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From the current moment, all publications must to contain at least one required download link at:

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Registration is closed until September 1st! The world will never be the same!
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According to The Associated Press, the government approved a handful of new exemptions to a federal law that prevents the circumvention of technical measure that prevent users from accessing and modifying copyrighted works. The report noted that every three years, the Library of Congress' Copyright Office authorizes exemptions to ensure existing law does not prevent non-infringing use of copyrighted material.

Other exemptions announced Monday allow people to break protections on video games to investigate or correct security flaws; allow college professors, film students and documentary filmmakers to break copy protection measures on DVDs to embed clips for educational purposes, criticism, commentary and noncommercial videos; and allow computer owners to bypass the need for external security devices (dongles) if the hardware no longer works and cannot be replaced.

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Do you know what an English idiom push up daisies mean? Well, now with WikIdioms, you can know in no time. WikIdioms is a new collaborative effort of translators and language lovers who have created first Internet multilingual dictionary of idiomatic expressions. It is both useful and fun! Everyone can also contribute expressions that he knows. Visit WikIdioms, educate yourself, translate idioms, contribute, have fun!
Idiom translation is one hardest translation-related tasks. Idioms cannot be translated literally, as it will result in non-sense. In order to translate an idiom one should find the equivalent expression in the second language. It requires deep familiarity with the language and knowing the specifics of its metaphorical speech. WikIdioms is in fact a multilingual dictionary of idioms, created by native language speakers.
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Просим обратить внимание аплоадеров, в правила размещения новостей внесены изменения, к списку обязательных ФО таких как rapidshare.com, megaupload.com, добавлен ФО - sharingmatrix.com
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Alawar Games

For last months one of leaders of casual games market - Alawar, launched local versions its web-site for gamers from following countries:

- Germany
- Israel
- Spain
- Portugal
- Moldova
- Brasil (Brazil)
- Poland
- Romania
- Sweden

It should be noted that in many of these listed countries game's buying available by Premium SMS, there is no longer need to bother with credit card, it takes only to send a SMS.

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E-Commerce site owners know that payment processing is one of the biggest challenges for an online business. In order to deal with it successfully, most site owners partner with a payment processor, an iPSP or another type of payment gateway which handles all the tasks related to collection of payments on the site. An extremely wide range of details which need to be taken into account when looking for such a partner and an even wider range of competing solutions are the main reasons for this challenge. Payments-R-Us provides a UNIQUE service for selecting a payment processor through its payment processor suggestor - an automated tool for searching a directory of payment-related vendor base using a set of requirements defined by the site visitor.

The site covers quite a bit of payment-related subjects: high-risk merchant accounts (for adult sites, online gambling/betting/gaming sites, dating networks, travel agencies), alternative payments (bank transfers, e-wallets, local schemes), discount rates, fraud screening, international payments etc. In addition to this valuable content, Payments-R-Us offers a payment processor choosing tool which is an automatic online wizard which searches within the site partner network and selects payment processors matching the requirements supplied by the applying merchant.
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Do live in ITALY? Do you have fine photos of interesting places? Send it ([email protected]) and we'll place it!

We know that we have more than 20 000 visitors from ITALY, but we got only 1 photo of your beautiful country - it's not right.
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Highly popular community uniting users from around the world, we are visited daily by over 180 000 unique visitors across 185 countries worldwide. We offer extensive amount of content in various languages. We would love to see you among our users – we work for you!

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Must See Places - Germany

Sie sehen hier DAS EINZIGE FOTO DEUTSCHLANDS in unserer Gallerie. Laut Statistik kommen etwa 30.000 Besucher aus Deutschland tagtaeglich auf unsere Seite und nur ein Foto wurde bislang eingereicht. Daher eine einfache Frage - gibt es nichts sehenswertes in Ihrem Land oder wollen Sie es nur niemandem zeigen? Dann schauen Sie sich zumindest an, was andere zu zeigen haben. Und was werden wir von Deutschland sehen? Hoffentlich mehr als bis jetzt!

You see the ONLY ONE German's photo in our gallery. Although every day about 30.000 Germans are coming here! It's very interesting result, isn't it? Dear germans, either your country have nothing notable or you just do not love your country that much. So take a look at others... What can we show from Germany? Nothing so far!

But we hope this will change, right? Send photos ([email protected]) and we'll place it!
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Vor langer Zeit brachten die Cabal Tod und Zerstörung über das Land. Doch die Sieben Weisen, Hüter und Beherrscher des Aethrals, traten ihnen entgegen. Seitdem ist mehr als ein Jahrtausend vergangen, doch das vergessene Böse ist zurückgekehrt. Viele Überlieferungen sind verloren gegangen und niemand weiß, wer sich hinter der neuen Bedrohung verbirgt. Nun liegt es an dir! Werde zum Helden und schütze die Welt Nevareth vor dem wachsenden Einfluss des Unheils. Kämpfe, um der Invasion Einhalt zu gebieten und die Verschwörung dahinter aufzudecken.