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Announcement | 3 AvaxHome Music Specials
Posted By : Bully | Date : 12 Oct 2021 23:59:00 | Comments : 5


Meanwhile our member Flush finished the hard work of updating his outstanding collection. For easier access you now find a new gateway on top of AvaxHome Music pages.

Normally we do not announce publications already published since days, but after all the technical problems (we still suffer from) I think it will be helpful to many users to mention 2 great music publications you might have overseen among the chaos. If Rock music fits your ears, you should not hesitate to thank our members olelele & Rehabilly for this excellent stuff which takes you back to the good ole days when music really was music. ;-)

Eric Clapton Discography
Rock, Blues | 45 CD | 1965-2006 | Flac | 23 GB

Do names like Yardbirds, Blues Breakers, CREAM, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos sound familiar to you? Then chance is high :-) that ole Slowhand will make you happy with 45 CDs in the best quality you can get.

40th Anniversary: The Definitive Box Set (12CD)

WavPack | IMG+CUE+LOGs+Covers | 569:23 min | 4,1 GB
12 SHM-CD. Japanese Limited Edition, September 2008

Led Zep ... Rehabilly ... no need to write more ... IMHO ;-)


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Posted By: kalayaan Date: 10 Oct 2021 23:23:46

@ Rehabilly

You deserve not only a mere reply but thanks and appreciation for your hard work, my friend for LED ZEPPELIN's 40th Anniversary: The Definitive Box Set! I must say it's worth it.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 11 Oct 2021 02:50:12
Because of them - and other great uploaders - my Downloadmanager is recently my most used programme!
Big applause and an extra thank you here. You people deserve all our respect.
And thanks to AH-team, to let this happen again.
Zep, Clapton, U2 - what´s next?

Posted By: Bully Date: 11 Oct 2021 11:38:28

@ mad-mex

As written in longer form in a comment in one of these publications, we of course have a lot of great music publications from many fine publishers. But I cannot fill the first 5 or 10 pages of the music section with special promotes - this would be boring for all users who check the music section daily - or hourly :-))

Yesterday was the first day since AH was restarted that I found 1 hour spare time to cleanup and check at least our special music sections. So this was the first time I really saw the 2 publications we promote here. It was the first time i saw that people like mad-mex already talk there since a week, that AneL_GR even asked why such a gem is not on top of music section. The answer is very easy: Because no-one of you eggheads :-) took the time to let me know about them with a short PM. We have around 8000.000 comments online - and every second new ones are added - there is no way to read all of them :-). The only ones who really see at least ALL new publications are our mods. But they only "wake up" when they see Death Metal albums :-))))

> You people deserve all our respect.

Let's not forget the respect for all YOUR fine music publications ;-)

> what´s next?

Somehow I am sure I will have to suffer for answering a bit instead of just overseeing this question. :-)

Next will be (I mean: I hope that it will be) a real AH Teamproject, combining the power of ALL of our members. The first part of your username "MAD" will fit very well. :-)) A global calculation will tell a filesize of about 300 GB. It will be the largest project ever run on any music site. It will not only ROCK AvaxHome, it will also tell some other sites that AvaxHome is NOT as dead as they wish ;-)

Even management of this project will need at least 11 special pages which need to be updated daily - a very hard job for the project leader. It will include managing the links of over 1000 AH music publications. I am currently talking with one of our old members who in past already did set a milestone in history of AH Music - the first upload of 100 CDs by a single person we had. I hope she will tell me "yes, sure, I am happy to do this". But I also will be glad if she tells me "Argggghhhhh ... are you crazy???" ...(200 lines of text
skipped) :-) ... "Okie, I will do" ;-)

Anyway, this is future. Even after a happy or unhappy "Okie" it will take some weeks to prepare everything to make such a monster possible at all.

Ah, I talk to much.Well, almost no-one looks inside a publication where the link is already in the promote part. ;-)

Posted By: jantine Date: 12 Oct 2021 09:23:33
Posted By: califex Date: 14 Nov 2021 03:03:14
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