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Posted By : torai | Date : 08 Oct 2021 10:45:00 | Comments : 5 |

It took you a while to find the film you were looking for, an album of your favorite group or the necessary software version, and this is it, finally. Thank you, Google! But, apparently it was divided into 5 archives and none of them can be found on your favorite file hosting. Painfully familiar situation, isn't it?
Imagine something else – you are ready to purchase a premium account for yourself, but you realize that those 60, or even 100 gigs which allow you to download the access to it in a month time are no match to your 64KB link or modem, and actually you don't need that much. You would be happy with a half of it but that is not possible.
In some cases, the links of those files you are looking for were simply been removed, and only to be found on the mirror of the hosting you don't really like.

No one knows the exact number of free file-hosting websites, not even the almighty Google. Nonetheless, let's consider the most popular ones: 
Rapidshare.com and its mother-ship Rapidshare.de. Megaupload coupled with Megaporn, DepositFiles, Letitbit, NetLoad, Vip-File, Badongo, UploadBox, Uploading, FileFactory, MegaShares, HotFile, 4Shared, MediaFire. So, these are the 16 websites. Part of these websites is popular in Post-Russian times, and some of it in the West. You will never know when you will need an access to both. I do not at all want to cause a mass users opposition regarding the existing torrents, that with a little effort you can find a mirror and etc. Some are lazy, others don't know how to do it and many more reasons why. The bottom line is that something needs to be downloaded but the impossible factor exists.

But why should I talk about it so much? It is quite simple actually. The most successful solution of all for the above-mentioned problems exists for more than 3 years, and yes, you guessed it right – it is the FileDownloader.net or known in its abbreviation as FDN. The following product does not have anything in common with various programs used for bypassing restricted file-hostings with the help of changing the addresses, solving captcha or other methods. Main part of the software works on the company servers, and a simple client is installed on user's computer.
All 16 file-hostings: Rapidshare.com,Rapidshare.de, Megaupload, Megaporn, DepositFiles, 
Letitbit, NetLoad, Vip-File, Badongo, UploadBox, Uploading, FileFactory, MegaShares, HotFile, 4Shared and MediaFire are supported by this system on totally legal basis. Every time you add a downloadable link to clients program from one of the above mentioned hostings, it downloads using one of the hundred existing premium accounts purchased by the service and is given to the user. What is so great about FileDownloader.net in terms of simple user is that you receive a quick and convenient way to download whatever you need from 16! most popular hostings without having to buy monthly accounts. Instead, each user pays for the downloaded traffic. Need a 700 megabytes to download a rip file – go ahead. Looking for 35 gigabytes for the latest PS3 game download – no problem at all. This would be the place to mention that 90% of all file-hosting services available won't allow a 35 giga download in one day, which forces you to extend the “fun” for a few days, even with premium account.

Did you happen to hear about Usenet (binaries newsgroups)? That is an ancient ancestor of the internet which functions still, and is used by many for spreading most recent and delightful content. What is so delicious about it is that no one is capable of removing it. Even the smallest mp3 composition is actually dozens of news messages with 100% legal files attached to it. And so these messages located on hundreds of servers, waiting to be downloaded. The most important thing is to know how link between them to have the desirable result.
What am I talking about you ask? Simple as that – Usenet is supported by FileDownloader.net. as well.

If you decided to test the product, click here. Not sure? Visit this page to find out more from reliable sources. Finally, if you wish to tell your friends all about it, click here.

Posted By: mizar Date: 08 Oct 2021 13:04:36
A 440kb yet illegible image for the front page is too heavy.
Posted By: lectro Date: 08 Oct 2021 17:33:12
İmage's infected.
Posted By: Petwolfe Date: 08 Oct 2021 22:18:12
hm? Every new member can download 100Mb FREE?????????????????????????? Which means in my language, the rest you have to pay for...........???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And watch it, Usenet is the next candidate to get attacked by the Dutch organisation BREIN!!!! They said so for a month ago and after that they will go for rapidshare and others....wished somebody blew up that firm....to smithereens...spoiling our daily and nightly escapades...lol
Posted By: crook3d Date: 09 Oct 2021 11:08:48
Yeah, I'm sure this is as good as it sounds.

Thanks anyways.
Posted By: levoisgreat Date: 17 Jul 2022 21:59:24

hello, torai

I'm pretty confident you know it, but just in case anyone is in doubt, let me say one word: RIP OFF!!

yes, that's right: the prices on the website you are publicizing are nothing but a blatant scam

please, show just a little respect for all our fellow AVAX users

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