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The Beatles - Discography (41 Albums)
[email protected] | Remastered by Dr. Ebbetts
41 Albums | 614 Tracks | TT 1:03:48:51 | iTunes-compliant tags | 4.2 GB

Dr. Ebbetts specializes in releasing digital remasterings from long-deleted and hard-to-obtain vinyl records, particularly issues from the audiophile Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (MFSL) label. Although the Ebbetts catalogue has many artists, it is most known for Beatles CDs transferred from the best quality MFSL releases, US releases and mono vinyl sources. While lables like Millenium, BEAT, Mirror Spock and Fabulous Sound Labs (FSL) also issue 'needle drops' of Beatles vinyl, Dr. Ebbetts is regarded by many audiophiles as being the highest quality. For those interested in the technical, one source close to the Dr says that Ebbetts says that he uses no noise reduction and that there's no magic formula...just a good ear and patience.


The AvaxHome Team proudly thanks
our member WellIThink
for this great collection.


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