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Do live in SOUTH AFRICA? Do you have fine photos of interesting places? Send it ([email protected]) and we'll place it!

We know that we have more than 1000 visitors from South Africa, but we got only 5 photos of your beautiful country - it's not right. Last publication about Iran got a huge response among our visitors, were sent dozens of new photos - you can look at it by yourself.
Posted By : torai | Date : 16 May 2022 07:41:00 | Comments : 10 |
Such Iran you haven't seen!

Such Iran you haven't seen!

Do live in Iran? Do you have fine photos of interesting places? Send it ([email protected]) and we'll place it!
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Military Woman
Military Woman

Katrina Hodge has two titles. By profession, she's Lance Cpl. Hodge of the British Army.
Off duty, the 22-year-old is Miss England. Her nickname: “Combat Barbie”... WANT MORE?

Welcome to Military Woman Dot Com!
88 countries, 12 465 photos, 2,83 GB of images.

Women in army, women in police, all we know how they're beautiful.
AvaxHome give you the opportunity to enjoy this unforgettable show.

This is really interesting. Enjoy!
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Alawar games for iPad

The auction of unprecedented generosity from the Alawar company for iPad owners:
As of today 3 games available in AppStore from the Alawar for the iPad:
- Farm Frenzy 2
- Tank - O - Box
- Gourmania

We have 2 license keys for the Farm Frenzy 2 HD and we will give it to you with pleasure - our dear visitors.
What is need to get license for the Farm Frenzy 2 HD?
You need to open this post in your iPad and take a shot iPad, send photo to this mail: [email protected] (do not forget to specify your name and country)

Thanks to ALL - the license keys goes to:
- Alf Rich from USA
- Roman Hladunyak from Ukraine

Watch for our news, it was not last license keys distribution for the Alawar games.
Posted By : Avax | Date : 28 Apr 2022 19:48:00 | Comments : 34 |
Must See Places – Best Places to Travel!

Contest is over

ENGLISH from -=Pasha13=-: So there is, contest is finished and as I suspected Avax doesn't satisfied with the results, but it's OK, he's a bit perfectionist :-) He was waiting much more interest and activity from our visitors and now he thinks that contest is failed. Of course it's not hard to understand his feelings, just look at our comments example... they almost MISSING(!) in EVERY(!) post, but hundreds ungrateful people download content from these posts and even do not leave a single comment with "thanks" or something similar! Yep, unfortunately our visitors degrade day-by-day :-( and all this happens not only at AvaxHome... it's sad world tendency, f*cking consumer society! But anyway, in my opinion, contest isn't failed, we have received more than three hundred photos of very interesting, unseen places, and as was promised, we made our choice!

RUSSIAN from Avax: Конкурс завершён; что показали его итоги? Всё прошло не так. Мы не сумели связно объяснить его задачи. Нас (зачастую) не смогли услышать и понять те, кто захотел в нём участвовать. Наконец – большинству было просто наплевать, что мы тут устраиваем.
Хотите знать моё мнение? Конкурс провалился.
Однако, несколько энтузиастов прислали нам свои (очень славные!) фотографии. И – вот наш выбор!
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You want your own website.

No, this is not a question, because everybody nowadays wants one. So what are you going to do about it? You can learn all that fancy programming for a year or even more. Or you can break that piggy-bank of yours and hope that you have enough money to pay designers, programmers, and hosting companies. The last way is to use a CMS (Content Management System) that will have all you need already in place. But do you really want the one that you have to install, set up for hours, read lengthy manuals about? I don't think so. Well, here's the deal.

You can go to www.ucoz.com and register in minutes for free. I mean free. At all. It gives you everything you need:

- up-to-date Web 2.0 services for creating websites;
- modules for creating blogs, photo albums, guest books, forums, e-shops, chats, or all of this at the same time;
- 246 customizable templates to choose from (know HTML? you have a full access to it!);
- unlimited disc space;
- 12 language versions;
- user-groups with various rights' controls;
- RSS-feeds you can set up the way you like...

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You also get detailed statistics about your visitors, FTP-access to your files, as well as direct uploading. You can even get yourself a domain name in any zone and connect it to the website.

You must be a real sceptic, if you are still reading this and not creating the website of your dreams, huh? Specially for you, here's a video about how simple website building can get.
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Must See Places – Best Places to Travel!

Contest Unvisited places by tourists in your country is over!
Winners will be announced April 28.

* * *

Конкурс Unvisited places by tourists in your country завершён!
Победители будут объявлены 28 апреля.
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ENGLISH: Beloved Visitors! We upgraded AH-engine. Plus: we FULLY mend uploading of pictures (PIXHOSTS.WS). Please test it, and write your comments! Always yours – AH Team.

RUSSIAN: Здравствуйте! Выкатили обновлённый движок AH (в частности, ПОЛНОСТЬЮ извели проблему заливки картинок – ну многие помнят); нижайше просим тестить и, буде заметите непотребства – сообщать о них в комментариях. Всегда ваши – AH Team.
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Military Woman
Military Woman

Women in army, women in police, all we know how they're beautiful.
AvaxHome give you the opportunity to enjoy this unforgettable show.

Today (April 15, 2022):
88 countries, 12 059 photos, 2,73 GB of images.

(And 5 days ago was:
80 countries, 11 614 photos, 2,62 GB – yes, we are frequently updated)!

This is really interesting. Enjoy!
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ENGLISH: Beloved Visitors! Unfortunately, AvaxHome in recent days strongly “retards.” Our DNS records at the PIXHOSTS.WS was broke and lost. Unfortunately, experts could not yet solve the problem – although they try hard. It need some time to wait for DNS update. We apologize for the inconvenience!

RUSSIAN: Ну вы уже наверное догадались, что картиночный pixhost работает теперь не на одном, а на целых двух серверах – неплохо получилось, да? Там короче возникла какая-то очередная неведомая хрень и всё умерло. То есть – вообще. Потому что записи в DNS отвалились. Конечно – они ж специалисты! Написали им письмо: мол ... что ж вы ... так неаккуратно?! В смысле – прошу! Ну те взяли молоток, пошли стучать по трубе – вот ждём. Надстройку им в базис короче, переходящее знамя в майский труд и чтоб они жили так же, как нам реорганизовать Рабкрин! Говоря коротко: мы просим прощения за доставленные неудобства! Через некоторое время всё должно починиться (тьфу-тьфу-тьфу).
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Christ is risen!

“Христос Воскресе из мертвых,
смертию смерть поправ
и сущим во гробех живот даровах!”

AvaxHome Team
Congratulates all Christians on a holiday of Sacred Easter!
Christus resurrectus Est!
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Unvisited places by tourists in your country

The second, and most important stage of "Unvisited places by tourists in your country" contest is taking place right now. Please click to see the details:

Participants from 27 countries are awaiting your decision. Thus, please be fair – if you decided to give someone your voice, do it if you really think that this picture deserves it and not because you live in the same city, or you sure that the creator of this picture is the best person ever.

We wish to remind you that the second stage of the contest will last until April 23, 2010. The next step will be summarizing the results, announce the winners and grant the rewards (winners of the contest will receive a gift certificates on Amazon.com as follows):

• FIRST prize – $500

• SECOND prize – $300

• THIRD prize – $200

Unique prize from SMSCoin company$300

Unique prize from TV TO GO company$200

We wish all contestants good luck, and you people – make the right choice!
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Food Lovers Web isn’t just a site to paste another thing about food. Food Lovers Web is much more! First and foremost, we are here for each and every one of our members that contribute. Give us rich food-related stories that add value to the site, we all benefit. Food Lovers Web is about you, about food, about connecting!

The best points about Food Lovers Web:

It’s free to join

  • We have a revenue sharing program, for all your story pages, in place that is administered by Crowda.com
  • Socialize with other foodies, gourmets, chefs, moms, people that love to talk about food – if that’s your bag
  • Bookmark your favorite food sites to share with others
  • Write a review – talk about what you know and love; cookware, a cookbook, your favorite eatery, plus more
  • Each story, review, bookmark has the potential of earning you revenue as a member of Food Lovers Web
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Well, this year is coming to its end, and we feel that conclusions are necessary.

But, before my colleague Torai will take you into the details of the statistic calculations, I first would like to say a few words:
We live in a quite funny-structured world. Six billion people divided by borders, six billion full of fear of each other. Every day people encounter military conflicts, locally or globally, which probably does not make any sense to neither one of them.

And I have to thank AvaxHome – a getaway island amongst this ocean of insanity which connects users with different cultures across the world, making us a bit more tolerant, transforming our lives on this planet into a much better ones.

Information should be spread and accessed freely if we wish to be called the memorable generation of 21st century.

And once again thank you for believing in the same values is we do. Together we will win!

Happy Christmas to you all!

And on that happy note let me pass it on to my colleague, whose presence is what keeps AvaxHome alive and well. Torai – the stage is yours!

Always yours – Avax.
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We're happy to announce that site Ska4ka.com is now using CrowdA, which means that authors posting news at Ska4ka.com now can earn money. AvaxHome has been using CrowdA since March.
Some information about the website: Ska4ka.com is an online library, where you can find audiobooks in any genre and in any language of the world!!!