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Merry Christmas!
Posted By : Bully | Date : 25 Dec 2021 23:59:00 | Comments : 90

Merry Christmas TDz! - Badly missing you ...

Bullcat? ... Pasha? ... You will never know :-)

From Avax

From TeeDee

From Torai

From Pasha
But Christmas has come through 14 days :-)))

From Bully

Posted By: Juan-Carlos Date: 24 Dec 2021 01:56:05
Mamma Mia, soy Numero Uno :)

Feliz Navidad

Posted By: sisyphus Date: 24 Dec 2021 02:02:30
Merry Christmas to all.
Posted By: INFECTIOUS Date: 24 Dec 2021 02:08:31
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
Posted By: mdacier Date: 24 Dec 2021 02:17:01
Merci et Joyeux Noel à tout le monde !!!
Posted By: soaud Date: 24 Dec 2021 02:21:23
Merry Christmas for u and for all
hope dreams come true in this year
Posted By: JStone Date: 24 Dec 2021 03:30:32
Whatever your holiday, peace love and happiness to all.
Posted By: mopk2001id Date: 24 Dec 2021 03:59:57
Merry Christmas to All
Posted By: neoconservative Date: 24 Dec 2021 04:00:50
Merry Xmas to all. Tks Avaxhome community for all great stuff!
Posted By: Lode Date: 24 Dec 2021 04:01:54
Much love to you lot!

Have a great time this Christmas or holidays. And if anyone is lonely, then there is always someone here in the same boat.

Be good, and most importantly, be happy you lot!

Keep up the good work to all and many respects to Avaxhome for having us. The home of erudite and kind thinkers.

Happy Christmas/Joyeux Noël/Frohe Weihnachten/Buon Natale/God jul/Sretan Božić/Feliz Natal/Feliz Navidad/圣诞快乐/Счастливого Рождества/Καλά Χριστούγεννα/عيد ميلاد سعيد/חג מולד שמח
Posted By: LivinLarge Date: 24 Dec 2021 06:37:04
Happy Holidays To All!!! Thanks to everyone who helped get this beautiful place called AvaxHome..backup and running. What a great present...Thank you!!
And thank you Bully for your help and your nice post here..good job!!
Posted By: evegi_m Date: 24 Dec 2021 06:42:45
Marry Cristmas to all. Peace love and happiness all.
Posted By: ZeroCool1515 Date: 24 Dec 2021 07:01:32
Merry Christmas ! Joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, Счастливого Рождества !!!!!
Peace and Love !
Posted By: Hg23 Date: 24 Dec 2021 07:03:29
Merry Xmas to all!!!
Posted By: aeolos Date: 24 Dec 2021 07:40:44
Merry Christmas, Καλά Χριστούγεννα, Joyeux Noël, Frohe Weihnachten, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad to ALL OF YOU!!!
Posted By: gaddaar Date: 24 Dec 2021 07:42:42
ya, a merry christmas to all avaxhome team and the user that make it a home. Between those bad days, hardly thought if would be able to celebrate christmas on avax. Dreams come true and here we are wishing each other MERRY CHIRSTMAS. :)
Posted By: robin-bobin Date: 24 Dec 2021 07:51:39
С Рождеством всех!!! Добра, терпения и благополучия!!!
Posted By: kazanzaki Date: 24 Dec 2021 07:55:11
Merci, merci, et Joyeux Noël à tous.
Posted By: HARIS.A Date: 24 Dec 2021 08:04:15
Merry Christmas to All Καλά Χριστούγεννα, and Happy Holidays To All!!!
Posted By: no_cr Date: 24 Dec 2021 08:26:03
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays To All!!! Kellemes Ünnepeket BUÉK!

Posted By: 680540 Date: 24 Dec 2021 08:45:44
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To Everybody on this great site!
This has been a good year despite the crash of this site a couple of months ago!
Posted By: kronikom Date: 24 Dec 2021 08:50:16
craciun fericit tuturor!
Posted By: jantine Date: 24 Dec 2021 09:02:43
Merry Christmas to all of you.
Enjoy the good time with your family and your friends.

Gelukkig Kerstfeest.
Posted By: amir28 Date: 24 Dec 2021 09:27:55

Merry Christmas!
With Best Wishes for all!

Posted By: rafaelmanfrin Date: 24 Dec 2021 10:10:09
From brazilian avaxian:

Um feliz Natal e um próspero Ano Novo a todos os avaxianos ...

A happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all avaxians ...
Posted By: fatso Date: 24 Dec 2021 10:56:34
May all the wonderful people in the Avax staff & community be immersed in the warmest love, light and peace this holiday season and in all the years ahead! May all your joys sustain you, and all your hardships become new joys.

Thank you all for your hard work and perseverence...you're the reason there is nowhere else quite like Avax! :)
Posted By: nokia70 Date: 24 Dec 2021 11:01:33
Felices Fiestas y Buen Año 2009.
Thanks Avax and Avaxians.
Posted By: Soryleon Date: 24 Dec 2021 11:13:55
Joyeux Noël de Belgique à toutes et tous et le meilleur pour 2009
Longue vie à Avaxhome !!!
Posted By: milano123456 Date: 24 Dec 2021 11:43:44
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Posted By: Roldan Date: 24 Dec 2021 12:08:33
Merry Christmast & a Happy New Year 2009 to everyone @ Avax that have made the existence of this great site...no, The GREATEST site! possible for many years!

Thank you very much for your infinite collection of books!

Feliz Navidad Y Prospero Año Nuevo!


Posted By: Down_Under Date: 24 Dec 2021 12:37:22
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Avax staff and members alike.
Posted By: greatdameinthemorning Date: 24 Dec 2021 13:36:56
Many Blessings for the New Year :)

Thank You to all for sharing.
Posted By: Schleicher Date: 24 Dec 2021 13:42:10

Merry Christmas to all on AvaxHome.WS

Thank you for your work ...
Posted By: wqa_78 Date: 24 Dec 2021 14:12:27
Feliz Navidad a toda la comunidad AVAX.
Posted By: symbiote Date: 24 Dec 2021 14:19:37
Merry Christmas to all people in the big Avax family
Posted By: Paquito_2 Date: 24 Dec 2021 14:21:47
Merry Chrismas at everyone and, in particular, at the AvaxHome'Team.

Joyeuses fêtes de Noël à toutes et tous et, en particulier, à l'équipe d'Avaxhome.

Posted By: Big_Joe Date: 24 Dec 2021 14:40:29
Thanks Avax, Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all.

Posted By: JonathanStone Date: 24 Dec 2021 14:55:16
Grazie Avax e Buon Natale a Tutti
Posted By: HungryPanda Date: 24 Dec 2021 15:03:27
A merry Christmas to everyone, hope you all have fun
Posted By: rauljose Date: 24 Dec 2021 15:32:23
Feliz Natal e Próspero Ano Novo.
Posted By: m.rhythms Date: 24 Dec 2021 16:09:36
Merry Christmas to All, except the band of thieves that in 'summer 2007 have stolen all my CDs
Posted By: caberof Date: 24 Dec 2021 16:50:02
" :) even to to those who stolen your CDs :) "
A merry Cristmas to the all Avax comunity
Posted By: melodos Date: 24 Dec 2021 16:51:41
Merry Christmas and Happy new year
Posted By: mari_261 Date: 24 Dec 2021 16:58:09
Merry Christmas!
The best wishes for all of you!
and kisses and hugs!!!!
Posted By: zerumuga Date: 24 Dec 2021 17:12:11
Os deseo a todos los usuarios y en especial
al equipo de "Avaxhome"
Feliz Navidad y Próxpero Año Nuevo
besos, zeru

Posted By: ibazirgan Date: 24 Dec 2021 17:25:28
merry christmas and happy new year
thank you all Avax comunity
Posted By: musomike Date: 24 Dec 2021 17:28:59
Merry Christmas to all at Avax

and a very happy and prosperous new year

Thanks to all for everything good about this great sharing community.
Posted By: Luktft Date: 24 Dec 2021 17:34:29
Merry Christmas To All, Thank you for this year on Avax, wishing the next will be better ...
Many kisses from France.
Posted By: Mela Date: 24 Dec 2021 18:09:56

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who make this beautiful site, and to all members and visitors!
Posted By: hobobill Date: 24 Dec 2021 18:11:52
merry christmas y'all and thanks to the avax team. this site is the best avax yet
Posted By: pagema Date: 24 Dec 2021 18:29:28
To all members of AVAX community: have a beautiful evening Xmas, be happy tomorrow in front of the chimney with all your presents. Kisses and best wishes from Paris (not Texas, France).
Posted By: hungraphics Date: 24 Dec 2021 19:02:34
Bayramınız mübarek olsun . Merry christmas to all.
Posted By: 680540 Date: 24 Dec 2021 19:15:53
I wish I could be in Texas or the U.S
Posted By: inem Date: 24 Dec 2021 19:24:14
May peace dwell within you and spread to everyone around you...
Merry Christmas to everyone .
Posted By: d'Avignon Date: 24 Dec 2021 21:04:08
Vrolijk Kerstfeest en Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

from the Netherlands
Posted By: misterkibe Date: 24 Dec 2021 21:25:14
Feliz Natal a todos a Comunidade do Avaxhome...desde o Amazonas Brasil
Merry Christmas to all Avax home Community...from the Far Amazon Jungle in Brazil
Posted By: gaz110 Date: 24 Dec 2021 21:30:56
A Happy Christmas Everyone and Peace & Prosperity for 2009
from North Wales
Posted By: efisio Date: 24 Dec 2021 21:38:00
auguri e un felice Santo Natale a tutti gli uomini
di buona volonta'
Merry Christmas to all people,and peace to all and happy and prosperous new year
Thanks to AvaxTeam and all avaxians friends
Posted By: Nordiance Date: 24 Dec 2021 22:07:14
Merry Christmas To All at Avax!!!
Posted By: lowcostmusic Date: 24 Dec 2021 22:40:04
Long life for all!!!!!
Posted By: cristinact Date: 24 Dec 2021 22:51:25
May you all have a merry, merry Christmas (or a merry Christmas-time if you do not celebrate it as such), a wonderful new year and all the best, in love, in peace, in health, and in money!!! =)
Posted By: tobaa Date: 24 Dec 2021 23:12:23
Hello my friends !! thanks for all- merry christmas ---- and peace of the world
Posted By: papavas Date: 24 Dec 2021 23:18:05
Merry Christmas and happy new year from Greece.
Posted By: resplandor Date: 24 Dec 2021 23:33:53
Merry Christmas and happy new year from Mexico!
Posted By: sabestian Date: 25 Dec 2021 00:47:27
Merry Christmas and happy new year from Istanbul
Posted By: ao4all Date: 25 Dec 2021 03:42:50
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Selamat Hari Natal dan Tahun Baru

dari Indonesia
Posted By: Betelguese Date: 25 Dec 2021 07:03:41
"Bade din ke subh Kamnaye".

Merry Xmas to All from India! May Peace always win !!!
Posted By: Conde Luna Date: 25 Dec 2021 07:42:33
Joy & Love & Peace on Earth...

Thank you very much for all... :-)
Posted By: leomola Date: 25 Dec 2021 09:30:16
Buon Natale e Buon Anno a tutti dal profondo Sud
Posted By: Romeil Date: 25 Dec 2021 09:31:13
Merry Christmas to all of the members and AVAX team.
" Sabhi logo ko meri taraf se prabhu yeshu ke janamdiwas par hardik badhai"

With Regards
Country- INDIA
Posted By: omniares Date: 25 Dec 2021 09:47:02
Thank you and Merry Xmas to
all of you !
Posted By: veldhuj01 Date: 25 Dec 2021 10:04:23
Merry Christmas to all the people in the world and special greetings for the AVAX family
Posted By: pr0m3t30 Date: 25 Dec 2021 10:21:41
Merry Christmas to all from Spain.
Posted By: georgia_62 Date: 25 Dec 2021 11:54:47
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all AVAXians and all their Dear Ones!
May Your Home be filled with Love and Peace!
With warmest regards from Kiev,
З Різдвом Христовим та Новим Роком! Щастя, любові та злагоди!
З найкращими побажаннями з Києва!
Posted By: bomgcom Date: 25 Dec 2021 12:55:08
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Posted By: ali3n005 Date: 25 Dec 2021 13:30:55
Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy New Year.
Posted By: merlin1 Date: 25 Dec 2021 13:50:20
To all comunity,and all people in Avaxhome,Merry Cristmas and Happy New Year.I hope all your wishes come to this reality and make you happy.
Posted By: cartoni21 Date: 25 Dec 2021 13:54:03
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone :D

Posted By: live_jnl Date: 25 Dec 2021 14:43:37
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone :P

Tnx Alot

Posted By: siloe Date: 25 Dec 2021 15:34:39
a very long life to all your team and happy new year
Thanks for your best site
Posted By: Thanatos01 Date: 25 Dec 2021 16:54:27
Merry Christmas to all at Avax!
Joyeux Noël à toutes et tous ;-)
Posted By: bpesti Date: 25 Dec 2021 16:59:56
Merry Christmas !

Boldog karácsonyi ünnepeket az egész világnak.

Posted By: lordalex Date: 25 Dec 2021 17:00:39
Merry Christmas and happy new year from Dominican Republic.
Posted By: submission Date: 25 Dec 2021 17:39:49
Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: xhie Date: 25 Dec 2021 19:13:52
Feliz Navidad para todos.

Les deseo mucha paz, amor y comprensión.
Posted By: HUXLEY Date: 25 Dec 2021 20:30:33
Joyeuses fêtes & meilleurs voeux 2009 de France.
Merry Christmas & happy new year 2009 from France.
Posted By: stray Date: 26 Dec 2021 00:43:21
another xmas great thanks to all staff for the great work and hope trouble free coming year merry christmas and happy new year
Posted By: h5n1 Date: 26 Dec 2021 03:51:40
Merry Christmas and happy new year from Romania.
Posted By: edazdogma Date: 30 Dec 2021 21:22:00
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It's so expensive. :(

[I don't know where I have to request,well...]
Posted By: kokae17 Date: 31 Dec 2021 01:04:05
Thank you for your kindness.

Merry Christmas & happy new year 2009 from Thailand.
Posted By: gigirosa Date: 31 Dec 2021 15:26:13
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to Avax!!!! You are number ONE !!!

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