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Posted By : Avax | Date : 18 Aug 2021 20:08:00 | Comments : 272 |



For the picture inserting use this construction:


PICTURE MUST BE RESIZE TO approx. 450pix!!!!

Other rules remain the same and still live here:

Thanks to all for publications, but as you can see we are still in the test mode so watch for signals ;)

Posted By: nvv1957 Date: 11 Aug 2021 12:53:12
Уважаемый Авакс, вот и свиделись...:) От всей души поздравляю всех нас и вас в особенности - вы оказались истинным бойцом... Всего вам хорошего, в особенности долготерпенья и удачи.:) Всегда к вашим услугам...
Posted By: jimmyIII Date: 11 Aug 2021 13:00:10
welcome back
Posted By: t42 Date: 11 Aug 2021 13:27:05
Welcome back!! It is so good to see you again!
Posted By: dnunda Date: 11 Aug 2021 13:47:05
Welcome back team! Thanks for your determination and dedication. Looking forward to a full recovery of Avaxhome to it's previous status.
Posted By: oedipust Date: 11 Aug 2021 14:04:30
warmest welcome
keep it going
Posted By: tromb Date: 11 Aug 2021 14:30:35
с долгожданным возвращением!!!!
Posted By: revelation-online Date: 11 Aug 2021 14:32:27
Welcome back AvaxHome :)

Posted By: FreeInfo Date: 11 Aug 2021 14:43:55
Very happy to see you back again. Internet without Avaxhome would lack something.

Welcome back onboard!
Posted By: josemartinezx Date: 11 Aug 2021 14:53:26
It's wonderful to have you back, guys. Thanks to the Avax's staff for not giving up.

Best regards,

Posted By: rauljose Date: 11 Aug 2021 15:09:02
It's great the effort you done to bring it back.
Will you be able to recover the old posts and all the past info?

All the best,

Posted By: manoj_299 Date: 11 Aug 2021 15:14:40
Very warmest Welcome............. Its wonderful comeback :)
Posted By: osayhan Date: 11 Aug 2021 15:18:33
Welcome Avax...
Posted By: ranjan206 Date: 11 Aug 2021 15:20:01
Hellllllllllllllo Avaxhome good to see you back .

:) Oh! special Thanks to Avaxhome Team.

Best regards,

Posted By: vincent Date: 11 Aug 2021 15:28:50
Heureux, très heureux de retrouver la team AvaxHome, en espérant qu'elle va pouvoir reprendre complètement !

special Thanks to Avaxhome Team !

Posted By: opila Date: 11 Aug 2021 16:11:26
Welcome back!!
Special Thanks to Avaxhome Team!
Posted By: coldbby Date: 11 Aug 2021 16:26:37
Oh My God!! I didn't believe my eyes!! Welcome guys!!! :)))))
Posted By: 8873 Date: 11 Aug 2021 16:33:19
Welcome back avax.Thanks to all avax team.We are happy to day.
Posted By: AFerrum Date: 11 Aug 2021 16:44:20
Thanks Avax !!!)
Posted By: mxlabs Date: 11 Aug 2021 16:56:02
welcome back avax!!!

we all missed you quite a lot!!!
huge thanks to the avaxTeam on letting avax shining again in new light and best luck for the future.
i almost checked every second day after i red you finally got new servers and planning to come back and there you are!

german isp ? very bad idea!
Posted By: matrix07 Date: 11 Aug 2021 17:04:23
Welcome back!

I experienced lots of inconsistency about page rendering. Hope it'd be corrected soon.

Best regards,
Posted By: ordoubadi Date: 11 Aug 2021 17:34:54
congratulations man ,congratulations, congratulations ,congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GREAT MEN , MADE US SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPPPPYYYYY!
Posted By: Troman Date: 11 Aug 2021 17:42:45
Наконец-то самый лучший сайт в интернете (IMHO) опять заработал. Без него было даже как-то скучновато.
Posted By: Avax Date: 11 Aug 2021 18:05:15

[i]>german isp ? very bad idea![/i]

ENGLISH: At us it is a lot of good ideas. At us money few. Therefore good ideas smoke all in angle.

RUSSIAN: Хороших идей у нас – как у дурака фантиков. А вот денег после всех спасательных операций осталось – долларов так примерно сорок. Поэтому все хорошие идеи молча встают и идут покурить.

Значит, что мы имеем... Имеем мы два оплаченных на месяц сервера, на одном из которых крутится дружественный kpnemo. Ну и всё, по большому счёту. Первоочередные задачи наши: определить рекламные перспективы, изыскать средства, добрать серверов (минимум один, но лучше два – дада, в “german isp” – а что делать-то прикажете, там же дёшево (всего 400 с небольшим евро за две машины с установкой в месяц), хотя и да – сильно стрёмно), затем решить вопрос с сервером картинок (причем чем быстрее, тем лучше – а то потеряем сейчас всю нажитую годами графику нашу, унд зай гезунд), ну и всё пожалуй.

Мама, роди меня обратно, в общем.

И тем не менее – добро пожаловать на просмотр “AvaxHome Reloaded – Фаза три”.
Posted By: Pwmbdrl12 Date: 11 Aug 2021 18:16:22
IT'S CHRISTMAS! I'm very happy to see you're back. Server is slow currently, but OK you're in test mode.
Posted By: ramsis Date: 11 Aug 2021 18:39:30
AAAAAAAAAAA my god FINALLY you did it guys!!!
thanx much to be back and a looooooong life to AVAX, my PC was switched off when you were offline ;) but now you are here :-D.
Posted By: watashiwa Date: 11 Aug 2021 18:53:52
Рожденный летать ползать не будет :)
С возвращением!!!
Posted By: jay18 Date: 11 Aug 2021 19:05:46
Thanks for bringing it back... ;-)
Posted By: biks Date: 11 Aug 2021 19:23:45
I can't live without Avaxhome,

I'm very happy because Avaxhome is working
Posted By: bolshoi Date: 11 Aug 2021 20:00:44
Definitely worth waiting, hope it will continue the way it is before. Thanks to all responsible in bringing it up again.
Posted By: calamus Date: 11 Aug 2021 20:24:07
thanks to GOD ,welcome back
we all love you
thanks for all
Posted By: ridakash Date: 11 Aug 2021 20:37:01
thanks to GOD ,welcome back
we all love you
I can't live without Avaxhome,
I'm very happy because Avaxhome is working
Huge thanks to the avaxTeam on letting avax shining again in new light and best luck for the future.
thanks for all

Posted By: AFerrum Date: 11 Aug 2021 21:28:31
Для Avax
Нарисуйте кошельки, я думаю пипл проникнется, ничего зазорного в этом нет, даже если "религия" не позволяет. Я первый, двадцадку енотов скину.
Posted By: papavas Date: 11 Aug 2021 22:02:01
Welcome back !!!

Welcome back !!!

Welcome back !!!

Welcome back !!!

Welcome back !!!

Welcome back !!!

Welcome back !!!
Posted By: debeljko Date: 11 Aug 2021 22:10:32
It's great to have you back! I wish you last to the end of time. Best regards!
Posted By: MAJ Date: 11 Aug 2021 22:27:46
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Maybe we should try and contribute to your costs. Any ideas.

Posted By: NAVAL Date: 11 Aug 2021 23:02:59
Welcome back
Posted By: oXbow Date: 11 Aug 2021 23:31:08
12 points from oXbow ;)
Posted By: Mr_Bean Date: 11 Aug 2021 23:36:18
Thanks to all those working to bring Avaxhome back to it's fans.

Having you gone was like suffering a death in the family!

Welcome (avax)home!
Posted By: muddy Date: 12 Aug 2021 00:12:23
am very happy to have AvaxHome back!

thank you very much for all your efforts in bringing this great site back online.

Posted By: kushunpeng Date: 12 Aug 2021 01:34:20

Welcome and please don't you leave us again, cause when you do so darkness is casted all over, and you know how scary that is. :))

Quote "And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper."

Amen !!

Captain Peng
Posted By: franklee Date: 12 Aug 2021 01:59:32
Welcome back, AH and kudos for the effort you have all put in to get up and running again. I've been in Limbo since your demise and am just itching to start posting again. This will be my base from now on, hopefully.

@ fine: Fortunately, I keep copies of all of my articles, so re-posting will not be so hard for me, except for those where links have been deleted.
Posted By: INFECTIOUS Date: 12 Aug 2021 02:10:31
Welcome Back!!!! It's good to see you up and running again...Greetings from the Philippines!
Posted By: kandar Date: 12 Aug 2021 04:11:15
Oh my god, thanks, AH is back! I was sad and mournful!
Posted By: Bully Date: 12 Aug 2021 05:21:43

@ ALL - AvaxHome Database and "Avax"Forum

OK, I think it is better to write it in public instead of typing the same again and again in private messages. :-)

1. Current AvaxHome Database

The currently installed database is the last COMPLETE backup we have. It contains everything without any gaps since start of the new database format in summer 2005 until the date this backup was done (2022-06-23) - this means about 230.000 publications, around 870.000 comments, all private mails (if you did not delete them) etc.

Missing in the database is ONLY the content of about 16 days - the content between June 23th and the death of our servers. This is less as 0.1 % of the content. We are sorry for this, but compared to the other sites who had lost ALL their content, it is not sooo bad :-)

2. "Avax"forum.110mb.com

Not everything which starts with Avax is Avax :-)
There is no way to register a trademark on the word "Avax" - so there are hundreds of sites (ab)using it. If you ever made a typo in your web browser, you already have seen some of these sites.

"Avax"forum.110mb.com is NOT a part of the Avax network - it is a private site, owned by an AvaxHome user.

This user has copied all ?? AvaxHome publications, even comments - including the 16 days missing in our database. Instead of giving us the data to automatically import them into our database, he had decided to spent his time to build a complete website around them. AvaxHome publishers can visit his website to copy and paste from his site back to AvaxHome.

In my personal view it would have made much more sense to feed the data directly into our database instead of hoping that every publisher will visit his site and start to copy and paste.

So, if you are a publisher who had created a publication in these 16 days and if you do not have an own copy of it, you can visit http://avaxforum.110mb.com/recreation to find a re-published copy of your work. Depending on your experience it might be easier for you to copy from that site instead of using google.com's cache yourself.

If you do not like to see your work re-published on this site, please direct talk to the owner - NOT to us! - we have no influence at all on this site.

And a private note: The moderator "Bussy" on this site is NOT me. :-))

@ Fine

OK, now I advertised your site avaxforum.110mb.com 4 (four) times - I guess people are now aware of it. It would be great to now see it less times in our spam filters. This includes the mail spam filter we installed may of this year.

Good luck with your forum. I really hope you will not have such one special user on your forum telling always the opposite of your own and site views - like we had on our test forum ;-))

Posted By: doctor.watson Date: 12 Aug 2021 05:54:28
Thank you guys for all your hard work bringing AvaxHome back to life!!!
We missed you so much. Ther's only one AvaxHome, a substitute wont't do!!!
Posted By: mostrovincent Date: 12 Aug 2021 06:45:40
This is the happiest day of my life...congratulations Avax.....best wishes
From Chile
Posted By: gaddaar Date: 12 Aug 2021 07:43:40
@bully & @fine,

Thanks for all the info, what I really feel is to bring back avaxhome to its glory. Your hardwork is appreciated.
Posted By: LuckyLuck Date: 12 Aug 2021 07:48:16
thanks to GOD ,welcome back
Posted By: LuckyLuck Date: 12 Aug 2021 07:48:17
thanks to GOD ,welcome back
Posted By: pouriafucker Date: 12 Aug 2021 08:04:27
welcome back
Posted By: HerZilla Date: 12 Aug 2021 10:07:45
Vielen Dank!
Самый лучший сайт Интернета снова будет жить! Вот спасибо!
Posted By: HerZilla Date: 12 Aug 2021 10:08:38
Posted By: Andrianov Date: 12 Aug 2021 10:39:24
When you are planning to start adding new publications?
Posted By: hdrfree Date: 12 Aug 2021 10:52:38
I miss u... without u there is nothing on internet.
Please, dont disappear again.

Thanks, Avax.
Posted By: negev Date: 12 Aug 2021 10:59:48
Искренне и от всей души рад!
Posted By: jocjoc Date: 12 Aug 2021 12:40:40
happy to see you back, dear Avax !
Posted By: scalisto Date: 12 Aug 2021 13:14:58
Really good to see AvaxHome back!
Posted By: oxal Date: 12 Aug 2021 13:21:24
Avax is the best I found! Поменьше неудач, хотя они и нужны для закалки
Posted By: Piligrim Date: 12 Aug 2021 13:40:44
Ура!!! Заработало!!! С возвращением дорогой AVAX! Как на предмет материальной помощи сайту? Буду рад помочь по мере сил.
Posted By: Pwmbdrl12 Date: 12 Aug 2021 15:00:27
Maybe you could replace all avaxhome.ws/avaxhome.ws links inside the forum to avaxhome.ws. Example: The "my blog" Link here: http://avaxhome.ws/music/classical/Vivaldi_Sacred_Music_Vol2_Kings_Consort.html resolves to avaxhome.ws and forwards to avaxhome.ws which is dead.
But nice to see even Google results work, if we replace the links.

Hey I'm very sure this can also be done with a Javascript client solution (as in userscripts.org) for opera and firefox. If someone knows to write such a .js, please post :-)
Posted By: georgia_62 Date: 12 Aug 2021 15:29:37
Dear avax!
Congratulation on your recovery!
Long live AVAX WORLD!!!
Posted By: bob1955 Date: 12 Aug 2021 15:31:05
Поздравляю друзья с началом работы! Желаю всему Вашему коллективу быстрее настроить сайт и запустить в полноценном режиме!
Поддерживаю идею по размещениее Ваших кошельков - желательно разных - PayPal и другие - думаю что из десятков тысяч посетителей есть те кто поможет - много и не надо - если каждый входящий даст по 5 центов - ОООООО!!! Думаю все были бы в выигрыше! у-Д-А-Ч-И!
Posted By: Mitsu Date: 12 Aug 2021 15:33:54
Hi all !!!
Nice to see Avaxhome back.
I've some nice news ideas of posts now so it's time to supply with new original things ;)
I will have some free time this month so hurry up to open the publications online :)
Posted By: Praetorian Date: 12 Aug 2021 15:51:34
Welcome back, guys! It's sooo good to visit these familiar pages again!
Posted By: litelode Date: 12 Aug 2021 16:03:04
Welcome back and good luck with all the server configuration you've got ahead of you!
Posted By: ukino Date: 12 Aug 2021 20:23:40
Welcome back avaxhome!!!
Posted By: Piligrim Date: 12 Aug 2021 21:26:07
AVAX, "подводники" уже прикрутили смс-копилку, помимо кошельков, и монетка худо-бедно зазвенела, хотя я думаю ты и сам в курсе. А посиму, ради общего блага, не надо стесняться и томить народ, дай реквизиты и смс-копилку по возможности прикрутите. И будет нам всем счастье. :-)))
P.S. Ну нельзя ж все материальные затраты тащить на себе и команде. Дайте и другим проявить свою щедрость и альтруизм ;-)
С уважением.
Posted By: turbo46 Date: 12 Aug 2021 23:21:59
Hi everyone, please somebody can say me if Magesy will comes back?
Posted By: firefoxs Date: 13 Aug 2021 19:12:12
Thanks i will wait for post
Posted By: gholmorad Date: 13 Aug 2021 22:17:17
I can't still believe you went. I can't still believe you are back. I can only say: "THANKS".
Posted By: dimiccooo Date: 14 Aug 2021 14:45:17
Welcome back AVAX !!!!!!
I'm happy to see you all again.
Bentornato AVAX !!!!!
Sono felice di incontrarti ancora.
Posted By: IW2L Date: 14 Aug 2021 20:25:14
good job,
good to see avax alive
Posted By: dush Date: 15 Aug 2021 01:03:02
Yeaaaaah! Yupieee!
Best wishes to the AvaxTeam!!!
AvaxTeam rocks!!!

Posted By: pilgrimbg Date: 19 Aug 2021 21:34:24
Posted By: squirrell Date: 22 Aug 2021 04:07:09
You're back - fantastic news! The Internet darkened the day we lost you. Nobody does it better!
Posted By: thewalterin Date: 22 Aug 2021 04:15:54
Welcome back AvaxHome ;-)

Posted By: Sule63 Date: 23 Aug 2021 18:54:36
Welcome back from Serbia!!!
Posted By: ramsis Date: 23 Aug 2021 19:41:56
A great thanx avaxteam, the first posting today are working very well,what can I say ; "THANK YOU, THANK YOU" ,the adventure must continue.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 23 Aug 2021 19:56:48
@ AH team:
I guess the image size should be max. 320 px height. 450 is quite a lot.
Posted By: alex7103 Date: 23 Aug 2021 20:05:32
Ребят, а можно вполне безобидное пожелание? Английский язык- он достаточно прост. Например, "работает" пишется с буквой "s". Не сочтите за пижонство, это я так, любя.
Posted By: octron Date: 23 Aug 2021 21:37:32
Resurrection day!!
Posted By: -=Pasha13=- Date: 23 Aug 2021 22:01:54
Да всегда рады, тут столько делов было что очепятки всегда возможны :)

>Английский язык- он достаточно прост
Надеюсь это шутка, интернет-инглишь или какой-нить penguin-english действительно прост :-) а Настоящий английский сложен как и любой другой язык.
Posted By: franklee Date: 24 Aug 2021 03:42:22
Bummer :(

Too slow, I was.
Posted By: najimine Date: 24 Aug 2021 06:40:53
Can i start uploading or not yet?
Thanks for all the effort
Posted By: franklee Date: 24 Aug 2021 06:48:42
You can upload at any time. It's posting that is closed. Posting was open for some time earlier today (my time), but I missed it.
Posted By: aragonit Date: 24 Aug 2021 07:04:19
When, oh when will I be able to post all the hypnotic stuff waiting for you? :)
Posted By: Unknown Date: 24 Aug 2021 07:12:17

After so many nice words it's time to come back to the sad reality :-(

In modifying the title of a famous song from the former "King of Queen" we should sing now the old AH-hymn "We are the lab-rats" :-)

Earlier today, the "post news" was open for a while and now there are waiting more than 200 publications for beeing accepted by the jury. Although it's prooved that it works somehow, since about nine hours nothing happens.
I guess, that Pasha felt in sleep, Avax is more interested in KpNemo than in moderating at AH and "Sunking Bully" is lost anywhere in the "real world" (with a "real girl"?) and therefor also not present.

If there are speaking other problems against a normal procedure, at least a hint to the members should have been given.

Posted By: symbiote Date: 24 Aug 2021 08:42:32
I am waiting for the green light.
Posted By: -=Pasha13=- Date: 24 Aug 2021 10:37:26
Yep, let's come back to the sad reality...

Do you know what during this period, when publications were opened, load on server increase in 4 TIMES!!!?
Do you know what our engine still don't have caching system?
Do you thought what would happen if load increase in 8 times????

We didn't plan to open publications before "caching system" was added, but then we thought what it need to take a test and will see what we have...

And yes, I need to sleep some hours :-)))) or you prefer will get "zombie Pasha" ? :) It's not a good idea I still need some brain function :-))))

>Avax is more interested in KpNemo...
No, Avax still in AvaxHome :-) but he simply didn't know when I would open publications so please keep your thoughts to yourself.

My nick remain the same ;-) -=Pasha13=-
Yep, I already have such record in my ToDo list but now we have more important things in ToDo such "caching system" or "PixHost recreation"
Posted By: EktorasClub Date: 24 Aug 2021 11:54:51
Welcome back Avaxteam! Welcome back from Greece!!!
Green Light as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: jmd_ Date: 24 Aug 2021 12:59:19
Enfin ! C'est un plaisir de vous retrouver !
Posted By: manfrin Date: 24 Aug 2021 14:21:47
I still waiting for "open season" ...
Posted By: thewalterin Date: 25 Aug 2021 01:28:49
Desde Argentina, sigan trabajando. Son una pagina grandiosa. Gracias por todo.
Posted By: mendelfan Date: 25 Aug 2021 04:38:58
i love you avaxhome :-D
welcome back
Posted By: newpeter98 Date: 25 Aug 2021 04:45:22
101% fully support avaxhome...

without avaxhome without colorful life....

welcome back
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 25 Aug 2021 11:03:21
Firefox21 offers in his last post that I saw 3 download links - not forbidding more mirrors. Nice gesture.

@ Firefox21
You are always welcome to mirror my posts - and you do ;-)
BTW: Rapidshare changed pointsystem once again:
"Once they are downloaded by a free-user, each of them generates a RapidPoint. Subject to the condition is that the file is at least 5 Megabyte in size and the downloader has generated not more than 3 RapidPoints in the last hours. Premium users can generate for you up to 255 points per day."

For me that´s okay - mostly because Premium users gives you points, too.
Posted By: Fa Date: 25 Aug 2021 14:40:16
Bloody brilliant!
(as they say in yorkshire)
Here is an idea...just say something positive or nice to the folk working behind the scenes or shut up cos I am surprised at some of you whining and moaning about shit before we are even back to business around here.
Why does the internet create such selfishness...

Hey bully! That is only my first complaint ;)

Posted By: scalisto Date: 25 Aug 2021 15:45:36
What Fa said.
Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 25 Aug 2021 16:00:11
my english is not enough to unerstand
Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 25 Aug 2021 16:01:21
my english is not enough to unerstand
Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 25 Aug 2021 16:01:27
my english is not enough to unerstand
Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 25 Aug 2021 16:58:38
sorry, it appears 3 times, but i click post button once
Posted By: Pwmbdrl12 Date: 25 Aug 2021 17:16:21
Avax rules the world.
Posted By: lipi Date: 25 Aug 2021 18:47:32
Avax! Большой респект за все твои усилия за восстановления сайта!!!
Posted By: Pastilan Date: 26 Aug 2021 04:43:08
I have tons to post
Posted By: rrkradio Date: 26 Aug 2021 05:31:41
Tnx a lot to come back online.... WOW
Posted By: SystemServices Date: 26 Aug 2021 08:08:11
Да ребят, откройте публичные кошельки и опубликуйте здесь. Я уверен многие пользователи смогут пожертвовать вам на раскрутку, так как все очень рады вашему сайту. Если каждый тут скинется по $1, то нагорит такая сума, что мало не покажется! Как говорил Мимино: "Я так думаю!"
Posted By: bob1955 Date: 26 Aug 2021 11:58:24
Я не понимаю как люди добавляют новые раздачи если ДОБАВЛЕНИЕ НОВОСТЕЙ ЗАКРЫТО?
Posted By: watashiwa Date: 26 Aug 2021 17:03:15
2 bob1955 иногда для тестирования, на небольшое время дают возможность добавлять новости
Posted By: bob1955 Date: 26 Aug 2021 17:39:43
Ну слава богу, а то я уж подамал:"Кинууууули!!!":)
Posted By: linga0123 Date: 27 Aug 2021 11:38:26
Great to have the site back online!!
Posted By: magj Date: 27 Aug 2021 12:16:26
Great, welcome back!!!!, we should have a new birthday...
Posted By: turbo46 Date: 27 Aug 2021 13:46:59
Nobody knows something about Magesy please?
Posted By: manfrin Date: 27 Aug 2021 18:40:19
I waiting for GREEN LIGHT !
Posted By: manfrin Date: 27 Aug 2021 18:41:16
I continue waiting for GREEN LIGHT !
Posted By: manfrin Date: 27 Aug 2021 18:42:28
Posted By: thinkandzap Date: 27 Aug 2021 22:27:30
Hi guys happy to see you back in the saddle.
Just one remark, the current way you are numbering the listing pages (1 for the newest page)
will not allow a correct indexing of these pages by search engines because with
this kind of numbering a page of the list doesn't keep a fixed url.
Posted By: b548204bb Date: 28 Aug 2021 09:36:55
Welcome back AvaxHome and please ... don't go!!!!!!
Posted By: Troman Date: 28 Aug 2021 14:23:18
Я согласен с теми, кто предпочитает нумерование страниц когда самая первая страница (по дате) находится под цифрой "1", а не как сейчас. Avax, -=Pasha13=-: можно ли это изменить в будущем?
Posted By: canadianbratboy Date: 28 Aug 2021 20:17:36
Posted By: accatone Date: 28 Aug 2021 21:41:03
I'm so happy Avax is back. So happy no words can express it. Avax is the best. The Best.
Posted By: franklee Date: 29 Aug 2021 05:21:01
It's still closed because much work is still to be done.

I'm so bored, I'm starting to lose interest in the lot.
Posted By: igorkostov Date: 29 Aug 2021 10:18:54
Posted By: franklee Date: 29 Aug 2021 05:21
It's still closed because much work is still to be done.

I'm so bored, I'm starting to lose interest in the lot.

Me too, sick and tired of waiting for open session.
Posted By: nopub Date: 29 Aug 2021 11:32:03
June 23 till August 23


see you Oktober 10 for a nice beer...
Posted By: jcstephanus Date: 29 Aug 2021 13:45:54
Welcome Avaxhome!!!!
Avaxhome: Do you is the best......
Visit my site: www.sstephanuss.blogspot.com
Posted By: BBCUK Date: 29 Aug 2021 14:40:34
lol how is this different from when the site was down?
Posted By: franklee Date: 29 Aug 2021 20:03:49
Posted By: dnunda Date: 30 Aug 2021 08:13:09
Stop complaining you lot - it's worth waiting for!
Posted By: luckburz Date: 30 Aug 2021 09:34:22
I like the idea of using external images, ´cause that was the most time-taking thing in the past.

So hurry up avax! Lot´s of lossless music waiting to be upped!


Hm, sad to see it does not work...
Posted By: Jacques le dernier Date: 30 Aug 2021 13:54:11

External hosted pictures have a very big disadvantage:

A lot of pic-hosters (i.e. imageshack) are blocking the pics when the traffic grows to much.
It wouldn't be funny at all, to have lots of frogs instead of the (mostly) nice pictures we are used at AH.


really bad service from you - you at least could give the poor users a replacement-link to the music-section :-))

here it is: http://www.avaxhome.ws/music


Have you too much unused space on the server or what's the reason for filling in 18 Blanks after each CRLF when a comment is loaded for editing? :-)))

Ah, I just see, the spaces are really saved, when I don't remove them, with each re-edit there are 18 more :-)

Posted By: -=Pasha13=- Date: 30 Aug 2021 17:17:55
@Jacques le dernier
Once more Thank You ;-)

Да, в скором времени вернём как было

Yep, you are right, we will change pagination order
Posted By: selathu Date: 31 Aug 2021 05:13:04
i am happy that avax is back
Posted By: zonger Date: 31 Aug 2021 08:06:12
I was just about to post then I read this... bummer.
Posted By: darkseed Date: 31 Aug 2021 18:29:52
To the moderators:

Is there any deadline for AH start working with full power?
Posted By: dnunda Date: 01 Sep 2021 05:05:49
Hi Team - keep up the good work, but I thought Avax was porn-free. Got this pop-up today: http://i33.tinypic.com/np4zo8.jpg
Posted By: aragonit Date: 02 Sep 2021 17:04:26
I'm giving up on avax for now.
All my new posts are on www.docs4you.org, and of course in the usual folders.

I'll check back in a few weeks.
Posted By: branruz Date: 02 Sep 2021 18:15:11
Welcome back
Thanks for all
Quick remark, the TABS bar doesn't show MUSIC section anymore.

* Home
* | eBooks
* | Software
* | Video
* | Magazines
* | Games
* | Graphics
* | Misc
* | Polls
* | AH News
Posted By: dnunda Date: 02 Sep 2021 23:11:16
@branruz: can still be accessed here: http://www.avaxhome.ws/music
Posted By: franklee Date: 02 Sep 2021 23:54:38
Are all these newer publications I keep seeing on the home page a result of that first "test" opening, or are there still being test periods that I miss?
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 03 Sep 2021 08:41:31
@ franklee:
Just check the date of posts - 30 Aug 08.

There were more than 40 pages on the waiting list - and still a few there.
Including edited older posts. You missed no green light ;-)
Posted By: franklee Date: 03 Sep 2021 10:28:38
Thanks for that, m-m. I hadn't thought of checking the waiting list. It's been so long since I've done anything here, that I'm starting to forget things.

Quite a few of my publications have dead links in them, but I'm not going to fix them until this place is operating fully.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 03 Sep 2021 11:23:30
Use comments in the meantime to post new links.
Posted By: franklee Date: 03 Sep 2021 11:36:58
I'll wait. A have mirrors in most of my posts, so not all links are dead.
Posted By: abcd Date: 03 Sep 2021 12:04:50
Hi ppls!

Where is Music item in the Menu???

Авах, дружище!
Куда пропала "Музыка"?

Posted By: -=Pasha13=- Date: 03 Sep 2021 15:25:05
Всё всё, уже всё вернулось :)

Music is back!
Posted By: ab112 Date: 03 Sep 2021 19:07:21
شكرا لفريق avaxhome على هودته من جديد فعلا الإنترنت بدون avaxhome ماله طعم
انا خالد من الرياض السعودية
[email protected]
Posted By: Pezhman Date: 03 Sep 2021 20:21:00
Welcome Back dears, Actually u give meaning to internet;)
Posted By: -=Pasha13=- Date: 04 Sep 2021 04:55:32
I wrote this comment under Safari 3.1.2 (525.21) :-) Maybe you need to run the Apple Software Update ;-)

Long Live FireFox!!! :-)
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 04 Sep 2021 17:04:05
AH team:
Page numbering changed - Great ! Thanks alot.

Will next Test posting include AH Picture server or still not posible?
Thanks to the whole team, good job you´re doing.
Posted By: scalisto Date: 04 Sep 2021 18:42:38
This mad race to publish whenever we get a green light is actually quite amusing. We'll become the fastest guns in the blog universe.
Posted By: franklee Date: 05 Sep 2021 06:35:15
Aaahhh! It felt good to make some new publications again. Thanks to the crew for the opportunity.

@ scalisto: Perhaps people are anxious and frustrated at the same time.
Posted By: ramsis Date: 05 Sep 2021 17:08:39
I didnt know why but I couldnt post a comments today :( ?
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 06 Sep 2021 03:48:55
getting this also sometimes. POST button get overlayed by LIVEINTERNET button.
Refreshing solves problem.
Commentbox breaks out.
Posted By: vowl Date: 06 Sep 2021 09:38:39
I didn't know AVAXHOME was back until I googled avaxhome.ru.

Great! I'm happy AVAXHOME is back.

You guys have done a EXCELLENT job.
Posted By: ramsis Date: 06 Sep 2021 10:04:56
YES the comments are working well today :).
Posted By: joemuscat Date: 06 Sep 2021 12:19:08
When we are going to have the green light, a lot of publications are waiting :(
Posted By: Sabbir Date: 06 Sep 2021 15:48:32
Great Great news for all of us to AVAXHOME is Back.
Posted By: charly45 Date: 06 Sep 2021 17:13:45
Welcome back team!! Thank you for your effort
Posted By: munna Date: 07 Sep 2021 05:19:32
ON homepage its green, click on details , ITS red. GREAT, waiting to go green actually. :)
Posted By: munna Date: 07 Sep 2021 05:19:35
the NEXT and PREV buttons , thats great comfort
Posted By: ange-gardien Date: 07 Sep 2021 07:06:07

one more problem

no luck for me :(
Posted By: intothe Date: 07 Sep 2021 07:21:25
You say "open", but you can't upload anything...
Welcome anyway.
Posted By: luckburz Date: 07 Sep 2021 09:45:19
Damn. I nearly got a heart attack seeing the green light and not seeing "post news" ;-)))

What went wrong? Anyway i´m really looking forward posting.

I think there will come a real flood of news when green light turns on constantly...
Posted By: p.cedric Date: 07 Sep 2021 11:36:25
thanks iz. i can sleep happily :-D
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 07 Sep 2021 12:06:22
I really wish publications were open during a different time stretch. I understand it needs to be off-peak, but it seems that EVERY time they are opened, they close about 2 minutes after I arrive home from my work and travels. I have managed to squeak in an entire 2 publications total since the reopening of the site, believe me, I have FAR more than this just sitting here, already uploaded, waiting for an open time. Sometimes I start to think this is their answer to an overcrowded site, to keep things like this for good, in which scenario I will be s**t out of luck, as my schedule demands I be able to publish AFTER 6 a.m. standard European time. I pray I am far off the mark on this one.

Please, do me a favor and leave the publications open just a teensy bit longer than 6:00.
Posted By: AneL_GR Date: 07 Sep 2021 14:43:33
I hope this scenario of yours, Blackwatch, would not get true, cause it reminds me the story of Pavlov's dog. There were bells ringing, here are red lights turning to green :) I think that AH is not doing any ...experimental project or what on their users!
Anyhow, those hours that lately AH turns to green light, are not pretty convenient, so early in the morning.
I really hope that the team is going to find a way to get to normal status they were before the big crash. AH is a big and great community and deserves to remain on of the best with no red and green lights...
Posted By: franklee Date: 07 Sep 2021 23:54:56
I don't think things will be back to normal until they have the same, or similar, setup as before the takedown. They've mentioned a number of times that AH ran on 4 servers and, at present, it is only operating on 2 (IIRC)

Has any consideration been given to a donation scheme, I wonder?
Posted By: -=Pasha13=- Date: 08 Sep 2021 03:32:56
I hope this scenario of yours, Blackwatch, would not get true, cause it reminds me the story of Pavlov's dog.

You aren't a dogs or lab rats you are Avaxians :-) But how we can understand current engine performance if we'll not allow our main function - the "Post news"?! You know even if we install engine on 10 servers without you we do not find out a real situation.

AH is a big and great community and deserves to remain on of the best with no red and green lights...

There is no problem, I can remove this picture :-)) but I think in such situation this picture is very significant ;-)

Of course, quantity of servers are important but in current situation our main headache is an engine, after "Big Bang" we lose not only servers also we lose last version of engine and programmer who's wrote its, we have been forced to search a new programmer and we found him but if you had a deal with programming you must know how hard to modify code which was wrote by somebody else... but in spite of this already a lot of things were did so now goes last phase of engine optimization, specifically optimization of news publications

Has any consideration been given to a donation scheme, I wonder?

You know, it's very responsibly call to people make a donation, firstly we must do all what we can to free you all from money payment even though donate but if we'll find oneself in hopeless situation than have no doubt we'll ask your help :-)

Listen the interzone he's very smart and understand the situation well :-)
Posted By: Retribution Date: 08 Sep 2021 08:56:37
It's now 09:50 am UK time. We have a green light to post, but, after posting get the 'permission denied -Sorry you have no rights to access this page'. I tried this twice with different items but no joy!

EDIT: After a few minutes I find that the posts mentioned above were passed through Moderation and submitted via the 'Home' page. I think the green light was on for about 90 mins give-or-take. This is a real improvement on obscure posting times and only having a green light for only a few minutes.

Avaxhome is proving to be trying hard to get the site back to 100%. I know it can be frustrating for those of us that are avid posters here, but, we really need to be patient.

Testing and possibly Emulation is not a quick process. If problems are not corrected before opening the site fully we could go for months having the site suffering delays.
Posted By: jantine Date: 08 Sep 2021 10:54:00
I'm tired too, Sorry. But after seeing the green light I tried to post. But somehow I couldn't log in. I didn't see the full page could not even reach the post news Button.
after refresh again and again and again suddenly i got a forbidden page and now it's closed again :-((((
Great !
Is it not possible to make a limit for postings for a person 2 a day or so.. Perhaps then everyone is able to post something and the waiting list grows not so fast
Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 08 Sep 2021 11:15:20
rapidshare is a limiting factor for free users to post something due to upload times, i think no limit is needed for posting. an example is me, i could manage approximately 10 posts and i think that's enough for me to share in this times. again very very very many thanks for avaxhome (team), and also for sharing people. i can listen almost everything (music) that i couldnt buy. this web page is an open library for people who lives in third world country. best regards.
Posted By: jantine Date: 08 Sep 2021 11:37:50
@ NeilYoung

I agree, Normaly a limit of posting would not be needed but now when the news is open for posting after closed for many hours everyone is posting more then normal when they seeing the green light, they prepare there postings befor
so they can do many publications in a few minutes but that alos means that the waiting list in filled and closed in no time.
I can't watch AH the whole day and when it's open in the nightshift i am normaly sleeping ;-)
This morning it was open for a while but somehow I was not be able to post :-(
I think It is not so bad idea to give the uploaders in this test periode a limit of postings ;-)
Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Sep 2021 13:25:14

@ (-)

> I guess, that Pasha felt in sleep,

Did he? I guess not :-) After he had to learn that many things are not as easy as they look on first sight, I think he had no good sleep since 3 weeks. But that's OK, he earns that. :-) And if he survives, it makes him stronger.

> Avax is more interested in KpNemo than in moderating at AH

Is he? I don't know - I do not visit that site. (I mean, of couse I see it low-level on the server, but I do not care about its content).

Let me say it this way: Give a child a new toy and he will of course be excited. :-)) But only for a short time - when the toy is no longer new, he will better value his old toys. ;-)

Or let's remember a famous song from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - I dedicate it here to Avax ;-)

You, who are on the road
Must have a code
That you can live by.
And so, become yourself
Because the past
Is just a goodbye.

Teach your children well
Their father's hell
Did slowly go by
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picks
The one you'll know by.

Don't you ever ask them why
If they told you, you would cry
So just look at them and sigh
And know they love you.

I bet our [email protected] will soon add a DL link ;-))

> and "Sunking Bully" is lost anywhere in the "real world"

Yep, this is mainly true. I signed some contracts (before what happened to AvaxHome) with close datelines I have to fulfill, leaving not much spare time for AvaxHome, sorry.

BTW, correct spelling is "Sun King Bully" :-)))

> (with a "real girl"?) and therefor also not present.

I'´m here - but some mess at the server did keep me busy enough, so I had no time to regular login at content level. But you shouldn't miss me - feel free to crucify Pasha instead of me ;-))

Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Sep 2021 14:36:43

@ ALL - Closed publications, Next steps

Of course we know that the current situation is a pain for all our great publishers. Of course we know that all of you who miss the short "green" periods are pissed-off. Perhaps you feel a bit better when I tell you the reasons.

As most of you know, we (and some other sites) lost ALL our servers, our software, our database and configs. One of the miracles is that one server still runs - pixhost.

Pixhost holds and serves ALL pictures of AvaxHome. And, as you can see in all publications starting from spring 2006, it STILL serves all pictures. This is great.

But we do not have root-level access to pixhost, so we cannot configure it, we cannot setup the new gate needed between new AvaxHome.ws and pixhost to upload new pictures. It sounds like a bad joke, but it is sad reality.

Meanwhile we gave up finding a solution with pixhost - we need to setup a new picture server where we have full control. And as it is not easy to configure the AvaxHome engine to use 2 picture servers at same time, Pasha worked very hard during the last weeks to grab all our pictures from pixhost, so we can feed them to a new picture server.

Instead of blaming Pasha for the SHORT "green" periods when he allows you to publish with external picture links, you should thank him for this - I was strictly against publications with external pictures, because they can give bad security problems and because soon all of them have to be fixed and reuploaded again.

Another problem we had during the last weeks was that someone tried to fully ignore all the experience we collected with our software during the last years. Big efforts were done to "bend" an engine, which was developed for multi-server use, to a single server solution. I guess this waste of time and my nerves is over now :-)

Pasha finally agreed and already ordered a 1 GigaBit gateway - we will use this for all internal communications like the traffic between our engine and our SQL server. Besides being 10 times faster as the current solution, it will free up resources on the normal ethernet adapter, so speed of html access should increase a bit and/or allow some more connects at same time without performance drops.

And yes, hehe, if you read a bit "between the lines", this 1 GBit line will only make sense with more as 1 single server :-))

There is no way to tell you an exact date when the new picture server will start its work and when the new multi-server configurations are fully done. But meanwhile I also see "the light at the end of the tunnel" Pasha spoke about some weeks ago :-) - let's grow the little light to a big fire.

You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Friends, we couldn't get much higher
Come on pasha, light my fire
Come on avax, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire ...

(The Doors - 1967)
BTW, Jim wrote more fitting songs for us, like ""Break On Through" and "Been Down so Long" :-) And no, hehe, no need to remind me to songs like "The End" or "Crystal Ship" :-))

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 08 Sep 2021 15:15:46
"Pictures - because soon all of them have to be fixed and reuploaded again."

Should we backup our images for reuploading or will AH team do the uploading to new picture server?

Permission denied to waiting / refused site. Is this now bundled to Post News and only visible when posting is enabled?

Pasha deserves more than just a simple thank you, btw !
Posted By: Retribution Date: 08 Sep 2021 16:34:43
@ mad-mex

RE: Pictures

I think a little self-help is needed at this time.

If you have used an external image host lets hope you have made a copy of the link or why not just create an account...they are usually free.

I have several image hosting accounts but mainly use tinypic or imageshack. I have images saved there for more than 6k files.

I usually save my image to a image host then upload the same file to pixhost via Avaxhome at the time of posting.
Posted By: joemuscat Date: 08 Sep 2021 18:04:02
I would like to ask if anyone has problem with redirecting from avax, this afternoon as soon as i log in avax, i enter and after few seconds i get redirected to another site.
Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Sep 2021 18:58:02

@ interzone

"Actually, there's an excellent doors live-in-europe video floating around here somewhere ... "

Yep, and I guess I even remember WHO uploaded it :-))

TNX for keeping such close to our rules to not include the link. Bur currently our resources are very low, so if now everyone tortures our search engine, we have another problem :-) I better put it here direct:

The Doors - Live in Europe (1968)
Posted By : interzone | Date : 02 Apr 2022 12:43


I added the page to our cache, so it now loads very quick.

To prevent questions like "Where are the download links" etc. I also better direct add that you will have to build them yourself. You always start with "tinyurl.com/" and behind this you add the code for each download file. All files are stored at Rapidshare.

Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Sep 2021 19:11:07

@ joemuscat

"I would like to ask if anyone has problem with redirecting from avax, this afternoon as soon as i log in avax, i enter and after few seconds i get redirected to another site."

And you see ads with the word "Magesy" on left corner?

If yes, it happened to me too. No idea why. In my case it seems to be related to using Firefox 3 AND using the mouse wheel to scroll the page before the page is fully loaded. As I currently do not have time and pleasure to analyze the page source, I stopped using the mouse wheel to "solve" this problem. I can't remember seeing same behavior while using Opera as browser, but there are so many changes going on currently that this might be just a temporary problem.

Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Sep 2021 19:44:57

@ mex

> Should we backup our images for reuploading

Yes Sir!

> or will AH team do the uploading to new picture server?

No idea what Pasha will do, but I remember very well that I wrote him an email after the first external pictures where I clearly told him that _I_ will not fix them when troubles start :-)) Besides, once the picture host blocks access to the picture because of too high traffic ir is not easy to fix this problem. The only reason why almost all pictures are still here is because we currently have very low traffic - a bit less as 10% of the usual traffic we had before. 1 year ago, when pixhost was down for software changes, I uploaded the picture for the announcement to imageshack. When I came back to avaxHome about 20 hours alter, top of our main page already showed an error message instead of the picture.

Pictures are large in size and when they are called too many times a day, the hosts of course block further access instead of paying the cost for even more transfers. External pictures are like time bombs - it is just a matter of time until they are killed and our index pages will look like trash. Not to mention other problems like how 1 single very slow site can delay loading our index pages and not to mention security related problems.

Yes, please keep a copy of these pictures.

> Permission denied to waiting / refused site. Is this now bundled to Post News and only visible when posting is enabled?

For sure it is NOT based on the same flag which handles the Post news". It might be a side-effect of what our new coder is doing - against all my cries he still likes to code at the running production engine instead of a separate development version. It might also be that someone finally found my list of needed fixes I wrote 14 months ago - but I have big doubts about that :-))

You see, these lists were from original design only created for moderators and admins. But there was a big design bug in the first releases of our engine - the whole status reporting system did not work, so we had no other way as to give these lists to public access, so that publishers can see the status of their new publications.

Since about 15 months the status system works as it should - instead of scrolling over long list each publisher can see the status of each new publication directly inside his "My news". Yes, this is one of the big differences between "My news" and "My blog" :-)

So, for publishers access to these lists is no longer needed. And of course many publishers do NOT like that every user can see on the refuse list how much shit they did. :-) These refuses should be private between mods and publishers. Public access to the waiting list often results in keeping mods busy with wonderful mails like "Can't you moderate this publication first ..." or " ... send me the download links in mail - I need it sooooo badly and can no longer wait" etc. :-)

But again: I cannot tell you what exactly the current reason is, as I still miss any documentation what our coder is coding or breaking ;-))

> Pasha deserves more than just a simple thank you, btw !

Yep, as I very often have the strong feeling that I should kick his ass, it for sure would be no bad idea to motivate him by nice words from our members ;-))))

OK, now I've written enough comments today so that I can "relax" a few weeks before typing here again. ;-)

Posted By: joemuscat Date: 08 Sep 2021 22:07:55
And you see ads with the word "Magesy" on left corner?

If yes, it happened to me too. No idea why. In my case it seems to be related to using Firefox 3 AND using the mouse wheel to scroll the page before the page is fully loaded. As I currently do not have time and pleasure to analyze the page source, I stopped using the mouse wheel to "solve" this problem. I can't remember seeing same behavior while using Opera as browser, but there are so many changes going on currently that this might be just a temporary problem.

Now the problem seems to be solved, no more redirecting,but i was being redirected even with internet explorer, hopefully it doesn`t happen again :)

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 09 Sep 2021 03:24:12
@ Retribution
I don´t use picture hosting a lot. So I just upload, copy the links and forget about that thing. But I do keep all these images still on my HD - so reuploading will be no problem.
And with the old way of direct uploading to pixhost I also had many problems - so I did it the way you described that. Worked fine.

@ Bully:
Yes, I agree: Refused / Waiting should be private. Only your own posts visible under _My news_. Would be enough.
But as I´m a curious one: I always enjoyed seeing what and how people post their things. And laughing my a** out when reading the comments of the poor mods.... I will miss that !

External picture server: totally agree to every problem you mentioned about that.
Posted By: luckburz Date: 09 Sep 2021 06:51:07
Hm, ok. I will take up the cudgels fo external pic hoster...

So i had a lot of trouble with pixhost (or maybe it was the old acaxsite?). When i tried to upload something in the past it took a looong time to get that thing happen. Especially the pic upload was horrible. I´m not only uploading here and mostly external hoster are used. And for sure: sometimes the pics will break. Ok. But where is the problem anyway? Reup and everything is fine. And even if not: The news stays fine also without image. Use an fine pichost and no no-name and it will last longer.

Think of what will happen if pixhost goes down for some reason - then will every picture be down...

@the site-runners:

Maybe you can add a info after the temp-open period, like "upload was open from - untill". That would help planning my watch ;-) Another improve could be to limit uploading for the test-period like only two or three ups per user in one hour or so. Then you could let the upload period last a bit longer. I have no idea of coding, so don´t know if that is possible. Just an idea...

Cheers and carry on,

Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 09 Sep 2021 10:11:48
Maybe you can add a info after the temp-open period, like "upload was open from - untill". That would help planning my watch ;-) Another improve could be to limit uploading for the test-period like only two or three ups per user in one hour or so.

I fully agree with this suggestion. This would be very acceptable (so long as these open hours are not set in stone as 22:00 - 06:00 GMT). Perhaps a different time frame each week.
Posted By: jantine Date: 09 Sep 2021 16:41:24
Great Now Posting News worked perfect
Thanks Pasha ;-)
Posted By: Retribution Date: 09 Sep 2021 17:56:20
Many thanks for the up time. Managed to get six posts in ;-)

Thanx Pasha you are a star.
Posted By: AneL_GR Date: 09 Sep 2021 18:26:19
From my experience, I could confirm that this time "New posting mode" has gone perfectly.
Really fast, the pages were fully loaded just in a few seconds and there were no delays at all. I could even say that it was more faster than it was on good days before big crash :P
Hope that this "opening" has given you good and safe test results for future improvement.

Thanks AH Team for your efforts :)
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 09 Sep 2021 20:04:51
Please.... 06:00 - 12:00 GMT time window for post news..... PLEASE....
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 10 Sep 2021 04:29:10
@ Bully:
Now I´m happy again... Found the new links - still able to read Pasha´s funny comments.
Refused By: -=Pasha13=- | Date: 07 Sep 2021 03:05

THIS IS OPEN SOURCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AH would not be the same if I had to miss that - Thanks to all the mods !
And no thanks to stupid posters...
Posted By: melcano Date: 10 Sep 2021 04:44:42
I am (and the everybody, sure) the happiest man of the world. Wellcome back, Avax. Congratulations!!!!
Posted By: accatone Date: 10 Sep 2021 13:22:05
I have a question:
Why while the news posting is disabled by mods, I still see new posts coming in the homepages. Are they accumulated news posts of the time where the slot was open or is there a time of opening I miss. Or are they privileged members who can access to the news posting feature while others not.
Thanks for the reply in advance.
Posted By: Jacques le dernier Date: 10 Sep 2021 15:54:50

@ accatone

As you are NOT a new user, you normally should know how AH-posting-system works:

All postings from 'normal' users firstly are stored in a queue where they are waiting for confirming (or refusing) by a moderator.

Due to the actually very limited possibility of posting news, at presense of 'green light', a lot of new postings arrive in this queue in a very short time and ofcourse can't be handled by the administration in the same speed as they are coming in.
When the signal becomes red again, there are waiting a lot of publications (sometimes even some hundreds) and it may last days until Pasha (or in very rare cases somebody else) has handled all the arrived stuff.

That's the whole secret why you see frequently new postings showing up. :-)

@ Pasha XIII

I think that it's time for a new annoncement (with hopefully good news) so that this thread, which meanwhile takes too much time for loading and also generates unneccessary traffic, can be closed. :-)
Posted By: aragonit Date: 10 Sep 2021 17:27:53
I'm frequently getting a "404" error that "http://www.avaxhome.ws/." can't be loaded, AFTER I already got "http://www.avaxhome.ws/"
So avax often shows up blank.

Something is wrong with one of the advertisers or some script at the end of the page. When I stop loading the page shortly before it has finished, it will stay.
Posted By: accatone Date: 10 Sep 2021 23:15:46
@Jacques le dernier: thank you for the info and I'm hoping for good news.
Posted By: love1977guy Date: 11 Sep 2021 10:22:06
Hi All
Now why still close close close close close close everyday ????

Until when will be like this ???
Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 11 Sep 2021 10:35:00
@ love1977guy,
Maybe you could not see the reasons that were explained a few days before. Try to find text that is written by...(below)

"Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Sep 2021 14:36
@ ALL - Closed publications, Next steps"
Posted By: billinrio Date: 11 Sep 2021 11:26:16
I've been rather desparately searching for you since you disappeared. Yours is by far the best music site on the internet, and I hope that you will be able to stay on-line.
Posted By: jantine Date: 11 Sep 2021 20:44:50
It's yellowwwwww :-)) open the doors, I have a great cd that I want to share with the Avaxians special the green ones ;-)
Posted By: bragard Date: 11 Sep 2021 21:59:18
Yellow yellow, green green green, go go go !!! :)
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 12 Sep 2021 00:24:14
Ah, that's a bit better. Me and my other half finally got some albums back up. Looks like there is going to be no budging on the peak-hours issue, so I'll just have to catch it on my day off...

Thanks for opening it back up for a bit :)
Posted By: silvercleric Date: 12 Sep 2021 08:36:39
long time no see!
i heart avax!!
!_! welcome back !_!
Posted By: luckburz Date: 12 Sep 2021 16:11:06
Thanks for this wonderful long green time. All biological, all avax ;-)
Posted By: ramsis Date: 12 Sep 2021 17:39:46
couldnt accees the content of the posts, do you notice this too ??!!
try this : "http://www.avaxhome.ws/graphics/templates/100themesforxp.html"
posted today
Posted By: franklee Date: 12 Sep 2021 20:56:30
That page loaded for me, but the allfreedownloads one, above, didn't.
Posted By: jan33 Date: 12 Sep 2021 22:24:36
the copy of AvaxHome original at http://tinyurl.com/5xv7mw does not load. By the way, a new original cd is finished. Besides protestant chorales it also includes contrapunct on B-A-C-H.
Posted By: jan33 Date: 12 Sep 2021 23:00:39
@interzone, thank you a lot for your words of cheer.
@e-man, I am very glad you helped in spreading these little pieces.
Posted By: omar6969 Date: 13 Sep 2021 01:26:25
Dios bendiga "AVAXhome"
God bless "AVAXhome"
Бог благословит "AVAXhome"
Posted By: joemuscat Date: 13 Sep 2021 06:27:56
We see the light... it's shining bright, no it's not an end... but NEW BEGINNING!!!

Wow !!!!! Avax is back with full power, thanks to all for all your hard work, and a very special thanks to Pasha, I immagine him these days with all these pubblications

now avax is back, let`s rock the net !!!!!
Posted By: rosebox Date: 13 Sep 2021 13:13:44
welcome back, I like your site so much... hope to be fully recovered
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 13 Sep 2021 14:21:15
@ joemuscat
It still says TEST MODE - still no picture server.
So I guess AH is in Power Test Mode ;-)

But yeah, there is something shining bright at the end of the tunnel.
Thanks, AH team !
Posted By: Jacques le dernier Date: 13 Sep 2021 19:32:44
m-m: you surely saw the fire in the euro-tunnel between Dover & Calais :-)
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 13 Sep 2021 19:56:34
Jacques le dernier :
I will never travel below sea level...
But maybe I was confused by the lights of the Xmas tree - which my local WalMart already put in the Toys sections. (don´t ask me please why I visited the toys section...)
Btw: 0:3 means something to you?
Posted By: babakruzbeh Date: 14 Sep 2021 10:03:26
loading avaxhome? 1...2...3..... oh ten minutes is long!
I must refresh to view main page.
where are the pictures?
pleas correct problems.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 14 Sep 2021 17:09:42
@ Sigma9999:
"is it true..." "What to do for them" --> http://avaxhome.ws/faq.html

@ interzone:
Maybe it was _hole_ lotta love ;-)
Posted By: jantine Date: 15 Sep 2021 06:34:40
@Firefox & Mirror Makers

I'm not against mirrors, but I don't like to see it underneath my postings, because I'm not always sure if it is the same upload.
I see many new mirror makers lately and sometimes where the original post is done with a password the mirror is not.. so that means something is changend, perhaps with hidden advertising, I don't know, I'm not check them, because it isn't mine upload.
I never download from a mirror makers when I can take the original link from the uploader that I trust.
Mirrors is a good thing, but only when someone really wants to help, but most mirrors are done by cold business guys. they are using AH publications for that, I just don't like that so much, that's all.

When mine own uploads are down and users are asking in comments for a reup or sending a PM, I'll always repear it.

"Some publisher (like me) are not against mirrors on comments and i alaways put 3 links on my post."

Yep, that's easy for you to say when a upload is very small like yours ;-) mirrors are done in a few minutes.
But a music ablbum mostly is around the 80 mb or bigger, too much work for me. so I don't make mirrors myself, Just give the link wich is stored in my rs acount.

Hey perhaps this would be a great idea ;-)
When Avaxhome Seperate the good mirrormakers from the bad guys. They can make a AH-Mirrorteam, who can be trusted
then you can even be leading man from the mirrormaker team ;-)
Posted By: pnkv Date: 15 Sep 2021 07:10:50
А можно точнее очертить правила, при которых новости бракуются? На днях поместил сообщение об 11 отсканированных книгах из 15-ти томной серии The Cambridge History of China, которая была забракована. Проверяющий написал в новости «есть ли у издания ISBN?». Я дополнил новость ссылкой на http://histories.cambridge.org/book?id=chol9780521243278_CHOL9780521243278 где дана подробная информация на каждый том. После чего новость была совсем удалена. Общего ISBN у издания нет, выуживать ISBN на каждый том просто не имею времени. Так же не вижу особого смысла делать на каждый том отдельную новость. Поэтому мне совершенно не ясны причины удаления моей новости, посвященной весьма интересному и редкому изданию. При таком отношении пропадает желание делиться чем-либо интересным с остальными посетителями ресурса.
Posted By: postman99 Date: 15 Sep 2021 11:38:58
Grr, some countries only can use Rapidshare.... easy and deposit use far too many pop-ups and browser will not accept their rubbish.

I am always happy to have Rapid, it is always ok for this country.
Posted By: jantine Date: 15 Sep 2021 15:25:34

"It's so easy to find an excuse for something ;-)"

Yep, but I didn't look for any excuse, believe me ;-)
I don't need to.
I Just summed up what I don't like so much, no matter what someone else think about that. ;-)
Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 15 Sep 2021 19:20:05
"So, if you want quality mirrors, just see my name and you will have good ones but be careful with the clones(firefoxs, firefoxy, firefox12,...), they are not from my family ;-)"

Okey Firefox21 (real one, not fake like me), when i see your name i look at with my 4 eyes careful careful beeeee careful.
(what is the meaning of this sentence i dont know, like yours)
Posted By: AneL_GR Date: 15 Sep 2021 20:25:22
Peace my friends. Peace.

AH has many many users. Many uploaders and many downloaders. As many they are so many their opinion and how they do things.

ONLY one thing should concern everyone as it is above all.


Respect them, comply with them and respect _original_ publishers wish as well.
Mirrors and mirror men would not even exist if there were no original publishers, do NOT forget that ;)
Posted By: amir28 Date: 16 Sep 2021 00:31:50

Welcome Back Avaxhome!
Daje ne znayu 4to skazat'!
Ya bil v shoke kogda ne rabotal etot sait!
Vot slava Bogu vse skoro budet kak ran'she i daje lu4she!
Jdem final'niy reliz saita!


Posted By: Retribution Date: 16 Sep 2021 08:27:37
@ Firefox21 and other Mirrormen

''and remember that many Mirromen are publisher too.
and Our job(Publisher or Mirrormen) is to Trade and only this, for the most people on this planet.''

I notice some 'Mirrormen' post minimum posts of files little more than 1Kb each!

Personally I do not approve of the mirroring of other members files. Many of us spend a great deal of time obtaining, preparing and posting files. Even though the poster may provide TWO file hosts you often get a mirrorman HIJACK the file. ie, Rapidshare mirrored to Filefactory.

You say ''Our job(Publisher or Mirrormen) is to Trade and only this''. Not quite true, is it? In order to mirror Rapidshare to Filefactory via remote link you need Premium Accounts which as any one knows provide points in exchange for new accounts or extending accounts.

Quite often Mirrormen ride 'roughshod' throughout this site hijacking files for their own personal gain.

Morrormen in my opinion only exist because the are too lazy/corrupt to create good posts (not just a small 1 or 2Kb post) themselves and spend most of their time copying links from others for their own gain. Much of the Warez/Torrent world truly hate this practice and it often leads to an instant lifetime ban.

I have calculated that if I mirrored as many popular files as I can from this site (Rapidshare to Filefactory) in one hour, It should take less than 5 days to gain enough Premier points to enable me to extend/create a new account.

Food for thought all.
Posted By: Retribution Date: 16 Sep 2021 12:16:49
@ Firefox21

Most of the time I post links with Rapidshare, Filefactory or Netload. Or a mixture of two or three of them. So, that answers that!

I used to post Movies here mainly (SCR, R5 Line or DVDRips) Usually 8x100Mb files with Rapidshare. It takes a long time to upload up to 800Mb. My Rapidshare links would then be mirrored, posted and the original Rapidshare links would be reported to RS who would instantly delete them as being suspected of containing illegal content. So all that would be left in my original post would be the Hijackers links in the comments section using say Filefactory and then re-mirrored to Rapidshare in the comments section. I do all the hard work, the mirrormen come by and copy my links to Filefactory, post these links in comments, report my links to RS, my links get deleted and the mirrormen then use their Filefactory links to create their own Rapidshare links and post these in the comments.

This kind of thing has been going on here at Avax now for as long as I can remember (over 2 years +). You may have your own excuse for mirroring files, but this is just one reason I don't like them. I stopped posting movies for this reason a long time ago. Oh and has anyone noticed the lack of English movies now. I wonder why?
Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 16 Sep 2021 14:53:39
firefox do whatever you want to do but talk(write) less...
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 16 Sep 2021 16:36:06
Mirror discussion - we had this for years - leads to nothing - useless.
There are rules - accept them. Period.

@ Firefox21:
Please don´t use the term _trade_ - _share_ sounds better. ;-)
Posted By: scalisto Date: 16 Sep 2021 16:49:45
Nobody has ever mirrored my posts. Could it be my breath? Should I start using Listerine?
Posted By: sharity Date: 16 Sep 2021 17:47:35
Don't worry scalisto, i don't believe it's your breath - must be something different.
Let's ask Firefox21 - maybe he has an idea.
btw: Firefox21's blog is awesome, guess i will have to order a new harddisc ....
Posted By: jantine Date: 16 Sep 2021 19:22:26

"Time to work guys... hurry hurry !!! ;-p"

Guys ? Was the gate only open for the boys today :-))))
or did I just missed it again ?

The funniest part about the mirror discussion, is more talking in the comments here.
I respect the rules, (do you wanna know a secret) I never really read them :-)

Posted By: -=Pasha13=- Date: 16 Sep 2021 19:46:22
Sorry guys, performance still sucks, we are thinking about moving to another DataCenter, thanks for your patience.
Posted By: toejam Date: 16 Sep 2021 21:12:30
Just wondering if there is a particular time of the day when you open up for new items to be published? I have several new things, and got cut off posting the very first one :(
Posted By: taylor17 Date: 17 Sep 2021 06:00:51
@ Retribution

The lack of English movies is because I keep missing the posting time, I have at least a dozen new movies to post :| and I need a free pic hosting site.
Posted By: aragonit Date: 17 Sep 2021 08:32:08
The private messages seem to be broken!

imageshack.us is free and quite good. or try photobucket.
Posted By: Retribution Date: 17 Sep 2021 10:08:21
@ ScaryMe

I knew of 'inem' we had a few conversations via PM regarding various topics. I guess he has now moved on or has changed name and given up with the movies. I used ftp2share a lot as he did, now I have spent many days replacing my ftp2share links with their respective direct links. Ftp2share was good when it was up and working, but went down about the same time as Axax. I asked Pasha days ago if he knew the future for ftp2share but the answer was not hopeful. I wonder if there was a server connection between Avax and ftp2share!

Because I have accounts with RS, FF and NL I can now mirror my own RS links to them and provide multiple interchangeable links as ftp2share would do.
Posted By: Retribution Date: 17 Sep 2021 10:30:06
@ Firefox21

After what you have said above regarding the topic of Mirrormen. I invite members to view the link below. Correct me if I am wrong, but there seems to be a clear case of rule breaking, not just by one member but two.


@ mad-mex

One question. Are you a Moderator for this site?
Posted By: franklee Date: 17 Sep 2021 14:01:07
I also detest body piercing, especially when it's extreme. I like looking at good tattoos, but wouldn't have one. Besides, tattoos look ugly when they age and the colour fades and they are just another form of identification that I could do without.
Posted By: taylor17 Date: 17 Sep 2021 15:09:58
Thanks!! I will try those pic sites.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 17 Sep 2021 15:36:34
@ Retribution :
No, I´m not a Mod - and that would be the last thing I wish for ;-)
I´m a stinky normal user of Avax my Home.

Btw: thanks for replacing the ftp2share links - hope others will follow your example.
Posted By: Retribution Date: 17 Sep 2021 16:06:50
@ Firefox21

''No, there is no breaking rules coz the publisher don't ask for no mirroring.
Like i've wrote, many publisher are not like you against mirrors on comments''

Copy of Rules on Mirroring

Comments with "mirrors" will be deleted ONLY IF publisher post files at least on TWO DIFFERENT FILE HOSTS.
(example on rapidshare and deposite, or megaupload, uploding and deposite etc.)
Also comments with "mirrors" will be deleted IF files in comments was hosted at the same file host as using in publication.
(example deposite at publication and deposite at comments)
And please respect publisher's request about "No Mirrors".

I can only assume that even if a member posts two links you ignore this if they don't request 'No Mirrors'?

btw: This not a 'war' it's challenging conversation. If views were never challenged we would all be simply 'yes men'.
Posted By: jantine Date: 17 Sep 2021 19:46:15
I totaly agree with you.. BTW, I think it's absurd to mirror a 2 mb archive wich is soo small.. special when there are already two mirrors made by the uploader himself.

It more looks to me that there is a some kind of mirrorrace going on (who is the first mirrormen in the comments,
Who make the best quality mirrors.)
If you have really respect for the Original uploader then I think you should at least say "thank you" in the comments.

that was my 21 cents ;-)

About Piercings now :
I never liked Piercings, always told my kids, it's ugly, don't do it. But a half year ago my son took a piercing in his eyebrow, and now I get used to the fact he has one. I don't think it's ugly anymore (but I still praying that he won't take more)

About tattoos:
Same son asked me MOM! "what do you think, shall I take a tattoo" ..I told him that it is very painfull (needles and so)
But I fear he won't listen to me ;-)

@interzone ...You lost your bet :-)

Edit 2
about the CollegeGirls with piercings:
I see the original uploader put three links in his publication


Next question for firefox ...what do you think ? who made the best mirror ?
Posted By: Unknown Date: 17 Sep 2021 21:34:42

A lot off very important topics for discussion here - seems that no new postings are needed :-)))

Posted By: Unknown Date: 17 Sep 2021 22:35:48
And in future you'll make mirrors only after he has checked legality :-)))
Posted By: Bully Date: 18 Sep 2021 01:36:41

> Posted By: Firefox21 Date: 17 Sep 2021 22:22
> I'll talk only in the presence of my lawyer :-p

Sorry that he was out for a business trip during the last days and did not see these discussions :-))

Of course FF21 is a good victim when it comes to the never ending story of mirrors - he has the most mirrors still in our database. But please also keep in mind that there is a reason why his mirrors are still online, while 10 thousands of other mirrors had been regular removed.

The reason is very simple - he 101 % :-) keeps to our rules. He never would be so crazy to create a mirror at a publication where our rules forbid it. He never gave me even the slightest reason to ban him and delete his mirrors. Even more, even in special cases, where our written rules do not fully fit, he uses his brain.

And, opposite to our usual bad guys who daily create a new account, flood out mirrors fully ignoring our rules, he takes part in the community life. Would have been much easier for him to keep his mouth shut in these discussions here :-)

Over the years we tried many different ways to handle mirrors - the current rules for mirrors are now unchanged since over 1 year. They might not be fully perfect (we closed this gap by some additional internal admin rules for special cases) - but all in all they are the best solution of all our earlier experiments.

There's nothing wrong with the rules. The only current problem is that we are so busy fighting other problems (and wrong concepts) that we have no time left for EXECUTING the rules. No-one of us is currently really checking the new comments, so for sure a lot of shit happens, sorry!

In real bad cases please send a mail to our mods, including the url of your publication. Send mail to -=Pasha13=- so whoever of our mods is currently online will handle your problem. In a few weeks you can also write again to me anout such problems - but currently I only can login or 2 times a weeks, sorry.

Eh, no, my current limited time for AH is not the reason why we are still not back to full service. :-) I told Pasha and Avax 7 weeks ago in full detail WHAT we need to do to come back to normal performance and normal service. But someone else made promises to handle problems very different, so since 4 weeks we waste the time with lot of experiments which all in all give exactly the same results as a short usage of the human brain would give :-/

>>Posted By: -=Pasha13=- Date: 16 Sep 2021 19:46
>> Sorry guys, performance still sucks,

Yep, of course. And we both know why :-)

>> we are thinking about moving to another DataCenter,

Please let me make clear that I am NOT part of this "we" :-) A different datacenter will not solve any problem if "we" still go on with a wrong concept and not fitting configuration.

>> thanks for your patience.

Yep, to this I can fully agree ;-)
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 18 Sep 2021 02:45:28
@ interzone :
you won your bet with me....
But I only have a very small, even "hidden" tatoo ;-)
And I don´t like piercings - cold metal feeling when kissing. And every time you leave the supermarket, the alarm on the checking doors goes on. Beeeeep - NO !
Posted By: jantine Date: 18 Sep 2021 06:37:09

A while ago someone said to me It ain't much, if it ain't Dutch. ;-) Go Ahead if you can reach the Post Button.
Altough I much more prefer the Golden Earings, Kane, Anouk or Ilse de lange. I think Room Eleven is ok.
Hey, Hey, Hey. I really liked there last song, sounds pretty happy.

Of course FF21 is a good victim when it comes to the never ending story of mirrors

Yep he sure is :-)
He's the only mirror_victom around here who also talks with uploaders so that makes him a kind of special ;-).
Hey no hard feelings for him, It's a smart guy, but it is a kind of funny to see how proud he is at his mirrors, like he almost did the hard work himself :-))))
It's because the door are always closed so instead of that we need some food for talking,.

In most cases I am joking, but that doesn't change my view of the useless mirros sometimes.
and please, perhaps you can change someting about the additute of the mirror_storm then started by yourself and leave a few nice words in the comments for uploaders. I bet you also keep some uploads for yourself.
It would do you no harm and perhaps they even started to like your mirrors.
Posted By: jantine Date: 18 Sep 2021 06:56:58
"Posted By: Retribution Date: 16 Sep 2021 12:16"

About your deleted rs links.
I don't think that the mirrors are the reason for that.
When rs links get deleted by trols, then they are also blacklisted, It's not possible to use the same archive
also not when you change the name. It doesn't work.
And when your Rs files get deleted then there own rs mirrors are also gone.
So I don't think that mirrorguys deleting your rs links to share there own rs links.
Because they need to change the archive and uploading it by themself.
that's too much work for mirrormen.
Posted By: Retribution Date: 18 Sep 2021 07:38:48
@ jantine

Please check your info, I didn't write your quote above!

Apologies accepted via PayPal ;-)
Posted By: jantine Date: 18 Sep 2021 08:45:00

No I didn't qoute, it was a answer on what you wrote in that post from two days ago ;-)
Paypal..I don't use that, but perhaps I can also do like interzone and upload a great album for you, when AH alouds me. :-))))
Posted By: Retribution Date: 18 Sep 2021 10:54:50

Now that sounds hospitable, I have been looking for albums by the group 'Auditory Sculpture', genre: Electro. Very good sounds.
Google shows lots of stuff but can't find a d/l link....if you know what I mean ;-)

Posted By: Bully Date: 18 Sep 2021 23:23:20

@ geobaby

> Any idea when they will be back to normal, with their usual stable of exciting additions?

5 weeks ago I would have answered your question same as what Avax announced in his publication: In about 6 or 7 days.

Meanwhile, after watching for weeks how some people still try hard to move a big mountain to their position instead of just walking themselves to the mountain, a honest answer would be more like: I fear never. But this is just my private view - other members of our team for sure see it different :-)

Anyway, meanwhile I am even happy when I do login and do not have to see more additional new bugs added to the AH engine.

OK, berfore this gets to personal, I better let Bob Dylan answer your question:

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind,
the answer is blowing in the wind.

@ Pasha

As Dylan for sure is not Death Metal, I spare you the search for lyrics and add here a few lines, special for you :-))

How many times must a man look up,
before he sees the sky?
And how many ears must one man have,
before he can hear people cry?
And how many deaths will it take till we know,
that too many users have left?

Bob Dylan, 1962/63

Posted By: Bully Date: 19 Sep 2021 00:21:50

@ mex

TNX for your new comment - it made me such curious that I searched interzone's wonderful comment which I did fully miss before. To express my tnx, I do not start discussing which body parts would fully qualify for your "hidden" tattoo :-)))

> Posted By: interzone Date: 17 Sep 2021 17:55
> I bet Jantine has piercings ... and tattoos. George Baker all over her.

@ interzone

TNX for these wonderful words! They gave me the first long and loud laugh since weeks. In fact, I still have a large smile on my face and I fear it will take some days until I can get this picture of Jantine out of my head :-)))

@ Jantine

> @interzone ...You lost your bet :-)

He might lost it for George Baker :-)
But how about your tattoos of smiling cows??? ;-))

Ah, I well remember the full cow collection from summer 2006 ;-) but the only one I am able to find with a quick search is this one:


Yep, hehe, I know there were better cow pictures :-))

> It ain't much, if it ain't Dutch. ;-)

Yep, for sure ;-)
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 19 Sep 2021 00:23:55
@ Bully:
why so optimistic ? ;-)
Posted By: Bully Date: 19 Sep 2021 01:13:48

@ mex

> @ Bully: why so optimistic ? ;-)

Jenny Lewis wrote in her song "Portions for Foxes" (released on Rilo Kiley's 2004 album)

There's blood in my mouth
'cause I've been biting my tongue all week
I keep on talkin' trash
but I never say anything

But there is a limited volume of how much blood you can keep in your mouth :-) Sometimes you need to spit a bit of it out, even in public.

In private talks it is very different - there I talk much more "clear and cold words" as Pasha likes :-)

But private should be private, so I only can tell you that in one of my last talks to him I quoted some lines from Cohen's great song "The Future" - I guess these lines I can also quote in public:

I've seen the websites rise and fall
I've heard their stories, heard them all
but brain's the only engine of survival

Your servant here, he has been told
to say it clear, to say it cold:
It's over, it ain't going any further

Give me back the Berlin Wall
Give me Stalin and St Paul
Give me Christ or give me T-D-Z
Destroy another website now
We don't like users anyhow
I've seen the future, brother:

Quoted from memory - so 3 words might be different to the original lyrics :-) But that's OK - in his live converts Cohen himself very often changes some words to take care for actual situations.

OK, before someone now attacks me for the words starting with "Give me back ..." These words simply mean that no matter how bad the old days had been, they still were much better as the current days.

Anyway, I already wrote too much. Mouth is already almost empty, I need a few days (realistic) or weeks (optimistic) to collect some new blood :-))

Posted By: jantine Date: 19 Sep 2021 06:34:38
@ Bully

"TNX for these wonderful words! They gave me the first long and loud laugh since weeks. In fact, I still have a large smile on my face and I fear it will take some days until I can get this picture of Jantine out of my head :-)))"

Shall I help You a bit ? Think about your ET - and the picture is gone in a minute...

"But how about your tattoos of smiling cows??? ;-))"
Three questions marks, so you are really dying to know.?
Hey, how about your tatoos ?


There is not much to find about this band, I promise I'll keep my eyes open for you on newsgroups.
but at the moment, I can't find nothing, sorry
Posted By: Retribution Date: 19 Sep 2021 07:03:22
@ Jantine

Thanks for looking. I think there are 4 albums altogether, but I have the feeling no one has ever ripped them.

Earlier this year I was after the Soundtrack for 'A Good Night'. Could I found it, No. I ended up getting it from Amazon.com. Its ready to post here asap, in (FLAC) or (192Kbps) quality, [RS][FF] .
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 19 Sep 2021 14:08:49
@ geobaby :
"However, without a steady supply of new and interesting postings, this site will sooner rather than later, atrophy and die."

I don´t agree to your words.
But I fear, you´re right !
Posted By: scalisto Date: 19 Sep 2021 17:25:01
@Bully. You forgot the rest of the song:

There'll be the breaking of the ancient
Ruby code
Your public lies will suddenly implode
There'll be phantoms
There'll be fires on the road
and the blog man dancing
You'll see Pasha
hanging upside down
his features covered by his fallen gown
and all the lousy little mirrormen
coming round
tryin' to sound like Charlie Manson
and the blog man dancin'
Posted By: NeilYoung Date: 19 Sep 2021 18:13:24
time is not important, i will wait until everything is okey, because there is no (another) avaxhome...
best regards...
Posted By: jantine Date: 19 Sep 2021 18:45:29
Please correct me if I am wrong.

But this is a community where we Thank God "sometimes" can talk, and listen to eachothers opinion.
We can all take part of it, no matter who comes first or what we have to say.
Be glad that beside the welknown names here in this conversation somtimes other members taking part in the "talkshow".
Perhaps I sound to simple now, but I really hate it when people are told to shut up, because he or she is new here...
Posted By: toejam Date: 19 Sep 2021 20:16:43
I think it shows a measure of immaturity when speaking to someone you don't know like that. Whether or not he/she has posted anything at all has nothing to do with them desiring to make an addition to the ongoing blog, and yes - I have made posts here, mainly all audiophile music.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 20 Sep 2021 02:54:43
AH means uploaders & downloaders & AH-team / comments welcome from everyone !

Right now, with things uploaded, but not able to post them, I feel like sitting on a small island. And the only thing I have to eat are tons of Viagra. But I´m the only one on this fugging island !
Well, does the small monkey there on the palmtree count ?
Maybe later....
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 20 Sep 2021 07:21:29
@ Bully:
moving a mountain... At least you have to know where the mountain is to do that.
If I look at gfxworld, there´s nothing going on (except a few posts in the temp-blog from pariman... - the same which are here in waiting line)

You already mentioned it a lot: missing a special person here. But could it really be, that nothing could be developed without him?
And yes, I´m waiting patiently - but that funky monkey on the palmtree makes me nervous...
Ah, and before you respond: tatoo is _near_ there - not _on_ there !
Posted By: Pwmbdrl12 Date: 20 Sep 2021 09:59:32
Is Avaxhome planned to be back in 2009?
Posted By: Bully Date: 20 Sep 2021 13:36:38

@ Pwmbdrl12

> Is Avaxhome planned to be back in 2009?

Hey, only AvaxHome admins are allowed to write such sarcastic words :-)))

If you want an answer to this question: Yes ;-)


At the moment I am very short in time, so I cannot talk NOW to the fine and creative :-) new comments I see here. Perhaps tonight or next day, let's see.

But after my "optimistic" words (as mad mex called them) of the last days, I think I should also let you know that my words were not written in vain :-))

This morning Pasha surprised me with some real good news. I tested it myself, so I'm glad to tell you now that 1 of the 2 major problems - which blocks us from running full service - is finally solved. It's currently not 100% complete, but most important part is already working.

I leave it to Pasha to tell you the good news in a few days - because all I did about this problem was MOTIVATING Pasha "a bit" ;-)) Let's see if I "motivated" enough that the second problem is now also handled without more delays. If yes, I bet not only Firefox21 (hehe) will be happy again ;-)

To spare next question:

"Is AvaxHome planned to be back in 2008?"

Yeah! ;-)

Hope this short info will make some people feel a bit better.

Posted By: Retribution Date: 22 Sep 2021 14:48:42
Oh good Avax is back (again). Thought we might have lost you for good this time.
Posted By: ramsis Date: 22 Sep 2021 15:00:16
LOOL I'm missing avax even we couldnt access this site only for 1 day !!! :))...HAPPY TO BE BACK.
Posted By: Bully Date: 22 Sep 2021 15:34:55

@ ALL - We are back again :-))

Sorry to everyone who was not able to access us since yesterday evening. It was not our fault - there was a serious problem with domain management.

Depending on which country you live and how fast your ISP is updating your DNS server, it might take some hours until you are able to see this comment, while other users might see it already. That is fully normal based on how DNS works.

Posted By: alex7103 Date: 22 Sep 2021 18:18:31
Ребят, я заранее извиняюсь за занудство, но так просто будет лучше, поверьте мне! Поправьте, пожалуйста, "close" на "closed". Помните, если кто был заграницей, что там обычно бывает написано на дверях закрытого магазина? Ну, так, вот, сдается мне так, что в Интернете должно быть примерно тоже самое. А еще я думаю, если набрать слово "closed" в Google и посмотреть images, то выпадет куча характерных магазинных вывесок, а на "close" ничего не выпадет...
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 23 Sep 2021 02:24:27
DNS problem:
is there a chance, that whenever such a problem appears, we can read something at avaxhome.ru - fit-media.ru ?

@ alex7103:
of course you´re right about the closed-close thing.
But Closed means No Access - I read Close as _close (next/near) to be open_ ...
A nice, optimistic error ;-)
Posted By: INFECTIOUS Date: 23 Sep 2021 07:58:07
i thought i lost avax again yesterday,good thing the problem was just minimal. i agree with mad-mex that there should be an announcement in fit-media.ru if there is something wrong with the server or something. it's hard losing such a wonderful site once again.totally unbearable.at any rate,welcome back everyone!cheers!
Posted By: Retribution Date: 24 Sep 2021 08:36:35
The VideoLAN Team is pleased to announce the release of VLC media player 0.9.2 - Grishenko.
Resulting of 2 years of development, it features many new functionalities, including a new interface for Windows and Linux.


VideoLAN is a Free Software and Open Source multi-platform video streaming solution. It also features a cross-plaform multimedia player, VLC, which can be used to read the stream from the network or display video read locally on the computer.

This new interface module has a few improvements on the old one:

* Simplified settings and dialogs
* Media library integration
* Album art displaying and metadata editing
* Live activation of Video and audio filters
* Basic encoding profiles
* Multiple start modes (classic, enhanced and minimalist)
* System tray icon and minimizing
* Fullscreen controller

And many other improvements and bug-fixes.

Moreover, some global hotkeys plugin can be found on the forum.

The playlist has been improved in many ways, in addition to the new Media Library (very simple so far, but will be extended in the future):

* Live Searching in the playlist,
* Youtube, Dailymotion, Google Video and similar services URL can be scripted in VLC to play directly those URLs,
* last.fm submission support,
* Album art support,
* Better metadata tagging reading and writing support for audio files.


A lot of new decoders, demuxers, and protocols have been added.

There are new codecs support, like Flash video variants, camcorder codecs (M2TS ones), Dirac, Atrac3, H.264 PAFF, APE audio, RealVideo, VC-3, Fraps and others, but also better decoding and better performance. Many thanks to the FFmpeg project which can take most of the credit for these improvements.

There are improvements in the demuxers and new supports (subtitles format rework with many new formats, Tivo2, OMA, MIDI support...).

Tag supports of audio files have vastly been improved(fix of APE, AAC, OGG tags,...)

This version also supports DVB windows devices (BDA), iSight Webcams, v4l2 on Linux and many other ones.

Many new audio and video filters have been added:

* New video filters like puzzle game, color extracting, sharpen, logo erasing, blue-screen and more have been added.
* New audio filters have introduced Replay Gain support, Faster/Slower audio playback with pitch correction and a spatializer.

Most video filters can now be streamed.

* libVLC has been rewritten and split and supports externally built plugins
* VLCKit, a Mac OS X Framework, enables external developers to develop applications around VLC.
* New bindings can be found on the wiki and the forums


A new update system, more secured, was developed for this release.

New localizations in Finnish, Persian, Polish, Punjabi, Bulgarian have joined the old ones.

Posted By: Bully Date: 24 Sep 2021 18:58:02


ALL AvaxHome pictures(except the pics uploaded during the last weeks to external servers) are currently missing.

After a mail from our member ajajaj I checked the older publications and have to confirm that it is true. All links to all pictures on our picture server are broken now.

The good news: The pictures themselves do still exist. Only all links are "just" wrong.

Our new coder just again did changes to the running engine without using his brain and even without testing his work before deploying it at production level.

Current links are like

http://localhost:8080/avaxhome/big_show.php?/avaxhome ...

Of course these links to localhost are nonsense. Except perhaps Mr. Fine :-)) no user has ALL about 700.000 AvaxHome pictures stored on his private computer ( = localhost / :-)

Meanwhile we all know about this new joke and I hope it will be fixed "soon". So, please no more email about this shit.

I have no idea what else was changed about handling of pictures, so perhaps it is better that you do NOT edit older publications now.

Posted By: turbo46 Date: 30 Sep 2021 12:27:05
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