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Announcement: New AvaxHome Music Classical sub categories
Posted By : Bully | Date : 17 Dec 2021 11:59:00 | Comments : 12

No chaos at AvaxHome :-)

New AvaxHome Music Classical sub-categories

Everything can be improved, even AvaxHome :-)

• 9 new sub-categories for Classical Music are finally created.

As there was not any single complaint or suggestion about the list our member soloweb did publish 4 days ago, his list was used to create the new sub-sections:

#595 - Before 500 Ancient Music (/ancient)
#596 - 500 - 1450 Medieval (/medieval)
#597 - 1450 - 1600 Renaissance (/renaissance)
#598 - 1600 - 1750 Baroque (/baroque)
#599 - 1750 - 1830 1. Viennese School (/first_viennese_school)
#600 - 1830 - 1900 Romantic (/romantic)
#601 - 1900 - 1950 Early 20th century (/early_20th_century)
#602 - 1950 - 2000 Contemporary (/contemporary)
#603 - 2000 - present 21th Century (/twenty-first_century)

The first number is the category ID (for use with search engine), the second entry is the shown label and the 3rd is the URI part of the URLs.

Sorry for the longish URI "twenty-first_century". No matter that both our "Rules & FAQ" and the RFCs with the internet specifications clearly state that digits 0 to 9 are ALLOWED inside URLs / URIs, the coder of our software sees this different and did not allow to create something including "21" as URI.

OK, this long version solves at least the hard decision between "21st" and "21th". :-))

Please keep in mind that these new sections are currently empty - until our publishers fill them.
Posted By: -=Pasha13=- Date: 16 Dec 2021 03:00:21
Yep, it's the bug, but as usual Bully drop the details, this is the very old bug :-)
Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Dec 2021 20:19:34

@ Pasha

So far I thought that you unbderstand English very well - never thought that you are not able to understand simple words like "The news is closed for any comments" :-)

> Yep, it's the bug, but as usual Bully drop the details, this is the very old bug :-)

Yep, like usual Bully still daily finds bugs in the software you claim to be free of bugs :-)

I did not "drop details" - I even mentioned AH FAQ and RFCs. What details do you miss? Forbidding chars 0..9 inside an URI is a bug which really needs no more details. :-)

But yes, this time I did NOT look inside the source code to veryfy if it is an old or new bug - last time I looked into the current engine source I was near a heart attack after seeing how it was hacked during the last 3 months. :-((

More carefully reading my words would show you that I did NOT blame the person you think - without comparing the source code, I cannot say if it is an old or new bug.

Exactly for this reason I wrote "ccoder" - if I would be sure to blame our usual "King of bugs", I of course would have written "script kiddie" or "hacker", but for sure not "coder".

Anyway. OK, now that both you and me do not take care about my wish of "no comments", it makes no sense to set the flag again.
Posted By: franklee Date: 16 Dec 2021 20:49:01
I'd better get in before it's locked again :)

Bully mentioned no name in his opening post, so I was not to know to whom he was referring and I'm sure others would not have known, either.

Since Bully has been here for quite some time, I'm sure he knows how the system should work, given nothing has been changed too much. However, it seems many changes were done by someone who is not all that experienced with coding, without even considering the advice Bully has given on numerous occasions.

Maybe it's time for his advice to be taken more seriously and not just shrugged off as a bug, or completely ignored.
Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Dec 2021 20:52:56

Based on a private message from our member "Regular Joe" I decided to rename one of the new categories:

OLD: #595 - Before 500 Antique Music (/antique)

NEW: #595 - Before 500 Ancient Music (/ancient)

TNX! "Regular Joe" for taking care!

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Dec 2021 21:37:38

@ franklee

TNX :-))

In fact I talked with Pasha about this bug in private at same time I noticed it - about 1 hour before I wrote this announcement.

The ONLY reason that I mentioned it here - all the other bugs I of course keep "top secret" :-)) is that I wanted to avoid private mails asking me why I made the URL such long "twenty-first" while keeping even the label "21th" very small. I tried at least 15 times to save the URI as "21th_ceentury" until I finally accepted that the red error message is really a bug.

How Pasha oversaw that I used the word "coder" I really do not know - on the other hand, even the fact that Pasha did read at all something written by me is "somehow" surprising ;-))

Ah, I should not be here tonight - I just loaded the main page ti quick see if AvaxHome is still online or if the software fully crashed :-)) - but seeing "1 comment" at a publication which should have 0 comments of course did make me curious, as only 3 other people are able to do this. Pasha is one of them.

Ah, I really do not know how many bottles of vodka Avax had at that sad night when he decided to set the admin flag to Pasha's account. :-)))

PS: Please do NOT take public words between Pasha and me tooooooo serious - there are rare moments I still like this bad guy ;-))

Posted By: Bully Date: 17 Dec 2021 03:23:31

If someone of our members using MS INTERNET EXPLORER read this:

please leave a short comment if you still see all comments centered or if they are left justified.

Posted By: Bully Date: 17 Dec 2021 03:51:23

Besides me, everyone's sleeping, eh?
Argh .... even Pasha is sleeping when I need him :-)

blogs should now also be correct formatted (no longer centered) if viewed in IE.

But it really would be nice if someone else could confirm this.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 17 Dec 2021 03:54:38
IE7 with IE7pro (to keep AH blank white...):

All comments are Lefty left ! - no, I´m not at the Korova Milk Bar

Thanks, Bully.
Posted By: Bully Date: 17 Dec 2021 04:07:09

ah, my old friend mex :-)

If I remember well, you was one of the people who did not like all comment text centered :-)

So if it is now OK for you, this problem should be solved.

Yep - if you want to have something done: Do it yourself. :-))

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 17 Dec 2021 04:58:44
Still early evening here...
FAQ - picture links dead.

Another thing that can be fixed easily?

But if Bully wants to sleep... Sweet dreams !
Posted By: knmn Date: 17 Dec 2021 17:05:50
слишком много категорий, неудобно
2/3 местного материала проходит только по двум категориям - барокко и романтизм
еще появлятеся регулярно какое-то кол-во авангарда
кроме того, временные рамки - вещь достачно условная,
не вся музыка, написанная до 1750 года, являтся барочной и наоборот
достаточно было поделить на

барокко и венские классики (Бетховена по вкусу можно и в романтизме размещать)
романтизм и ХХ век до WWII

и дополнительную подкатегорию для оперы

и все!
Posted By: Juan-Carlos Date: 21 Dec 2021 21:55:52
May I make a suggestion?

The main "Music" page appears cluttered with all the extensive "Specials" (I mean one has to scroll down all the way to get to the 1st real news).... .

I suggest reorganizing the Music page's front in such a way, that all "Specials" will be shortened into one box with small album covers and hidden links. Underneath an individual listing of groups in abbreviated form will be written. Naturally a link to the full "Special Music" page will be incorporated, too.

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