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Posted By : Bully | Date : 19 Aug 2021 23:59:00 | Comments : 0 |

AvaxHome Talks
A place where you can freely talk

Inspired by some requests from our members we created this area to give you a place to talk.

Please see this as a temporary test.

The way you use it - or if you use it at all :-) will help us to decide if an enhanced version makes sense for AvaxHome.

There will be no censorship - but AvaxHome rules do fully apply. This means in short: No spamming, no advertizing, not offending other users, no porn, no racism etc.

One area is for Talks about AvaxHome, the other for Genral talks. To acees these areas, please bookmark the following URLs:



Updated info

As big amount of the talks was just about the the original (too quick) selected title "Free Speech", it is now named "AvaxHome Talks" :-) NOT changed are the URLs - to avoid problems for members who already bookmarked them during the last 2 days.

Adding comments to this announcement is disabled - if you wanna talk, please use above links.

Again: Please see this as a temporary test.

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