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AvaxHome Talks
A place where you can freely talk

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The results from the poll confirmed that we need some place where users can talk to each other or ask questions which do not fit to normal publications. But it will take "some time" until we might have a better solution, like a real forum.

So, as a temporary solution, let's keep the old AH Talks pages.

With over 200 comments and the current (more as poor) AH servers performance, handling of this page has grown to a real pain. Time for a cleanup. :-)

Everything written on this page before December 3rd 2007 is NOT deleted - you can still find all comments in the archive at:


This archived page also contains almost anything which can be told about current AvaxHome problems like "Permission denied", "Problems with login", "1 comment showing up with 5 or more copies of it", "I cannot create a new publication" etc. Please don't ask the same questions again on the new page. If the already given answers do not fit, please send a PM to TDz.

This is only an announcement, so adding comments to it is disabled.
Please use above URLS to add your comments to the AH Talks pages.

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