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Posted By : Avax | Date : 12 Aug 2021 15:34:00 | Comments : 58 |

>Posted By: Andrianov Date: 12 Aug 2021 10:39
>When you are planning to start adding new publications?

I plead: give us still time! We very much shall try to begin addition of news in the end of this week! We count on your understanding, thanks!

>Товарищ Andrianov, 12 августа 2008 от Р.Х., ровно 10:39 по не знаю какому времени вопрошает:
>Когда вы мол планируете уже начать добавлять публикации?

Вопрос, товарищи, верный. И, я бы даже сказал, умный вопрос, товарищи! С другой же стороны – прошу всех присутствующих отметить этот провокационный вопрос, от которого за версту разит мальтузианством, неомальтузианством, прагматизьмом, экзистенцио... оа... нализьмом и неверием, товарищи, в неисчерпаемую мощь человечества!

Гкхм! Если серьёзно: запустить AH было нелегко (пользуясь случаем – огромное спасибо команде!), однако выйти на проектную мощность будет неизмеримо труднее! Прошу вас – потерпите ещё чуть-чуть! Мы очень постараемся возобновить добавление публикаций в конце этой недели. Рассчитываем на ваше понимание, спасибо!

Целую крепко, ваша репка.

Posted By: war7 Date: 12 Aug 2021 16:08:03
Hi , I don't speak russian ,, but OMG are these 2 lines in english represent 2 paragraphs in russian ? ;-)
Posted By: Avax Date: 12 Aug 2021 16:38:08
Just because I (in turn) do not know English language. =))

In general both versions coincide on sense. Russian version is more emotional and hardly is more detailed. =)

LOL! Believe – I hide nothing! %))
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 12 Aug 2021 17:37:14
@ war7 and all non-russians:
Internet is rich of translating sites. To start with you can try Google:

Just put in the russian text and read it in english.

@ Avax & AH team:
Hooray !!! Ура!
Posted By: 8873 Date: 12 Aug 2021 17:49:11
We are waiting for to share team avax.Thanks..
Full english text.Translated by Google:)

Comrade Andrianov, August 12, 2021 from RH, exactly at 10:39 do not know what time asks: > When you start the pier plan to add publications already? Question, comrades, right. And I would even say, intelligent question, comrades! On the other hand - I ask all present to celebrate this provocative question, which for miles maltuzianstvom times, neomaltuzianstvom, pragmatizmom, ekzistentsio ... about ... nalizmom and disbelief, comrades, the inexhaustible power of humanity! Gkhm! If seriously: AH was not easy to run (on this occasion - thanks to great team!) But to enter the power project will be immeasurably harder! I ask you - funny even a bit! We very much try to resume the addition of publications at the end of this week. We count on your understanding, thank you!
Posted By: Mitsu Date: 12 Aug 2021 17:57:11
I'm hungry now :)
Posted By: Smokeycub Date: 12 Aug 2021 18:06:57
IT's nice to see you up and running again.......lol....after the time you spent being down,another week won't matter at this point.
Posted By: pstrkim Date: 12 Aug 2021 18:12:17
Hello! Did the search work?
Posted By: mookrhodan Date: 12 Aug 2021 18:22:50
Avax & AH team: great to see you guys back!
Posted By: Troman Date: 12 Aug 2021 18:24:16
> yes.what is this the other paragraph

Highly confidential instructions on how to post new publications. ;)

No, just kidding of course, nothing like that.
Posted By: Buruchtan Date: 12 Aug 2021 18:49:33
Posted By: taxi309 Date: 12 Aug 2021 19:00:53
Good Luck !!!
Posted By: akarta Date: 12 Aug 2021 19:01:23
Nice to see you BackUp
For a second i thought i lost one of the best sites on the net
Posted By: rollingwoods Date: 12 Aug 2021 19:26:21
Welcome back for new life.
Thanks for Avax Team's hard Working!
Posted By: Bully Date: 12 Aug 2021 20:11:48

OK, let's explain the "mystery" about number of words in Avax's English or Russian language written announcement :-)

It is very easy to understand: Russian is Avax's native language - he can write full books in Russian language without any problem. But he knows that most of our members do not understand Russian text, so he always tries go give an additional summary in English words, no matter how hard this is for him.

The main facts of his English or Russian text are the same, no matter of number of words :-)

To make English readers feeling not less worth as Russian readers, I try to beat Avax's number of words and add some technical details for better understanding:

The fact that you now see AvaxHome on your screen does NOT mean that already all problems would have been solved. There is still a lot of work to be done to be able to go to full service.

We are currently in TEST mode - a few things are currently fully missing. We decided to put the test server public for 2 simple reasons:

1. To let you guys know that we keep our promise to bring AvaxHome back to live after it's tragical and sudden death

2. To give you access to the (almost) full AvaxHome content. Many of our publishers take care to keep their links alive - we are very sure you fill find some good stuff you missed in past when traffic was higher as your time to handle it. For the software section it of course might not make much sense to download while already newer versions are out, but for music albums, ebooks, graphics etc. it makes no difference if it is published today or some months ago. :-)

What is currently missing

1. The search engine
Sorry, the code of the search engine is not installed so far, so it cannot work. Now that you also know this, it makes no sense to tell us that search does not work. :-)

2. The upload gateway to the picture server
We are working on it. When it is done and when performance allows (see below) we can start full service with new publications.

3. The page cache
It is currently not installed because of bottleneck of resources. This means, even popular pages like main page will take more time to load.

4. The servers
The AvaxHome engine is a multi-server application - it normally runs on 3 to 5 servers - depending how good the servers are. As no-one is willing to give us dedicated toot servers for free :-) and as finances are at about 10 cent level :-( Avax ordered 2 servers to get started.

After seeing how easy it is to get kpnemo running, we did set it up on 1 of the 2 servers and put it online, back to life. Compared to AvaxHome, traffic at kpnemo is very low - it works very well on a single server.

So we had just 1 server left for the much harder and complicate install of AvaxHome. Instead of the former power of 3 to 5 servers, AvaxHome currently runs on a single server setup. The engine doesn't feel very well having just 1 server and even sharing this server with the net frontend, the SQL server etc. There is no RAM left for the page cache, there are no resources left for the search engine etc. That is the simple background why Avax writes clearly "TEST mode".

Anyway, we thought that current test mode is wroth enough to make it public to everyone. But we of course need a bit more time to add at least 1 more server, to install and configure what currently is missing etc. We hope you understand this and are willing to show some patience.

OK, now you know almost all facts. But as most people do not care about all these technical details, you will see that in final result Avax's short words in English tell you just the same as my long text: We need a bit more time until we can start the full service.

PS: While Avax at least speaks some English, I do not speak any Russian at all, so I cannot add even a short summary in Russian words, sorry. Please stay to the Russian text Avax wrote - I am sure it is very well and carefully written.

Posted By: NoMoreDamnUserNamesLeft Date: 12 Aug 2021 20:27:19
God Bless Saint Avax and the good ship Avaxhome and all who sail in her.

spasibo dobry
Posted By: darrida Date: 12 Aug 2021 20:38:56
Avax заработал!!!! Блин набухаюсь сегодня на радостях. Вы самые лучшие.
Posted By: watashiwa Date: 12 Aug 2021 20:46:41
kpnemo has low traffic, but it start an zero and you have almost all base it's more greater.
I think that after you solver you problem, you solver i Belive @ D.Bilan :)), at first get users edit, repost and delete old news. This at little easy and test you ability and can reduce traffic at begining. Because some link are dead, some news are not need. And another at first time give already registred and posted news people ability to post only few number at post... This is only my opinion :) and not surely is true. The true is overe there...
Posted By: pollicino63 Date: 12 Aug 2021 21:21:28
Thanks Avax, it's great see you again here :)
A big "ciao" from Italy :)
Posted By: manoj_299 Date: 12 Aug 2021 22:01:35
Special Thanks to AH team :)
Posted By: nialeph Date: 12 Aug 2021 22:17:12
welcome back!!
Posted By: Bully Date: 12 Aug 2021 22:43:16

@ watashiwa

It is not the number of publications I talked about :-)

With traffic I mean the traffic created by users accessing a website. Based on the facts that no guests can access kpnemo links and that the site runs "Russian lanuage only", it has much less traffic from users. I guess it is about 4 % of the traffic AvaxHome has to handle under full load.

@ Fine

Most software published before July 10th is almost same outdated as software published before June 23th :-))

But I am glad to see that you fullfilled my words about advertising your website in "EVERY NEW publication" - I almost was feeling bad that you might want to prove that I was wrong ;-))

"it should be possible, to serve a lot of user-requests ..."

Sure. As you only serve the short text and link all large pictures form our picture server, we have to transfer the much bigher amount of data for you. And we have to pay the bills for these transfers. Without this clever trick you would see how quick 300 GB transfer is used up and how much you have to pay for the additional transfer traffic.

BTW, why do you "restore" the pictures at all? They are not lost - if they would have been lost, you could not link to them from your site.

Anyway, somehow you oversee the little hints about AH rules I already wrote yesterday - our rules still include the line

"Name of other sites in comments - spam."

The red colored text in the rules direct above this line I am not quoting here. Same as I do not stress the fact that all the pages on your website had in original form a clearly written "Copyright AvaxHome.ru" on the original page.

If you have so much free bandwidth available, please be so fair and use it to transfer all the big pictures yourself instead of letting pixhost pay the bill for you.

Can we now please stop this topic? Everyone now did read the link to your own site. You advertised it in every new publication we have online. Even I repeated it 4 times myself yesterday. If this is still not enough, please ask Pasha to send you a copy of the AvaxHome advertiser price-list.

BTW, please remove the bold tag from your advertising. As you see, even Avax did not use such eye catchers in his Russian or English text. But I see how good it was that we did not forget do remove some comment tags like bold red font :-))

Posted By: respinaz Date: 12 Aug 2021 23:41:51
I'm very happy to see Avax again. Now the life is better. For me this this is the most wonderful site in the net.

Welcome back!
Posted By: tauzero Date: 12 Aug 2021 23:48:32
Keep up the Good Works! lol
Posted By: Bully Date: 13 Aug 2021 00:32:05

@ Fine

As you for sure watched what I wrote this evening, I guess you know that so far I did spent all my time ONLY on this page and on the "MC Tonno" page. I did not even had a short look on the other announcement page. And yes, hehe, my mail counter currently shows in red color 210 unread mails - but because of the backup install most of them are wrong, I mean already answered before etc, so I did not look inside PM today, sorry. Seeing a mail with your name on it of course would have made me such curious that I would have read it at once ;-))

"btw.: As you already removed completely my comment in this thread, I can't "unbold" that what YOU call "advertizing" :-("

No matter that we often habe very different views, there is one thing you should know after so many months: I do not like censorship. _IF_ I would have wanted your comments with the url to your site removed, I would have removed them - instead of spending much time talking about them. _IF_ I would not like that people visit your site, I would not have written the url 4 times myself.

Or in short: I did _NOT_ delete your comment - you know very well that I am not the only one who can delete. Anyway, whoever deleted it for sure was doing this based on our rules - I already reminded you to them yesterday, but you just ignore.

The only content I did delete during the last days was a pack of spam mails - someone had started to send the same message text again and again to our server, to many of our members.

Sorry, now it's too late on my clock - I am already 2 hours longer online as I should - I'll try to read your mail tomorrow asap.

"It's too late now on my clock - I am already 2 hours longer online as I shouldd"


After saving this comment I saw on the reloading page that you meanwhile did an addition to your comment, so in short:

"P.S.: I (temporary) disabled my "gift" to the AH-community until you excuse yourself for calling me (indirect) a "traffic-stealer".

I didn't call you "stealer" and there is nothing to discuss about direct or indirect. Put your site online again and everyone can see himself that all the large pictures are not on your site, not costing your traffic, but direct linked to our picture server. I know this since the first look I had on your site and I never mentioned this so far.

But now, that you cry in public that you have 300 GB of traffic still left for free, I wonder why we have to pay the transfer cost for the pictures your users transfer.

And, I also wonder why - if you just want to give the publishers the source code for the editor - you additional put up rendered versions of the same text, including the full pictures, including clickable download links, including even comments like mirrors etc. Do you really think the publisher needs to download from a link on your site what he himself did upload? ;-)

I fully believe that you started with the intention to help - but the final result is very much more as what the publishers would need - it is a normal website where everyone can access and download whatever he likes. And the way you "market" your site again and again and again - fully ignoring our rules - leaves a bad taste.

I still think that you would have helped much more by just giving the data copied from AvaxHome direct back to AvaxHome instead of building a full website around them, but no matter of this I wrote the url to your site a few times under my own name to make you happy.

Now claiming that I would lie and should excuse while at same moment removing the evidence - taking the site offline, so no-one can see which server has to deliver "your" pictures - makes not much sense to me.

But anyway, please understand that we currently have really much more important problems - we need to spend our time to bring AvaxHome back to full life. Special you know very well that one of the persons we (temporary?) lost, was exactly the person who did all the work with the servers and the software - it is very hard trying to replace him - what he did in minutes we have to spend hours or days because there is no written documentation we could use.

So, put up your site again and let the people decide how or if they use it. If your intention is really just to provide source code to the original publishers, I would recommend that you stick to exactly that instead of building a "sister" of AvaxHome :-) If you have the traffic you want, it is fully OK for me. If you have less traffic as you want, please accept it and do not spam the same url in EVERY new publication.

Personally I would prefer that you rename your site from "AvaxForum" to "FineForum". I saw that you did good work on that site - there is no need to hide YOUR name. And for just helping AvaxHome publishers there is no need to use the name Avax in your sub-domain - EVERY of our publishers knows the name Fine.

OK, as I already wrote earlier this evening: Can we now please stop this topic?

Posted By: marg4F Date: 13 Aug 2021 01:43:30
Welcome back! And thanks for bringing back this endearing site.
Posted By: christ_0205 Date: 13 Aug 2021 06:01:44
Thank you for bring it back
Posted By: lkna Date: 13 Aug 2021 06:03:44
Posted By: neoconservative Date: 13 Aug 2021 06:38:51
Tks so much for Avaxhome coming back. I really missed this site.
Posted By: YellowRoses Date: 13 Aug 2021 07:27:22
Welcome back, keep up your good work, thanks!
Posted By: s192837 Date: 13 Aug 2021 09:57:22
Thanks for bringing the site back. Great to see it
Posted By: Berrevoets Date: 13 Aug 2021 11:47:40
welcome back guys, wow, NOW I have a nice day again
Posted By: synedrus Date: 13 Aug 2021 13:08:16

For you all, for us whole!!!!

I am killing my longings of AVAXHOME

I am happy for more that conquest

Posted By: pedro martinez Date: 13 Aug 2021 13:17:34
Ура товарищи!!! :)
Posted By: opelastra Date: 13 Aug 2021 17:11:47
Welcome back!
Posted By: Maneac Date: 13 Aug 2021 17:32:13
I'm glad to see you all again...
Posted By: oska Date: 14 Aug 2021 01:15:00
So nice to see you back - big thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to publishing some great lossless music once you are up and running again. Oska

p.s. all the links for my previous avax posts are still valid.
Posted By: Karlan...com K Date: 14 Aug 2021 02:05:08
Good to see u again....Karlan...com K, from BraSil...com S hehehe......
Posted By: magj Date: 14 Aug 2021 12:46:13
Welcome Back, Glad to see you again, 'd be glad to help if I could....
Posted By: octron Date: 14 Aug 2021 12:59:00
Here is my place, here I stay.

Actually I'm using the classical section only. There many uploaders were using ftp2share service. Will these links be online again one day? Or are they gone for ever?
Posted By: tureedin Date: 14 Aug 2021 17:25:09
Good Luck !!!
For all avaxhome

Posted By: espelled Date: 14 Aug 2021 17:31:14
Here is something I wrote while Avax was down:

Sometimes, only when something is taken
You realize how you feel forsaken!
Suddenty Avax-Home can't be had
At first I thought my ISP went bad
But then, day after day, I click the link
And slowly my heart begins to sink
I haven't seen Avax-Home for ages,
Will I never surf its bountiful pages?
I've been going through ebooks of old
Page by page, for months, finding gold
Books that have so much to teach
Books that were always out of reach.
Is it all gone now forever?
Has Avax been lost with its server?
It cannot be, I cry
Without this free site, you can die
Where else can you find so much
Just waiting for you to touch
So with trembling fingers I google-searched:
What happened to Avax-Home?
From link to link I had to roam
And Halleluja, I found at last: http://u2n2.com/article.asp?id=56745
And now here, with news of the place
That is so far ahead of all in the race
So here's our hopes for Avax back
They'll never give freedom the sack!
Posted By: Mela Date: 15 Aug 2021 04:39:07

Welcome back! Congratulations, and may this site have a long, long life!
Posted By: leonz2 Date: 15 Aug 2021 08:01:43
Thank you for bring it back !
How can we help you now ? You need some money - we need a Home . It's will be fear , really .

Поздравления Аваксу и всей команде спасателей ! Для нормального плавания наверняка требуются деньги и мы готовы помочь , чтобы можно было приходить в этот второй дом . Это будет честно .
Posted By: klaassart Date: 15 Aug 2021 08:37:24
Welcome back AvaxHome! It's good to see you back alive again.

Congrats from Thailand.
Posted By: Pastilan Date: 16 Aug 2021 08:47:32
Wow Avaxhome rules again!
Posted By: misterkibe Date: 16 Aug 2021 10:21:49
welcome back friends......I missed you a Lot.
Cheers from Brasil
Posted By: SystemServices Date: 16 Aug 2021 23:39:15
Авакс! Вы лучшие! Будем терпеливо ждать, когда вы запустите сервис!
Я думаю, если все посетители скинуться по $1, то наберется денег еще на 1-2 сервера.
Posted By: Howieb Date: 17 Aug 2021 01:25:19
As I have said before, Thanks for your hard work. Nothing is harder than getting a working system back up after loosing your IP. Been there done that.

We will be here waiting and cheering you on.
Posted By: canadianbratboy Date: 17 Aug 2021 03:17:00
much faster loading time today .. site has always been one of the best .well worth the wait time for site to come back to life
Posted By: ange-gardien Date: 17 Aug 2021 15:40:51
thanks for all
and thanks bully for all your explanations :)

we just have to wait :)
Posted By: Kzarokoetsello Date: 17 Aug 2021 20:59:07
Kzarokoetsello souhaite un excellent retour a AVAX !
Avanti piccioti
Posted By: karfaks Date: 17 Aug 2021 21:23:25
Вот, расширяю кругозор. Что за птица - мальтузианство?
Мальтузианство - теория, в соответствии с которой экономическое благосостояние определяется не столько уровнем развития производства сколько естественным законом народонаселения.
И далее : Естественный закон народонаселения - по Т.Мальтусу - закон, согласно которому темпы роста населения значительно выше темпов роста производства средств существования.

Отсюда тост: так выпьем за то, чтоб темпы роста производства (выход на проектную мощность) опережали темпы роста народонаселения AVAXHOME!!!
Posted By: aragonit Date: 17 Aug 2021 21:37:02
Wonderful to have Avax back!

I've got a LOT of interesting new releases for you! Promise! All of you who asked me for more ... It's ready. Just waiting for new publications to open.
Posted By: soloweb Date: 17 Aug 2021 22:05:07
Thanks for comming back, let us share dudes

Posted By: george3 Date: 19 Aug 2021 06:30:06
Glad you're back. Take your time & do it well - like it was before. We will all wait patiently (most of us anyway)
Posted By: george3 Date: 19 Aug 2021 06:30:46
Glad you're back. Take your time & do it well - like it was before. We will all wait patiently (most of us anyway)
Posted By: caoyu Date: 21 Aug 2021 04:02:38
welcome back friends
I miss you and your book
Posted By: shawn3930 Date: 23 Aug 2021 22:10:12
Welcome back very very impressive, I was hoping to see you again. Love this site, need anything let me know.

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