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Dear avaxians!We are pleased to inform you that picture server is back to life. Normal picture rules apply!

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One of the most comprehensive Photoshop eBooks collections on the net. Read online or download free of charge. You will find even rare original books from Adobe Press and latest related magazines there, awesome content for all photoshop beginners and professionals.

Photoshop ebooks
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[center]Welcome to 300+ Chicken Recipes[/center]
Posted By : Bully | Date : 10 Mar 2022 09:16:00 | Comments : 2 |

Wellcome to the Van Morrison Team-Project on the AvaxHome-Music-Community

After more than one month of preparation, we started the project on March, 8th
with publishing the first of the already 100 collected and already uploaded albums.

Please bookmark this URL:


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We are damned proud to announce that on March 3rd at 09:23 our member


created publication 100.000 since launch of AvaxHome 2.0 May 2005.

Here is inem's publication: Infernal Affairs 3(DVDRip -2003)

We want to thank all our members for being with us
and making this "little" russian site so special.
Your AvaxHome Team

(Words in russian language will be added soon, sorry)

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Changes in AvaxHome Moderator Team

For better handling your needs for support, please be aware of the latest 2 changes:

Alexpal needs some rest

After years of daily having to face what some of our publishers call a "publication", it is time to give some rest to Alexpal to discover again the joys of life, to relax or to have more time for his other projects like his new PalGraphicsArea

We want to thank Alexpal for his great work as moderator, the endless hours of his time taking care for AvaxHome and for just being with us. Yep, of course he will not leave us :-) You can still enjoy his new publications and can still talk to him - just do no longer flood him with moderator request mails.

-=Pasha13=- joined the team

Publishers carefully checking the refused list already have detected some new blood among our moderators. After intensive training by Avax he is high motivated, enthusiastic,... and the perfect new victim for our publishers. :-) You can write to him in russian or english language whenever you need help. To keep his current motivation, please read the FAQ first before sending him mails like "Where is my new publication?".

We wish -=Pasha13=- strong health and nerves of iron, a punching ball and a neverending storage of vodka. He will need all of them soon :-)

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AvaxHome recomended!!!
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A big catalog of direct downloads shared files from over the Web. We gethering thousands shared links to most interesting files and folders stored on fileshared servers . You’ll find a big collection of direct download links to music albums, ebooks, software, graphics and other free content. So you’re not nessesary to find anymore, we did it for you.

Welcome to AllSharedLinks
Best Internet Links
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Posted By : Bully | Date : 27 Jan 2022 18:00:00 | Comments : 24 |

To avoid further confusion, 3 new sub categories had been added to the AvaxHome music section.

For ringtones of all formats (including MIDI ringtones)

For 'real' HQ MIDI files (as used with electronic music instruments, NOT for ringtone MIDI files)

For karaoke files of all formats

Publishers plecase click on 'read more' for details.
Posted By : torai | Date : 21 Jan 2022 00:00:00 | Comments : 9 |

New resource for stamp collectors and philately lovers. Downloadable stamps catalogues, philately world news, philatelic software, ability to add publications yourself - a great place to meet and to share.


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One of the best music communities!

Posted By : Alexpal | Date : 31 Dec 2021 22:09:00 | Comments : 59 |

Дорогие друзья!
Большого счастья, отличного здоровья и всяческих успехов в Новом году!
Мы вас любим!
Ваша команда AvaxHome.
Dear Friends!
The big happiness, excellent health and all successes in New Year!
We love you!

Your AvaxHome team.
Posted By : torai | Date : 17 Dec 2021 04:55:00 | Comments : 40 |

We are proud to present you a great site for all medicine-involved users - no matter if you are a student,
a physician, a doctor or professor - you will surely find some books for you. It provides up to date
information and covers most of medical areas. Books are sorted by area and are frequently updated.
And of course free of charge!

Posted By : Alexpal | Date : 30 Nov 2021 22:20:00 | Comments : 31 |
Добрый день, друзья!
В последнее время участились случаи, когда авторы САМИ стирают свои старые ссылки и делают публикации с уже опубликованным контентом, но с новыми линками. Все понимают, для чего это делается.
Так вот: если в старой публикации результатом нажатия на ссылку будет результат "Deleted by uploader", то новая публикация автора не будет активирована!
Основания для репоста:
1. файл и зеркала на него удалены хостером;
2. лучшее качество контента (более высокий битрейт, лучшее качество скана и т.п.)
Если вы хотите добавить новую ссылку, то вставляйте ее в старую публикацию.

С уважением, ваша команда AvaxHome.

Hello Friends!
Recently cases when authors erase the old links have become frequent and make publications with already published content, but with new links. Everyone understand for what it is done.
And so: if in the old publication result of clicking the link will be result "Deleted by uploader" the new publication of the author will not be activated!
The bases for repost:
1. A file and mirrors on it are removed by hoster (forbidden content, time-out, etc.);
2. Better quality of a content (higher bitrate, better quality of scan of book, etc.)
If you wish to add the new link then insert it into the old publication.

Best regards, your AvaxHome Team.
Posted By : Bully | Date : 30 Nov 2021 20:00:00 | Comments : 59 |

New AvaxHome categories

Everything can be improved, even AvaxHome :-)

With the enormeus growth of daily publications at AvaxHome it was time to enhance our categories a bit. For better understanding please click read more