donated earlier?
Posted By: algunsujetomas Date: 15 Feb 2022 13:58:28
I don't like tv commercials but that's the only way I can pay for watching free pictures, serials, commedies, sports...

I don't like ads but it's the only way I can pay for downloading free apps, books, music...

Those who don't like tv commercials have cable tv, so it's fine that those who hate ads can pay to avoid ads

For now ads at avaxhome are not too annonying so I can live with them

By now I have money and I would like donate to avaxhome because I am happy with everything I find there, but I have no credit card, no master card, no visa, no paypal acount, how could be the easiest way I can donate?

Posted By: torai Date: 15 Feb 2022 14:16:47
@Tino Gara
See Private Messages
Posted By: soloweb Date: 15 Feb 2022 15:40:30
..So, it finally happened to Avax. God save the firefox !!
Posted By: nuffsaider Date: 15 Feb 2022 16:11:11
If one examines the dialectic paradigm of online advertising expression, one is faced with a choice: either reject precultural theory or conclude that the purpose of the advertiser is deconstruction. The primary theme of our model of deconstructive appropriation is the role of the observer as participant. But cliking ads uses the term ‘modernism’ to denote not theory, as precultural theory suggests, but unfair usage of click farms.
Posted By: torai Date: 15 Feb 2022 16:39:58
@soloweb - What happened? Nothing is not changed?
@nuffsaider - There is no need to click on ads if you are interested, we will not deceive advertisers.
Posted By: cascais Date: 15 Feb 2022 21:19:52
i dont have any issues with ads, and i d rather prefer to clik on them than giving money.....but the advertising quality on the net is so bad and usualy none of them look interesting (IQ test, 2nd hand cars, gadjet to enlarge your penis, online poker...)
Posted By: CiaoLorenzo Date: 15 Feb 2022 21:22:13
Sorry, but it's not clear to me what to do after I donate.....

send one email to [email protected] and include
PayPal – [email protected] [your account ID in PayPal]

AvaxHome – torai [your username in AvaxHome]

in the body ?

Anything special in the subject line ?
I'm happy to support your work

Never mind......Jeez that was fast....Keep on doing your good job!
Posted By: mr_droopy Date: 15 Feb 2022 21:46:01
I have no problem with ADDs. We all try to benifit from it.
But what really is a problem is that the ADD forwards often FAIL and
are ending in a none-existing page or even keep forwarding, not leaving us the ability to escape....

So ADDs : OK, but make it bearable for all of us. They should work and allow a quick click-it-away.

Or am i the only one with troubles (IE7)

Posted By: Bully Date: 15 Feb 2022 21:46:06

More and more I wonder if it was really a good idea to raise a new "AvaxHome reloaded" out of the ashes of the real AvaxHome which DIED in July 2008.

In his first public words after the shock Avax wrote "We lost everything ... server, money, database, software, ..."

Now, after 6 months of "AvaxHome reloaded", it's clear that we lost much more. We fully lost the SPIRIT AvaxHome once stood for.

OK, I will not further discuss the commercialization of "AvaxHome reloaded" and I also will keep my mouth shut when Pasha & Torai will perhaps offer you in a next step the "Gold" and "Platin membership".

The only thing I want to make sure is: I never took a single cent of money out of AvaxHome and I never will rake any cent of the money collected by "Please donate ..." ad "Premium member" or whatever will be next. I have a real job which pays me well and allowed me to have altruistic views which in past fitted very well to former spirit of AvaxHome.

OK, this is just a PERSONAL COMMENT and should be seen in such a way. Every member who likes this offer, shoud feel free to buy it.

@ Pasha & Torai

>> P.S. Those of you who made a donation after February 1st, please send us an email so we can activate your premium accounts.

It would have been no bad idea to give this offer also to the people who made this "AvaxHome reloaded" possible at all by donating last year when AvaxHome really badly needed money to go online again. But, like usual, this is also just my PERSONAL view.

Posted By: torai Date: 15 Feb 2022 22:19:26

I think that some did not understand the idea. There are no restrictions for users.
Vip account - this is our gratitude for the donations that users are already doing.

Posted By: algunsujetomas Date: 15 Feb 2022 23:10:35
Adds at avaxhome don't troubles me
Adds are there but I don't have to click them
I click an add only if it offers something I need
but they are mostly tricky adds
we know what happens when we click them so why to click them?

who can click an old tricky add that says

You are lucky you have won something, click here...


You have a new message

Maybe new users click there, and I think there are many new users every day so that kind of adds persist

Avaxhome will be the same for everybody,
why are you crying before anything terrible has happened?

And if avaxhome owners begin to win a lot of money and they decide to make avaxhome commercial, then they are free to convert avaxhome to commercial site if they like it, I just have to say thanks for the free years of avaxhome, I don't have to cry or get mad for such events.

But I believe avaxhome will stay free for some more time, maybe a long long time more
Posted By: Svenny Date: 15 Feb 2022 23:49:27
Guys: ads are written with one "d", unlike address :)

Ads: No donation=ads? Not 4 me, maybe i´m just a lucky bastard

Bully: You´re a lucky one (steady job & plenty $$), but you should know that "wealth" is only created thru "profit". Well off ppl like you can afford to have "altruistic" motives, ´cause they got enough, poor ppl have other problems ;-). Hence commerce is not necessarily bad, if it offers a poor lad to earn some bucks. If Pasha or Torai are such folks, I don´t know :)
Posted By: torai Date: 16 Feb 2022 00:09:42
@bully - Welcome 2 PM
Posted By: niconu Date: 16 Feb 2022 00:12:08
Hi, I'm the stupid guy who donated on jan.31st... Just joking (though true...) cuz I don't care about ads and I'm used to the core of mecanicaly closing pop-ups on so many sites. I'll keep on donate for I'm really grateful to what I find here and I probly won't send U the "add-free-email". But nice idea for those who bother this "polution", imho.
I'm much more concerned with the appearance of some ULers / posters using this site share-spirit to actually sell files (as if owning'em...) through stinky strategies ("half RS / half ULbox" links for instance, with "threats" to stop posting the next files missing if anyone dares posting a RS link...). Clearly identified ads is one thing. Arrogant-resellers dressed as free-virgins is another. To me at least.

But, most important : Keep on the amazing work and take care of your freedom, dudes !

Edit : @algunsujetomas : if U read me right, I don't mention any "avax pop-up". Just the fact that identified ads don't affect me anymore (here or elsewhere), & that I'm even not bored anymore when they pop-up "on so many sites". Sorry if I've been misunderstood.
Posted By: algunsujetomas Date: 16 Feb 2022 01:03:46
What popup are you talking about?
I have no popups in avaxhome
The popups I have are from the sharing servers amd they are outside avaxhome
I use opera and I've never had any popup from avaxhome
Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Feb 2022 01:55:28

@ Svenny

> Bully: You´re a lucky one (steady job & plenty $$), but you should know that "wealth" is only created thru "profit"

Working hard has not much to do with luck :-)

OK, I should add a few words to better understand my above comment.

>POST> In the long winter nights spent by us (the AvaxHome administration) on thinking what we can do for users ...

OK, for sure it is my fault. Or my bad brain. Whatever.
As I am - at least currently I still am - one of the admins of this site, I mainly wanted to add that I have no idea at all about these "long winter nights spent by us (the AvaxHome administration)" - the first time I heard about this "what we can do for users ..." was this evening, when I logged into AvaxHome and saw it on main page.

I do not want to express and do not want to discuss if this is good or bad or whatever - I just want to make sure - special to the AvaxHome members with us since many years - that I did NOT change my old views and still do not care about financial profit from AvaxHome. Same as most of our best original-content-publishers do do not publish for profit. In my view THESE members are our real VIPs, not the ones who "buy" their VIP status.

My other words were related to what is going on since August 2008 - the drift from quality to quanity, the already existing 2-class-system which allows 25 business guys to fill AvaxHome's first page whenever they like while all other members have to wait and wait in the moderation waiting line, the software which meanwhile more takes care for fast mass delivery instead of secure handling and so on. This new offer somehow fits into the line of changes I worry about since many months. But I might be wrong.

And I also worry a bit if our Russian admins still understand what 5 US $ really means for a normal Russian member without "international profits". A bit more sensibility about the different financial levels of members from different countries would had fit better to AvaxHome's roots and former spirit.

If some people still do not understand the reason for my comment: Please ignore it. It was mainly to spare me to type the same again and again in private mails. It is PERSONAL to me and should not be taken as reason to discussions.

Posted By: Chojin77 Date: 16 Feb 2022 02:00:13
Firefox is great, but it gets even greater in combination with NoScript. Then there is no need for a vip, gold, platin or see-the-livingroom-of-the-chief-account. Leave adbrite.com and bestdatingdirect.com outside with a script blocker and everything is fine...
Posted By: tinku Date: 16 Feb 2022 02:15:24
I dont see any adds on your site I use a script blocker and Adblock plus with firefox LOL!!
it works fine too not an add in sight here or anywhere.


Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 16 Feb 2022 07:01:20
if you dont have premium accounts of some web hosters then downloading by free is a pain only, mostly you dont want to do that. so i am a previewer (viewer) of web pages more than a active member of them.
i dont care they are free or monthly, yearly fees --- free members or vip, gold, platinum members.
Posted By: drat Date: 16 Feb 2022 07:38:50
so far so bad
Posted By: aeolos Date: 16 Feb 2022 09:38:41
I post exclusively in the music section. I felt sad when last year site went down, and I was very happy when I saw it coming back to life. I then decided that since I used to post 2 albums a week (average) to increase my posts in order to help you guys with the traffic, which hopefully will bring some extra income for you and you can go on with the site and its expenses. That was my contribution, my donation to the site, a one that stays forever and not 5-10 euros that exist today and gone tomorrow. Of course you need the donations and nobody can blame you about this. But I think you're pushing it to the edge with this VIP thing today and who knows what tomorrow. This is not the idea of sharing I used to be aware of and I must say that I am not very enthusiastic with your decision.
Of course my posts may mean nothing to you, it's understandable, but for me it's something I love doing it, and I dedicate time and effort to do my best. I have to think it over now, because I don't know if this is the beginning of the end or the end of a beginning...
my warmest regards,
Posted By: herny66 Date: 16 Feb 2022 10:32:35
I'd like a free donation...
bye herny
Posted By: joemuscat Date: 16 Feb 2022 10:51:14
I can`t understand all these comments, as I understood nothing is going to change, Avax is going to remain free for everyone, the only difference who make some kind of donation will have the ads removed, so everyone is free to do whatever he wants.
Posted By: cascais Date: 16 Feb 2022 11:11:30
i dont get lot of you....it takes time and energy to run a website like avax....and servers are not for free! you prefere avax with ads or no avax at all.
i do not think thats wrong if avax' ppl want to get pay for their work and for the services they are providing.....is there someone who work for free here? no!
And five bucks to help what is it if you compare with the value of all we are getting from here? not too much

but there is something which annoying me a lot....there are ppl who are complaining but they ve never posted anything on avax or so rarely.
personaly i am posting(a lot) on avax and for 1000 downloads i am lucky if i get one thank you! thats why i m not realy shocked with some negative replies today. ppl are selfish in the real world why it would be different on avax
Posted By: Murgatroyd McGillicuddy Date: 16 Feb 2022 13:54:39
hmmmmmmmm how did I know this was gonna happen?
Posted By: inem Date: 16 Feb 2022 14:46:13
My understanding (sorry for my limited English, it is not my ancestor’s tongue) :

- AvaxHome is still FREE , access is still FREE, (Rapidshare is not free, sorry) , no registration in AvaxHome is necessary – one can still download materials to their heart’s content without restriction, nothing has changed
- VIP status and its time-length are granted simply as a gratitude for the generosity of those who donates. No one is forced, pressured nor it is mandatory. IMHO, it is a nice gesture to offer ad- removal for those who have shown nice gestures of donating.

My fear :
- Some imbeciles might use the VIP status to “bully” uploaders into following their will , such as those comments that I often read in the music section ‘Don’t bother with the mp3 because I want FLAC, FLAC… FLACCCCC’, ‘I am so horny that I want to Flac some APE’ (ok, the last statement was an exaggeration but almost an interpretation from some of the crazy comments)

[To uploaders who received those type of pressure , here are two samples of ‘proper’ answer  :
one, I quoted somewhere from our own great uploader , Galmuchet :
“if you want a better quality, go buy it at the store”

or if you prefer , a Zen-like answer that I read from somewhere else:
“don’t argue with an idiot , or he/she will bring you down to his/her level and beat you with experience”]

Thank God 99% of our users are still very decent human.

My thought :
It will be very unfair for us to judge and make predictions of where AvaxHome is going just based on a few changes as to compare to everything that this site has to offer. Please remember , this site is only run by four brave warriors :the ubiquitous -=Pasha13=-, master-Zen Avax, freedom Bully, creative Torai; and a few (maybe one) great hack-hack-hack warrior/s. Please give them some positive supports.
The rest are us : uploaders , downloaders and bot (is tot a bot ? – ok, joke :) … sorry, tot ).
If one day, we are unsatisfied with what this site is becoming, then there is always that free option …
t-o l-e-a-v-e.
Posted By: cascais Date: 16 Feb 2022 15:20:30
happy to hear a real Uploader(inem)
sometime people come here just to get what they want (for free!!!!!) and sometime they dont understand how many hours of our free time it takes to post on avax great stuffs and how it s difficult to run such kind of web site(and the money it costs). And they nag because they dont get what they want ...like they d expect to be. i d like to remind them that avax is not a shop or a Eshop!

I DO NOT agree with uyour point of view....there is something i d like to understand. what mean for you "arent you guys making more than enough money"? because for me i never have enough TO LIVE! so understand that people from avax need to get pay and we are not here to decide how much! and why ! they have they own reasons and we have to respect them. And i think that subject was opened to find constructive solutions, not to talk in vain!

ps :english is not my first language so i hope you ll understand the meaning.

Posted By: algunsujetomas Date: 16 Feb 2022 18:24:25
There are hundreds o maybe thousands sites like avaxhome, but once I found avaxhome I had no time to explore them.

Posts at Avaxhome grow every day, but I don't download too much, because FLAC or APE are too big for my band width, apps are fewer than before, books of my interests are computer related, and they are also fewer than before

There are a lot of books of army and medicine, those who like that kind of books must be happy

I prefer mp3 so I search them outside of Avaxhome

I think if Avaxhome closes or become commercial I will have more time to explore outside Avaxhome

Posted By: franklee Date: 16 Feb 2022 18:28:50
I donated twice last year, to help AH get up and running again and had been considering another donation, even before this topic arose. Whether or not I attain this "VIP" status doesn't bother me, as I don't see any advertisements here at all and haven't for quite some time.
Posted By: [email protected] Date: 16 Feb 2022 19:21:41
I don't like advertising, it is unpleasant.
I prefer giving for stop this.

[email protected]
Posted By: hobobill Date: 17 Feb 2022 01:59:31
i donated last year but money for me is very difficult now. i've recently been diagnosed to have cancer and will start treatment soon then extra money will be impossible. fortunately i have plenty of time to spare so i upload music and try to fill in empty niches and fortunately those empty niches allow enough downloads to maintain a rapidshare account. so when i'm not indisposed from pain or treatment i'll continue to contribute as i can. i really don't care about vip status and as long as i can contribute with content that'll be be the extent of my contribution mandated by my financial and physical condition. keep up the good work y'all and much success.
Posted By: Tona_Ludatus Date: 17 Feb 2022 05:48:33



Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 17 Feb 2022 07:54:45
Dear Hobobill, I am very sorry about your illness. I hope you will be well soon, I believe.
Posted By: banene Date: 17 Feb 2022 13:28:29
Premium account is good idea ! However I suggest that it should be freely given to member who regularly publish their news here. Premium accounts should be incentive to publishers. Ultimately publishers are pooling crowd on this site and making it popular. So please consider this idea as well. Free premium account eligibility could be 100+ news published in last 12 months or so on.

All the best.
Posted By: algunsujetomas Date: 17 Feb 2022 14:04:25
Do we really are generous and want to contribute?

What we want is everything for nothing

We come here because we find free things and we get everything we can

And we are affraid that from now everything will change and we cry for some ideas at Avaxhome

Let's wait and if things really change then we can cry, by now let's continue as always

Posted By: cascais Date: 18 Feb 2022 12:53:57
i dont get the point altavistasf but it s your and i respect it....but i ve got a question: are u comming here to increase the value of the ads on avax or are you comming because you can find what you like for FREE?
and if as you said there are thousands of quality sites, why are you coming here to tell us that kind of things if you can find the same or better somewhere else?
avax is not begging money they are just offering a SERVICE for ppl who wants to help or participate.
and the way, according to the rates for ads on the net, 100 000 visitors per day does pay a living!
Posted By: torai Date: 18 Feb 2022 13:39:26

We are not asking for donations, we will get steadily, VIP - this is our way to say thank you to those who make these donations.
Posted By: scalisto Date: 18 Feb 2022 18:16:02
@Bully: Nice to see you're still around. It's even nicer to know that you remain true to yourself.
Posted By: RupertS Date: 18 Feb 2022 19:23:30
No ads is too little for $5 per month. Give something more like download link checker, advance searching options, email notifier, etc. Perhaps I may pay if i get something more.
Posted By: cascais Date: 18 Feb 2022 21:34:49
you might ask money from avax admins to come on avax!;-)
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 19 Feb 2022 10:31:31
Man, write about money and people get funny !

@ altavistasf:
I never ever got a Spam mail from the email I used "exclusivly" for AH registering.

As Torai said (and guess what - I believe him):
AH will stay free. People who can donate: go on, help. If you can´t: no need to do so. Just contribute with visiting AH to keep number of visits up.

And I don´t need Ad-free. Whoever nowadays still sees Ads is doing something wrong with his browser ;-)

AH was available on AH.ru - fitmedia.ru before "comeback". As an experienced user you should have noticed this ;-)

Donate or not, take the Ad-free VIP account or not. Stay or leave. Complain or be happy. Whatever makes your day. Having a choice is a great advantage. And totally free !
Posted By: algunsujetomas Date: 19 Feb 2022 15:52:49
I suppose what I recommend is known but maybe would be helpful for someone

Never use your official email when you register to anything in internet, always use an alternative email

Don't use your real names, always use dummy names in your alternative email

Don't use your real information to register, always use fake information

Use anonimizer in case you surf suspicious sites

Posted By: jamhar Date: 21 Feb 2022 23:25:55
I've donated in the past and will donate in the future. You can donate nor not. Just dont whine about it.
Posted By: HUXLEY Date: 04 Mar 2022 15:48:49
Hi Bully, nice to read you.
Thanks for all your job and your gentle help when needed ;-)
Posted By: bloodybael Date: 14 Mar 2022 00:35:15
One of the rumors going around is that if you don't get a VIP account, you don't get access to the best content.

Probably (almost certainly) not true, or there wouldn't be ANY audiophile albums on the free site, and probably no lossless.

I'd donate, even though I'm a new poster (I just started yesterday), but I've been disabled for almost twenty years, and $5 can mean the difference between going hungry or not.

Unfortunately, those ads aren't all benign--I've caught three viruses/trojans in the last two days on Avax. Easy to get rid of, but still vexing. And the ads that suddenly start talking or playing music without being clicked, or that take you to websites when you never clicked on anything, I consider (philosophically, not actually) criminal. I don't really blame those on Avax--it's the advertisers--but those two types should be banned altogether from the internet. And I'm not talking about the "floating" Avax.

Let's all do this: The next time you are on Avax and are taken to another site without clicking anything, don't come back to Avax for at least a week. Either that, or post the URL here and state clearly that you don't mind ads that sit there and try to get you to click them, but if they try to deliver content without being clicked, such hijacking will not be tolerated or condoned. Post the URL of those sites everywhere you can on the net and label them for what they are--spam artists, not true businesspeople.
Posted By: Flasher8 Date: 29 Mar 2022 03:01:20
Since I regularly visited Avaxhome.ru, it was owned by someone called Dimitry as I can remembered.
Then the last year or so, things changed and now it's someone else.
Well, it makes no difference as many loyal uploaders sticked through thick and thin.

It's good to have a Premium or VIP section just for contributors/donators and yes, it should have enhanced services or better resources. However, avax must be prepared to share the benefits with uploaders for without them, there will be no avax unless avax owners themselves put up the resources. Avax cannot gain everything for itself at the expense of uploaders contributions.

However, it's the wrong approach to promote your VIP by indicating if you pay then we remove the Ads, doesn't go down well with most of us. It's like putting obstacles along the free highways and charging for the removal. Instead, create a membership section with a minimum yearly upgrading fee of not more than $20 which should be affordable for most people. Afterall, you are already generating revenues from Ads on your site here. So for $20/year and getting 20 ppl to join a month equals $400/month and should your memberships up to 200 for the twelve months, you would have $4000/year enough to cover your hosting/site maintenance expenses, etc.

Freely sharing resources, keep the Ads on this site, have your enhanced membership site ready with no Ads or minimum ads and let users decide if they wish to upgrade.
The most irritating types of showing Ads should be avoided especially the multi-popups/popunders and sticky ads.

One more thing to add here is there should have good quality filehosts as mirrors (if not primary ones of uploaders choices) such as the two top-dogs Rapidshare.com and Megaupload.com
One good free one with decent speed is Mediafire.com (right now they are good and fast access to the files for downloading) as compared to others who's making it so difficult for free downloads and kind of forcing ppl to take up their premium service which should be avoided.
Regardless of how much we dislike RS and/or MU, being leaders in the industry with truly high quality hardwares and systems, uploaders cannot ignore them ...that is if uploaders are truly in the spirit of sharing as their primary focus and intent.

Although I have lost my job due to an accident two years ago and trying to start my first online business, I still can afford if the cost is minimal.

On the bright side, we are all trying to find the best solutions with an open mind and view all well intent feedbacks constructively.

My sincere and best wishes to all avaxians!

Posted By: VanPelten Date: 31 Mar 2022 01:26:10
Which is why many of us use of Adblock Plus with Firefox...presto, no ads! *LOL*
Posted By: rper1959 Date: 08 Jun 2022 07:45:06
Hey I dont mind the ADs but the ones with sound like that stupid celebrity boxer suck, please get rid of it or turn off the sound. Avax is great but there are other sites that dont interrupt my enjoyment of my music with a stupid boxing sound.
Posted By: rom_long Date: 12 Jul 2022 14:37:02
Someone said a few months ago, "For now ads at avaxhome are not too annonying so I can live with them". Well, this has changed. The ads have become very annoying. In fact, they take the user away from pages they want to view. And today, I got 20 or so message boxes asking me if I want to leave current page or cancel. Then I was taken to a page with a fake antivirus scan. I know about this scam, but someone else might have been duped into downloading or buying some garbage. This has become too bad! I wouldn't be surprised if this site got marked as potentially harmful by filtering services.
Posted By: m197 Date: 28 Sep 2021 04:54:28
I sow many adult content and sexy content Post in avaxhome evry days but you say it is forbidden?
Posted By: sugar1sugar Date: 01 Oct 2021 01:02:02
I am new to AVAX and have several questions;
I have signed for a Premium account for 1 month as a trial.
There seems to be 2 sides to AVAX, the content and the downloader (rapidshare, etc).
Rapidshare works fine however there are a number of items I would like that are on a different server: ftp2...
When I go there it asks me for a ridiculous payment. How can I access this material?

Posted By: tictacsoft Date: 20 Oct 2021 13:23:00
can not transact with epassporte account
Posted By: JMichael Date: 25 Oct 2021 15:36:48
I appreciate the need for ads. It's not necessarily a bad thing. BUT, I don't thing you should accept the most intrusive ads; those that hijack my machine and redirect to another site making it nearly impossible to return to Avax without shutting down my browser and restarting it.

Worse still are the "Urgent, your machine has a virus..." ads that will NOT give me my computer back without going to "Task Manager" and halting the process... NOT COOL.
Posted By: JMichael Date: 02 Nov 2021 13:42:03
I'm commenting again because my machine continues to be hijacked by your ads. I don't just mean an occasional ad that we all find to be a necessary evil. I mean the "your computer has a virus" type ads that require me to force my browser to quit and close all the windows I have open. That means all my connections, not just your site! That's beyond reasonable. I have donated to you before, but I won't pay to *not* be hijacked. That's extortion. Please get rid of the malicious ads and keep the "good" ads.
Posted By: aquatee Date: 15 Nov 2021 18:35:03
I've been having trouble just getting on avaxhome...it constantly redirects me to other pages. Not sure what to do.
Posted By: Piterets Date: 15 Nov 2021 20:23:25
Yeah, what's happening today? Could not load Avax pages at all - get redirected all the time to some ad pages. It is much worse then even a few days ago... What's going on?
Posted By: JMichael Date: 17 Nov 2021 22:35:29
As I have said here recently I don't mind the fact that you need ads. They are a necessary evil. However, malicious software is another issue altogether. It's not an "ad" when it does the following: "Alpha Antivirus (a.k.a. AlphaAV, AlphaAntivirus) is a malicious antivirus application, involving all annoying feature\s of any rogue. This program starts fake scans of the computer, and then the attack of computer users begins. After the scan, different warnings and popups start showing on the screen. They announce that your computer is infected and you have to take care of these issues."

If you get rid of this kind of garbage I would consider paying for VIP privileges, however I don't intend to be held hostage to the idea of the current philosophy of "pay or risk malicious danger."
Posted By: fay-2020 Date: 18 Nov 2021 05:48:06
nothing diffrant. between normal user and VIP only the banner

software ebook video
Posted By: diomedes64 Date: 19 Nov 2021 19:32:00
It's been a while since i came by this site and i must say, what the hell are these people thinking? The redirects are CONSTANT and popups AGGRESSIVE. It would be nice those people in charge for this site could take some responsibility and inform people about this situation. If you want donations, fine, but at least attempt some form of communication.
Posted By: jaycee Date: 24 Nov 2021 08:02:27
Best 5 dollars I've spent in ages. The ads, and in particular the redirects, were really getting on my nerves and now they've all gone. Tried the one month option to see if it worked, it does and I'll be back for a longer period next time.
Posted By: t1mark Date: 04 Dec 2021 15:29:10
I'm consdering the premium option. But a good deal of the time I can't even attempt to sign up for it due to the constant jumps and redirects. Avaxhome has become completely dysfunctional much of the time over the last month or so. What's the concept? Is this Avaxhome's idea?
Posted By: t1mark Date: 08 Dec 2021 20:09:57
I just added NoScript (a freebee) to Firefox on my Mac. No more redirects or jumps (for now).

Nice software - you easily "instruct it" which scripts to allow and which to block for each specific website.
Posted By: reza.dnd Date: 22 Dec 2021 10:46:30
i would like to ask you guys to upload mosaic readings 1 and 2 silver edition with cd and themen neu 1-3 teacher's books
plz if anyone can upload them for me i'd really appreciate it

thanks in advance
Posted By: FTA Date: 02 Jan 2022 08:33:53
think about that:

I love avaxhome - and I don't care about the banners - NoScript works mostly fine.

but in my point of view you are completely "abusing" so called donations. in simple words I donate something to somebody because I try to give
something back. I will not donate something to NOT see something. I respect your time afford etc. But what about my time ? maybe you know how
long it takes to create a high quality lossless audio and I am not earning a cent with this. I just try to keep this site alive and to motivate
other peoples to do the same...

don't sell your soul
Posted By: FTA Date: 02 Jan 2022 08:36:09
"stupid boxing sound." why tell hell ?
Posted By: adventariva Date: 03 Jan 2022 16:47:55
i need os windows7 64 bit
Posted By: AudioPhil Date: 27 Jan 2022 15:32:18
I mostly agree with FTA. I spend much time with packing my audio files, upload them etc.
The posting guidelines of AvaxHome seem pretty fascist to me. So much complications and limitations make posting really not an amusing thing. An example: What the fuck for are there colors in the text editor if we can't use them in the post? Let me tell you, that's not a good place to post something with a personal and unique content.
Posted By: empanadilla Date: 02 Feb 2022 08:54:42
Oh, i would contribute
they stop stealing my work and letting other companies that I'm sure are part of avax partners steal my RS files. I DON'T MIND others P2P the contents but not so blatantly.
I believe the "DOWNLOAD FAST" link RIGHT UNDERNEATH is an insult to the person that's posting-even with the "ADV> <ADV".
This are not fair proceedings.
They confuse the downloader and make you look bad.
Posted By: vaultman110 Date: 06 Feb 2022 18:51:19
FireFox + adblock + noscript = no adds already for free.
Posted By: StabWound Date: 13 Feb 2022 10:12:46
Your advertising is way too agressive. Yes, Yes we all understand it cost money... but there is no need to have such agressive, page warping ads. In fact, it makes me not want to donate, because you are cleearly trying to force the users hand into giving you money.

What's wrong with just having normal ads, providing a good solid service and trusting your users to do the right thing?

Every 5 minutes there is a host of FLASH script errors and pages pop up and pages dissapear, makes me wonder what exactly you admins are trying to do.

If you relax your add structure a bit and got rid of the scripts (I mean you have a whopping 26+ running at once!!!) and made the VIP terms a bit more attractive, then perhaps you would get more people donating, but as it stands, you ask for too much and your too agressive with your adds.

You practically bully people into paying. That's not a good sign of a healthy community. You have to build your community with trust, not by force.

I love this site and I have a huge amount of respect for it's uploaders and to the admins for structuring such a fine site. But i do not like been pushed around, i'm sure most would agree.

Keep up the good work and please reconsider yoour current stance on everything I have said.
Posted By: savoir_gratuit Date: 21 Feb 2022 21:39:59
hi everybody;

how can i upload files in AvaxHome??
Posted By: branruz Date: 02 Mar 2022 15:49:15

Thanks a lot to the team for the very good and sustained job.

Today, something change in AH.
The "http://AH.ws/search" is not available anymore. It gives the following message :
"Requested page was not found - Try browsing by categories or using search."
It was a whole lot easier than the "Search" box or the "Browse by category" feature as it gave the same output as a standard AH page formatted with images and details.

The "Browse by category" is a good thing when you don't know the name of the product you are looking for.
The "Search" is a pale imitation of what the "http://AH.ws/search" was doing

I know that this is the VIP type of forum but I found no other place for this post.
Anybody's comment ?
Posted By: shadowcruise Date: 03 Mar 2022 00:52:54
I wouldn't even consider donating to this site currently. You've got to chill out on the adds and get your act together.
Posted By: gludewig Date: 03 Mar 2022 17:13:19
Hi, Please bring back the search as previously like branruz says the current search is not as functional.

Recent searches:

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