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Posted By : torai | Date : 24 Aug 2021 21:54:00 | Comments : 9 |

Dear avaxians,
We are happy to announce that Dr. eBook (free library for medicine related books) is back - over 200 books were reuploaded to 5 different download services (RapidShare, Megaupload, Easy-Share, DepositFiles and FileFactory) to fit everyone's needs. We are also starting to extend our collection, weekly updates are planned.

We have books on Anatomy, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Surgery and many other important topics.

Posted By: wooster Date: 24 Aug 2021 23:06:27
Excellent, thanks!
Posted By: Orbitalis Date: 25 Aug 2021 01:39:05
if users can't upload and maintain the links.. why bother? there are already so sites many, many, many times better (lekar??) than this.
Posted By: aragonit Date: 25 Aug 2021 02:03:43
I'd like to add the "Complete Psychology" collection to it... It's here: http://rapidshare.com/users/UB70RV
Posted By: bacchususa Date: 25 Aug 2021 02:18:31
Dr.eBook is the worst? its been on and off and more off than on. Here are a couple of medical ebook sites that i use but would be great of you guys could add to this list to help each other. Thanks you!

Posted By: sonjohn Date: 25 Aug 2021 04:28:44
Well, being an American and low income (artist) I don't have health care. No insurance - no care.

I tell ya members, most of the civilized world has some kind of health program.

Can we take care of our sick? Noooooooo >>> we (the - US government)like to put our money in BOMBS and guns and to arm the world for the new war.

Please see SICKO by Micheal Moore.

Or better yet, someone post it. Bootleg versions are out there.

Thanks for the URLs and the concern.

One who needs the books!!!!!!!
Posted By: Olymoon Date: 25 Aug 2021 19:23:27
Houraaaa !!!! Long Life to Dr. e Book !!!

Many thanks....

If it was possible some professional books about ophtalmology, it would be more perfect...
; )
Posted By: not4u2kno Date: 25 Aug 2021 23:04:54
As an American - I should not have to pay for those that decide not to get insurance. You chose your "professon". There are careers that offer insurance, and you could spend your money(Like not wastinf it on seeing a nut cse movie) more wisely and get it yourself, as i have done years past. Everyone wants hand outs and I am tired of it comming out of pockets like mine. As far as sicko, waste of film stock, people from all over the world come to America when they need the best of care. Some common sense and use of facts would get you much further in life. Socialism is not the way.
Posted By: Generous1 Date: 31 Aug 2021 15:25:40
Thank you, Torai.

More medical stuff at:

Posted By: docmiyagi Date: 06 Apr 2022 02:45:36
non-functional link
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