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Posted By : Bully | Date : 23 Mar 2022 23:59:00 | Comments : 34 |

to all our members and visitors
Your AvaxHome Team
Avax, TDz, Torai, Pasha & Bully

Meet us at AvaxHome.ru

Oops .... something is wrong ...

Yep ... something is really wrong ... :-)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lost & Found ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Easter BeerDeer


Posted By: Brother No 1 Date: 22 Mar 2022 22:40:18
Happy easter to the Avax team... me - I'm enjoying the 4 day holiday here in sunny oz :]
Posted By: E.K.X. Date: 22 Mar 2022 22:43:07
Happy Holidays from Poland; cute bunnies :)
Posted By: Serial Date: 23 Mar 2022 00:01:46
Happy Easter to the Avax team and all of you hardworking uploaders!!

Any prices for guessing who's who at abowe pics?

(Read: What do you give me for my silence?)
Posted By: Bully Date: 23 Mar 2022 00:03:50

@ Serial

"Read: What do you give me for my silence?)"

The promise to NOT publish pictures of pink dressed BeerDeers? ;-))


Posted By: RockIsTrance Date: 23 Mar 2022 00:24:34
Happy easter to the Avax team and all members

from tunisia
Posted By: jantine Date: 23 Mar 2022 00:29:57
I wish you all a happy Easter Weekend
good luck in finding your Easter Eggs ;-)
Posted By: kalayaan Date: 23 Mar 2022 01:22:22
What did the egg say to the CLOWN fish? (as posted by bully)

Answer: You CRACK me up!
Posted By: kalayaan Date: 23 Mar 2022 01:23:00
As the spirit of happiness surrounds us,
come let's be together and share
a fun filled moments this Easter here at Avaxsphere!

Happy Easter !!!
Posted By: kalayaan Date: 23 Mar 2022 01:30:45
Q. Why couldn't the EASTER eggs didn't show up with the hot Gurlz (of Bully's above pic) ?

A. They were afraid they would fry!
Posted By: sigbin Date: 23 Mar 2022 01:39:39
How come Bully's frog didn't get to be the Easter Bunny?

Answer: Slippery hands...they were afraid he'd drop the eggs!

Posted By: sigbin Date: 23 Mar 2022 01:43:51
Happy Easter!!!
Posted By: ricsan Date: 23 Mar 2022 02:29:33
Felices Pascuas para el equipo de Avax
y para todos los creyentes
desde Argentina
Posted By: dinoaur Date: 23 Mar 2022 02:50:30
Happy Easter to all from beside the swimming pool in Brisbane, Australia
Posted By: Serial Date: 23 Mar 2022 03:10:09

My silence are well paid for!
Pink is not the colour at easter anyway :)

Strange picturecollection you have BTW.
Posted By: maxand Date: 23 Mar 2022 05:38:20
Happy Easter to all at AvaxHome and thanks for all your hard work in keeping us happy too! :)
Posted By: alejandrosanz Date: 23 Mar 2022 07:58:50
happy easter to the avax team
Posted By: Tibs Date: 23 Mar 2022 08:32:27
Happy Easter from Tasmania, thanks for the greeting.
Posted By: vizilo Date: 23 Mar 2022 08:33:58
Happy Easter to Avax team and all members and visitors!
From Hungary.. vizilo
Posted By: Olmo Date: 23 Mar 2022 08:51:55
Happy Easter to all
from cordoba...
Posted By: kazanzaki Date: 23 Mar 2022 09:00:29
Happy Easter from France, thanks for the greeting.
Happy Easter to the Avax team and all members.
Posted By: bvzgio Date: 23 Mar 2022 09:57:10
Happy Easter to all from Como Italy.
Grazie a tutti per i bellissimi post.
Auguri & Ciao.
Posted By: vincent Date: 23 Mar 2022 10:17:57
Happy Easter !
Joyeuses Pâques !
Christ est ressucité ! Alléluia !
De France.
Posted By: -=Boss=- Date: 23 Mar 2022 11:07:19

ขอให้ทีม Avax ประสบแต่ความสุขในวันเทศกาลอัสเตอร์ครับ

Happy easter to the Avax team and thank you very much for hard working.

Best regards,

Posted By: el_espaniol Date: 23 Mar 2022 20:27:37
Felices Pascuas y Resurrección...PAZ en el mundo y buena voluntad...!
Happy Easter to all : Peace in the World...!
From Argentina, South Ameérica.-
Posted By: napsmear Date: 23 Mar 2022 21:22:28
Hoppy Easter to All
Posted By: Soryleon Date: 23 Mar 2022 21:57:40
Joyeuse Pâques avec plein de bon chocolat belge...(Happy Easter with plenty of good belgian chocolate...)
Posted By: efisio Date: 23 Mar 2022 22:08:56
Felice pasqua di resurrezione a tutti gli uomini di buona volonta'
Happy easter for all people
Thanks at all friendly Avaxians people
Posted By: criscros1 Date: 23 Mar 2022 22:16:49
Happy Easter to you, too. :)
Posted By: Men_Also_Cry Date: 23 Mar 2022 22:58:04
Happy Easter to all of you nice people;

Love and respect from Antalya-Turkey.

Men_Also_Cry & LazyLevo.
Posted By: Fa Date: 23 Mar 2022 22:59:11
Sure beats those boring religious festivals we have the rest of the year doesn't it?
Aaaah. Celebrate the eating of chocolate. I could do it every day.
Thanks for the site team and keep doing what you do. cos' it's good.

Posted By: melomaniaco Date: 24 Mar 2022 02:14:39
Felices Pascuas desde latinoamérica!
Aquí sin chocolates pero con bastante alegría por la resurrección de Nuestro Señor.
Posted By: home_avec_moir Date: 24 Mar 2022 03:07:43
Happy Easter to all at AvaxHome and thanks for all your hard work in keeping us happy too! :)

from Cambodia.
Posted By: silvercleric Date: 24 Mar 2022 08:06:56
happy easter to everyone on avax
Posted By: shramvir Date: 24 Mar 2022 09:37:13
Thank You Sirs,for your greetings and wish you the same from this new member.Very Happy Easter.
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