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HYPick was launched as an easy way to post and share information with others on various subjects such as News, Health, Tech, Sports, Style, Showbiz, Gossip, Politics and more. Our users can say have their say on just about anything that's on their mind or link to stories from other websites and blogs. They can say a lot, or let the pics and vids do the talking.

HYPick is another service which shares its ad revenues with the authors using CrowdA

Top stories from each of the categories are featured or promoted to HYPick's homepage based on activity.

No binary good vote, bad vote rating system. Topics are promoted based on participation.

The HYPick community decides what the hottest stories are and what gets featured on the homepage by commenting on the stories that matter to them most. We look at the freshness of the stories, how many reads it go and the amount of comments.

For publishers, we've developed a little Fire-starter to help content their reach a whole new audience, the HYPick Icon.

Pasting the HYPick Icon within a site or blog allows it's audience to take stories much further. All stories shared from a site are link back to it. Because HYPick's community is passionate about having their say, an entirely new discussion is created about content everywhere. We don't decide what the stories or top stories are, our community does.

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