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We have all been there, you turn up to work full of good intentions for the day. You promise yourself you will not give in to temptation and not a single sugary treat will pass through your lips. Snacking at work is not even an option today.

It’s all going well so far you think to yourself, however, no sooner does that thought enter your head, your stomach rumbles. You feel the hunger and assume it’s nearly lunch time. Then you check the time and its only 10:30am – the mid-morning munchies have arrived!!

You can last until lunch you tell yourself but your stomach has other ideas. You try and think of something else but the only thing your mind is thinking about is chocolate and cakes. You cannot last any longer and rush to the vending machine – not a single healthy snack is on show. You give in and tell yourself tomorrow will be different, tomorrow you will avoid snacking at work.

We have all been there; snacking at work is a big problem day in, day out for the vast majority of us. The average person spends $45 on snacks every month. However, it doesn’t have to be like this.

There are ways you can stop snacking at work. The office does not need to be the place you surrender all willpower. Here are my top 5 tips to help you cut out those sweet treats at your desk:

1. Remain Calm
Stress is one of the biggest reasons why snacking at work is so hard to control. If you can stay relaxed by planning your workload efficiently then it will be easier to say no to those unhealthy snacks.

2. Stock up on Fruit
Keeping a supply of fruit on your desk will give you an alternative option to chocolate, cakes and potato chips. Better still, you won’t even have to leave your desk to get them!

3. Don’t Carry Loose Change
This is particularly useful if you have a vending machine at work. No spare change in your pocket means you cannot use the vending machine and no matter how much you want that chocolate bar you cannot have it.

4. Keep Yourself Busy
No doubt you often snack because you are bored. If you can keep yourself busy then you will not even think about snacking. Always ensure you have tasks to do to keep your mind off sweet treats.

5. Invest in an Appetite Suppressant
This is one of the tricks I swear by. Appetite suppressants are small pills you take each day which gives signals to the brain that you are full and do not require more food. They are perfectly safe and help you to get your willpower back and control those snacking at work cravings.

By far the best appetite suppressant I have used is a product called UniqueHoodia. They use only the purest Hoodia Gordonii from South Africa which has been clinically proven to suppress your appetite.

Results have also shown that UniqueHoodia can help cut your calorie intake by as much as 2,000 calories a day meaning weight loss is much faster and easier than by dieting alone.

If you want to cut out snacking at work then look no further – UniqueHoodia is your key to controlling those cravings.

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